At Event Hire UK we have an extensive range of event hire products and equipment available.  Our glossary of terms - listed alphabetically - will help you understand about the different products and will guide you to them on the site if you need to hire them.  We also explain the various terms used across the hire industry.  If you need any clarification on any products or terms, please don't hesitate to contact us on 0800 533 5429 or email our team.

3-Day rate - One of the hire periods that we offer.  You can hire equipment for 1-3 days which is the "3 Day Rate" or hire it for one week which is "Week" rate.  Of course, you can hire event equipment for longer if you need to, so contact us to discuss this.  Our 3 day rate is the most popular - this allows for one day delivery, the day of the event and then collection the following day.


Alpha stool - A simple bar stool, part of our bar and bistro furniture hire range, with rounded back and cushioned base on a chrome post.

Aluminium chair - All metal patio chairs, ideal as part of an outdoor furniture patio set.

Ammon table - Poseur tables which are nightclub-style with simple metal base and posts but with circular glass table tops.

Availability - The term used to describe when a product is in stock or not.  If a product is in stock or we know it is coming back in to stock, then it is available. 

Awards ceremony - An event which commmonly uses equipment hire from Event Hire UK such as furniture hire, catering equipment hire, posts and rope hire, tensabarrier hire and so on.


Bains marie - A type of catering equipment hire product which contains water to slowly and gently heat food.

Balustrade - A type of upright furniture support.

Banqueting chair - A type of chair that is used for functions, combined with banqueting tables.  Examples of this are wedding chairs such as Napoleon chairs and Chiavari chairs.

Banqueting table - Come in many different shapes and sizes, usually determined by length in feet.  The larger the table the larger the number of people it can accommodate.

Banquo chair - Also known as ghost chairs, these hire chairs are transparent and see-through.  Often used for modern and contemporary style events such as weddings, fashion shows and so on.

Barbeque - For outdoor events cooking, Event Hire UK has barbeques to hire, both charcoal barbeques and LPG gas barbeques to hire.

Bar furniture - The furniture that you find in bar areas to accommodate guests.  This can be anything from bar stools to bar poseur nightclub tables and poseur tables covers for example.

Bar hire - Portable bars for hire are hugely popular for events such as weddings and corporate hospitality events .  Bars range in type from traditional bar units through to more contemporary LED bars, to suit your type of event.

Barrier - Specialist crowd management or decor for VIP events equipment.  Example of barriers to hire include tensabarriers and chrome posts and ropes.

Bar stools - Available in many different styles and colours, bar stools for hire are generally higher than normal chairs with some form of foot plate so that guests can sit at the right height at a bar.  Examples of bar stools include Z bar stools , Oro bar stools and Alpha bar stools .

Bar tables - Perfect for use in bar areas, usually made in metal or glass.  Examples are Oro bar tables, lattice bar tables and Jem round tables.

Beer glass - Glassware that is used to serve beer, with standards of half pint glasses and pint glasses.

Bistro chair - Simple chairs that are often used for outdoor purposes, usually made in green or white plastic.

Black and white dance floor - A type of dance floor that uses black and white interlocking panels to create a chessboard effect and usually temporary in nature.  Ideal for hotels and wedding marquees, black and white dance floor hire from Event Hire UK is extremely popular.

Boston shot glass - A type of shot glass distinguished by its sloping sides.  Normal capacity is 6cl.

Bottle skip - A refuse collection container for bottles, ideal for wedding venues and large scale catering events.

Bread basket - Often made of wicker material, a type of basket that bread is presented in at fine dining events, restaurants and wedding breakfasts.

Buffet mirror - A type of platter on which buffet food can be served on, with a reflective mirror surface.

Buffet plate - Buffet lunches are usually of the finger food variety in which case you will need to hire buffet plates on which your guests can put their chosen buffet food.

Butter dish - A type of white china container used to the storage and serving of butter at formal occasions and events such as weddings, for example.


Cabernet stemware - An elegant design of glassware which is characterised by its long stem and beautiful rounded edges.  Classic examples are wine glasses and champagne flutes hire.

Café chair - A style of chair which has rounded arm rests and slatted base, usually made in a combination of aluminium and hardwood but can also be all metal.

Café high stool - Similar to a cafe chair but both taller and slimmer in design, and usually made of the all metal variety.

Cafetiere - A type of coffee marker which is made in glass with a metal outer and perfect for coffee making.

Cake stand - A method of serving cakes at fine dining events and wedding breakfasts.  Cake stands often have 2 or 3 tiers so your guests can make a selection and are usually available in different designs.

Calcutta high back chair - A classical type of chair which is popular at weddings which, as its name would suggest, has a high back, higher than normal wedding chairs.

Canape - A type of small-bite food which are usually offered around guests at corporate and black tie events, also known as canape reception events.

Caterers - Professional and commercial catering companies who hire out their services to vatrious events, providing all the catering staff and expertise to cater at these events such as weddings .

Catering equipment -  The term used to encompass many different types of equipment but which are all used in the preparation, serving, storage or disposal of food stuffs.

Chafing dish - Metal, rectangular containers used for the serving of hot foods for hot buffet style events, for example.  The food is kept warm due to the fact that there are small burners under the dish for which you will also need to buy chafing dish fuel.

Chair cover - Often used at weddings, chair covers come in many different colours to match existing colour schemes.

Chair hire - One of the most popular types of hire from Event Hire UK is that of chair hire which encompasses everything from Chiavari wedding chair rental through to conference chairs hire, banqueting chairs hire and ghost chairs rental for example.

Champagne flute - A tall slender glass with long stem which are traditionally used for the drinking of champagne.  It is often best to tilt the glass when pouring champagne into the champagne flute.

Champagne saucer - A type of glass from which people drink champagne, with a long stem and wide, shallow glass.

Charity event - A type of fundraising event such as a ball or fun run, designed to raise money from contributions and charitable donations for one or more charities.  These events are often indoor events which need furniture hire and catering equipment hire.

Cheese board - A platter, often made of wood, designed to present a variety of cheese, often used at weddings and fine dining events.

Chest freezer - A type of freezer which is different to an upright freezer in that it is rectangular in shape and sits lower on the floor, with the handle at waist height.

Cheval mirror - A type of mirror that are popular at events such as fashion shows and award ceremonies , for example.

Chiavari chair - Incredibly popular chairs, often used as wedding chairs, for example, characterised by their classical horizontal bar backs with a vertical batons running across in a single row across the top of the back section.  From Event Hire UK, these are available in different colours and with a variety of interchangeable seat pads, meaning that they are hugely verstaile and, due to their popularity, available in large quantities.

China hire - The generic phrase, also known as crockery hire, which eoncompasses all different forms of white china rental such as dinner plates, soup dishes, side plates, butter dishes and many more.  

Chrome post - Often used on red carpets and other VIP events, chrome posts and ropes are used a crowd management or crowd directional pieces of event equipment hire at large scale events.

Clearing trolley - Normally a stainless steel two-level trolley with castors, providing a portable trolley to aid the clearing of cooking utensils or crockery.

Club chair - A type of chair, often found in offices or reception area with padded seat and rounded padded back, usually made in leather.

Cocktail - A type of drink which is usually a mixture of spirits and soft drinks, served in cocktail glasses.

Coffee cup - Usually made in china, coffee cups are usually available in different sizes which is often determined by the type of coffee that is being consumed.

Coffee maker - Any sort of device that makes coffee including percalators and cafetieres.

Coffee percolator - This is a type of pot used to brew coffee by passing water through the ground coffee.

Coffee table - A small table, often square, rectangular or round in shape which are lower than dining tables, designed to accommodate crockery and so on at the height of a person in the sitting position.  Coffee tables are often found in office reception areas.

Collection - The process whereby pick up is made of event hire equipment after an event.

Condition - The state in which products are in terms of wear and tear.

Conference - A type of event, usually corporate-led whereby a large volume of people gather with a common purpose to listen to a speaker.

Conference chair - A type of chair hire that is used at conferences.  These usually link together with a linking bar to ensure that clean rows of chairs are maintained and conform with the latest health and safety regulations.

Conference table - A large table often found in the meeting rooms of an organisation's office which is used for meetings usually involving 5 people or more.

Cooling - The process of reducing ambient temperature in a location which normally involves air conditioning or electrical fans hire.

Corkscrew - A device which can be either manual or automatic, designed to remove corks from the necks of wine bottles.

Corporate hospitality - Types of events that are held by companies and other organisations to host key clients or shareholders.

Cream jug - A piece of crockery, normally white china, which holds cream, used for fine dining and other events.

Crockery hire - The name given to hiring china or crockery whereby individuals or companies borrow china pieces for an event for a period of time, pay for this service and then return it.

Cube stool - A stool on which people put their feet when sitting on a chair or sofa, cubed in shape and usually made in the same material such as leather as the matching chairs and sofas in the full suite.  These can either found in the home or in office reception areas.

Cupboard - A piece of furniture in which items are kept for safekeeping and organisation purposes, in this case office furniture hire .

Cutlery hire - The name given to the process of individuals or professional companies renting pieces of cutlery such as knives, forks and spoons for a short period of time and then returning them after use, and being charged for this rental period.



Dance floor - An area at a party, for example, where people go to dance.  Temporary dance floors can be hired which come in panels which interlock together.

Delivery - The process whereby event hire equipment is dropped off at a venue prior to an event.

Deposit - A sum of money which is paid by an individual to either secure an order in advance or money paid as insurance against loss or breakages.  If loss and breakages are incurred during the period of hire, then the cost of this is subtracted from the deposit amount, and the remainder - if any - paid back to the customer on return of the goods.

Desk - A piece of hire furniture which is normally found in an office on which employees can work.

Dessert fork - An implement designed to eat desserts, usually smaller in overall size than a dinner fork.

Dessert knife - A small knife designed to cut desserts, usually smaller than dinner knives size.

Dessert spoon - A spoon, often smaller than other spoons but larger than teaspoons which is designed for eating desserts. 

Dining table - The name given to tables which are usually made of wood from which people eat food.

Dinner plate - A large piece of white crockery which is usually round in shape but can also be square or rectangular from which people consume main courses.

Display cabinet - Mainly glass with a steel frame, display cabinets are often found at trade shows or other events where companies - usually - want to display their products.  Their products can be kept safe as display cabinets usually have some sort of locking device on the rear sliding doors, and also usually have LED lighting inside to show off the products at their best.

Domino stemware - A type of glassware offered by Event Hire UK.

Drinks tray - A flat piece of equipment on which glasses of drinks can be served by waiting staff to guests at events.



Ellipse pattern cutlery - A type of modern style cutlery offered by Event Hire UK.

Event hire - The hiring of products and equipment for indoor and outdoor events.

Event cold servery - A refrigerated serving facility for desserts and cold buffet food at events.

Event hot servery - A piece of catering equipment hire which provides a warm serving platform for events.

Event management - The process whereby events are planned and organised.  This can involve anything from equipment hire to organsing waiting staff through to professional catering hire for example.

Executive chair - A piece of furniture which is usually found in an office on which people sit.  These are often made in leather.

Exhibition - An event where companies or individuals display their products, concepts and ideas to others with the objective being to raise awareness, promote and sell.



Fabric settee - A piece of furniture hire which is usually rectangular in shape used for the purposes of seating people, usually 2 or 3 in number, covered with a fabric that isn't leather.

Family celebration - This is a type of event that can take many forms such as a birthday party, anniversary party, Bar Mitzvah, homecoming party or other similar occasion.

Fashion show event - An event where guests are invited usually to watch display the latest clothes fashions on a catwalk.  Fasion shows are often used by clothes designers to show off their latest products at the start of new seasons.

Festival - A large gathering of people, usually outdoors, to watch people perform.  Large scale festivals usually involve many thousands of people watching outdoor concerts in the same venue, with many camping overnight.

Filing cabinet - A steel cabinet often found in an office environment which is used for storing files so that they are easily accessible.

Folding chair - A type of chair hire which are easily stored, trasported and erected, popular for conferences and other events where large numbers of people need to be seated often in rows.

Freezer - A piece of electrical equipment into which food can be placed to freeze it for consumption at a later date.

Fridge - A piece of electrical equipment whicih keeps fresh foods at a chilled temperature.

Fundraising event - A type of event where people gather to raise money, often for charity.

Furniture hire - The process whereby furniture such as tables and chairs, for example, are lent to people in exchange for money.



Ghost chair - The name often given to transparent chairs, popular for modern and contemporary events.

Gilt - Another name for a gold colour, usually found on chairs for hire.

Glassware hire - The phrase given to the loaning of glass products including wine glasses, champagne flutes, water glasses and jugs amongst others to people in exchange for money.

Glasswasher - An electrical appliance which washes glasses.

Grand Cepage - A range of glassware hire offered for rent by Event Hire UK.

Griddle - A grill-type piece of equipment which is flat in design and heated from below, ideal for cooking meat.



Hand wash unit - A piece of equipment which is used for the washing of hands before or after food preparation, for example.

Hat stand - A tall slender piece of equipment which usually stands in the corner of an office reception area on which hats can be stored.

High chair - A chair designed specifically for young children, usually with straps and plastic front at the front.

Hire - The name given to the process of lending an individual or organisation some type of equipment for a sum of money for a period of time and it then being returned.  In the USA, hire means to employ a person in an organisation.

Hob - A type of electrical catering equipment hire which is used to heat saucepans in mobile kitchen cooking such as marquees, for example.

Hot cupboard - A type of kitchen catering equipment hire which is used to keep food warm after it has been prepared at large catering events.  These can either by electric or gas powered.

Hotels - Venues for which furniture hire and dance floor hire is popular for weddings and Christmas parties.

Hot holding cupboard - A large piece of electrical catering equipment hire for a professional kitchen, made in stainless steel, which is programmable to keep prepared food at a constant warm temperature prior to serving.



Ice bucket - A bucket shaped piece of equipment which usually sits on a table and is either made of plastic or metal in which ice cubes are put and bottles of wine or bottled beers are positioned to keep them chilled.

Indoor event - Any type of event that takes place under cover.

Island shot glass - A tall straight type of shot glass.

ISO chair - A type of chair, popular at banqueting events or conferences, for example, which can also link together for safety.



Jackstack - A tall piece of equipment usually found in a catering environment, either front or back of house, onto which plates can be positioned, often around 70+.



Kids furniture - Any type of furniture which is designed for children.

Kings pattern cutlery - One of the ranges of cutlery hire that is offered by Event Hire UK.



Large scale event organisers - The term given to major event organisers such as conferences, exhibitions, weddings, award ceremonies and so on.

Large venues - Arenas, sports stadia and big hotels are all types of large venues, where big events take place.

Lattice table - A type of table hire from Event Hire UK which is characterised by the lattice design on the central leg.

Lazy susan - A type of revolving servery which sits in the middle of a dining table on which small plates of food sit which guests can turn to access the various foodstuffs.

Leather armchair - A piece of furniture on which a single person can sit, covered in leather which is usually brown or black in colour.  Usually found in office reception areas.

Leather settee - A piece of furniture hire onto which two or three people can sit, with the frame covered in black, brown or cream leather.

Limewash - A neutral colour often assigned to chairs for hire.

Linen hire - The lending of tablecloths, napkins, chair covers and chair bows, for example, to individual people or organisations for a period of time in exchange for a sum of money.

Linking chair - A type of chair hire that is used at conferences which can link together to comply with large quantities of chairs at events for health and safety compliance.

LPG - A type of gas which powers equipment.

Lubiana fine porcelain - One of the ranges of china hire that is offered by Event Hire UK.



Marquee companies - Specialist companies who offer marquees to clients such as wedding planners, graduation ceremonies and so on.

Martini glass - A type of glass characterised by a large open top on a slim stem for the conumption of Martini and cocktails.

Mercury pattern cutlery - One of the ranges of cutlery hire products offered for rent by Event Hire UK.

Metro chair - One of the ranges of chair hire available from Event Hire UK, characterised by their metal frames.

Microwave - A piece of electrical equipment that is used in kitchens for the quick heating of food products.

Mirror bar - This type of furniture is often found at marquee weddings, corporate hospitality events and conferences, for example.

Mobile servery - A piece of kitchen catering equipment on which foodstuffs can be served to guests at venues.

Mulled wine glass - A special type of glass which is used to serve mulled wine, usually around Christmas, noted for its handle.



Napoleon chair - One of the ranges of hire chairs offered by Event Hire UK, characterised by vertical batons up the back of the chair.

Nonic half pint glass - A type of beer glass.

Nonic pint glass - A type of beer glass which holds a pint of beer.



Office chair - A type of chair that is found in an office environment, usually black in colour with armrests.

Office furniture - The generic name given to any type of furniture that can found in an office including desks, executive chairs, filing cabinets, cupboards and office screens, for example.

Office screen - A square-ish piece of furniture, often found in open plan offices or even in polling stations, which is used to separate space for privacy purposes.

Optic stand - A piece of back bar equipment which holds various spirits bottles to ease of access for bar staff to serve guests at a bar.

Oro tables - Bar tables that have round flat tops with a single stem leg.

Outdoor event - Any type of event that takes place outdoors such as an outdoor concert, carnival or sports event, for example.

Outdoor event hire - The phrase given to equipment hire products that are used for outdoor events or occasions including outdoor furniture hire, patio heaters, patio chairs and tables and so on.

Oven - An electrical kitchen appliance into which food is placed for cooking.



Parasol - A large umbrella that is usually found accompanying patio furniture for the purposes of providing shade from the sun during summer.

Parquet dance floor - One of the types of dance floors offered for hire by Event Hire UK.

Party planners - The name given to professionals who organise parties for members of the public.

Pasta bowl - A piece of crockery hire which is larger than a dessert bowl in which pasta is usually served at events.

Patio furniture - Furniture, often white or green in colour and made in heavy duty plastic, which is normally found on a patio in the summer months.

Patio heater - A slender upright heater which provides downwards warmth on patio for outside events.

Pepper pot - A piece of china or crockery which sits on banqueting tables alongside salt pots for use by guests.

Picnic bench - Usually made in wood and trestle shaped tables (but can be round), picnic benches have adjoining rectangular seating.

Picket fencing - A type of temporary fence panel which are often used to mark out areas.

Portable bar - A bar which is temporary in nature, usually found in wedding marquees or at venues where a fixed bar isn't present.

Portable stage unit - A piece of furniture which when in place allows a person standing on it to be raised off the floor.  Popular for fashion shows and conferences, for example.

Port glass - A type of glassware hire product that is used for the consumption of port.

Poseur table - A type of taller than normal table which is designed for bars onto which guests can put drinks whtn they are standing up.

Poseur table cover - A type of stretch cover that fits over poseur tables, often available in different colours.

Posts and ropes - Posts that normally have a chrome finish and ropes in different colours are often found at VIP events.

Press conference - A type of event where an organisation divulges news to the media.

Private event organisers - People who organise family celebrations, occasions and other events.

Product launch - An event where an organisation introduces a new product to the media, clients, employees and so on.

Professional caterers - Catering companies who charge fees to provide catering services to weddings and corporate hospitality events, for example.


Ramekin - A small circular piece of crockery in which various food products can be served either hot or cold.

Rebus stool - A type of bar stool offered for rental by Event Hire UK.

Reception desk - A type of front desk which is found in an office reception area, usually made in wood.

Reception furniture - Any sort of furniture that is found in an office reception area which can include reception desks, armchairs and settees, and hat stands, for example.

Rectangular table - A table that is rectangular in shape, often found as the top table for weddings and other events.

Rental - Another word for the hire of equipment.

Return dirty service - A service offered by Event Hire UK whereby clients can return their cutlery, crockery and glassware unwashed and we will wash it in depot in return for a small additionla charge.

Roma stool - A type of bar stool furniture hire from Event Hire UK. Rope - Usually accompanying chrome posts, ropes are often blue, black or red in colour and used at VIP events.

Round table - Dining and banqueting tables that are circular in shape, often used at fine dining events.

Royal Doulton porcelain - A range of branded white china hire available from Event Hire UK.



Salad bowl - A bowl, usually made in china or glass, that is used to serve salads.

Salt pot - A piece of crockery that sits alongside pepper pots on banqueting tables so guests can season their food according to taste.

Sauce boat - A long slender piece of crockery hire that contains gravy or sauce at banqueting and dining events.

Saucepan - A kitchen cooking implement that is used for the cooking and heating of foodstuffs.

Savoie stemware - One of the ranges of glassware that is offered for hire by Event Hire UK.

Seminar - A business type event where clients or employees gather for a sharing of information, usually in a conference or large office venue.

Service spoon - A larger than normal piece of cutlery hire that is used to serve guests with accompanying vegetables, for example, at banqueting events.

Seat pad - Another name for cushions that accompany wedding chairs hire from Event Hire UK.  These are available in different colours to match the colour scheme of events.

Shareholder meeting - A gathering of people who have a vested interest in a company, usually once a year.

Sherry glass - A particular type of glass which is used to consume sherry, often tall with rounded, curved top.

Shot glass - Small glasses which hold a small amount of a strong alcoholic liquid for immediate and complete consumption.

Showcase - A type of glass and metal cabinet that is used to display small products at trade shows and exhibitions, for example.

Side plate - A small, usually circular or square, piece of crockery hire that is positioned to the left of the diner at fine dining events, usually to hold a bread roll or similar type food.

Signature stemware - One of the ranges of glassware offered for hire by Event Hire UK.

Sink unit - A piece of equipment found in professional kitchens for the purposes of cleaning catering equipment once used.

Society ball - A large dinner and dance affair, usually held in marquees in the summer months for which event hire equipment is needed.

Soup kettle - A piece of serving equipment hire which sits on a table top at an event and into which guests can put a ladle to get soup from.

Soup spoon - A piece of cutlery hire that guests use for the consumption of soup.

Spirit glass - A type of glassware hire that is used to consume spirits.  These are usually smaller than wine glasses due to the alcoholic strength of the beverage being consumed.

Spittoon - A piece of equipment used at wine tasting events into which guests can dispose of the wine they are tasting.  These can either be acryllic and disposable, or metal free standing pieces.

Sports event - A type of event, held indoors or outdoors, which involves sporting competition.

Starlight bar - The name given to portable bar units that have interchanegable colours and which look fantastic in the dark.

Sugar bowl - A piece of crockery that holds sugar for guests at fine dining events and weddings, for example.

Supply & set-up - This is the name given to the service offered by Event Hire UK whereby we will not only supply you the event equipment hire products you need but will also set it up on site for you at larger scale events if discussed in advance.



Table fork - A piece of cutlery hire which has prongs and is used for the consumption of food.

Table hire - The process whereby people or organisations can borrow tables for events for a short period of time in return for money.

Tablecloth - A piece of linen that goes over a hire table.  The size of the tablecloth will be dependent upon the size of the table it needs to cover.  Tablecloths are usually available in a variety of different colours to suit your event.

Table knife - A standard knife that is found on dining and banqueting tables.

Table top servery - Any type of serving equipment that is found on a table top, hot or cold.

Tasting bowls - Smaller bowls, often round or square in shape, into which small quantities of food can be placed for the purposes of tasting to by numbers of people.  These are popular at canape reception events, for example.

Tea cup - A piece of crockery hire from which tea is consumed.

Tea pot - A piece of china hire in which teabags or tea leaves are placed and boiling water is added to make tea to be served to guests.

Tensabarrier - A form of temporary barrier that has retractable webbing so fully versatile and ideal for crowd and queue management.

Thermal dispenser - A piece of catering equipment hire used for the serving of hot beverages at conferences, for example.

Tiered seating - Another name given to temporary grandstands which can be used either indoor or outdoor for temporary seating at sports events and other similar events.

Toaster - A piece of electrical kitchen cooking equipment which is used to turn bread into toast.  Often found in hotel breakfast areas, for example.

Torino chair - A type of chair for hire from Event Hire UK.

Trade show - A type of event where companies and organisations show off their products and new launches to clients and business contacts within the same industry.

Traditional bar unit - A wooden bar unit which provides a temporary bar facility at weddings and other one-off events where a bar is not present.

Tumbler - A type of glassware offered by Event Hire UK, often used for the consumption of fruit juice, water or soft drinks.

Turbofan oven - A piece of temporary kitchen catering equipment hire which is used for the cooking and production of hot food for large scale catering events.

Twin ring - A double ring cooker, which can be powered by gas or electricity.


Unit chair - A type of chair often found in office reception areas.

Unit table - A type of reception office furniture.

Uplighter - A type of electrical light which stands in the corners of rooms, usually found in office reception areas.

Upright freezer - A large, vertical, free standing piece of kitchen equipment hire in which food is frozen and stored for use at a later date.


Vegetable dish - A dish, usually stainless steel, which holds vegetables to be served at tables.

Venues - The name given to any location or place, either indoor or outdoor, that is used to stage events.  A venue can be anything from a hotel, marquee, sports stadium, arena or even a family home.


Water boiler - A piece of electrical kitchen equipment hire that is used to boil water at temporary one off events.

Water jug - Usually made in glass, water jugs are often found full of water at weddings and other banqueting events.

Wedding - A special event where two people are joined in marriage.  The ceremony is usually folllowed by a reception party for which event equipment hire is normally required.

Wedding planners - The name given to people who organise weddings as their full time employment.

Week rate - The rate of hire offered by Event Hire UK for people who need to hire furniture and out other products for longer than the standard 1-3 day rate.

Whisky tumbler - A type of glassware hire that is used for the consumption of whisky.

White china - The generic name given to pieces of crockery which are white in colour and non-branded.

Wine cooler - A piece of equipment that keeps white and rose wine chilled at the correct temperature for consumption.

Wine glass - A type of glassware hire that is used for the consumption of wine.  Often, wine glasses are different for white wine and red wine, and Event Hire UK also offers different ranges of wine glasses for hire.

Wine tasting event - A type of event that is held with the sole purpose of guests tasting different wines.  Exhibitors aim to sell their wines to the guests.

Wine tasting glass - A type of glass that is designed for use at wine tasting events.


Ypsilon tumbler - A type of glassware offered for hire by Event Hire UK.


Zanzi - A range of high quality dishes and crockery which are characterised by their internal colour.

Z stool - A type of bar stool which is characterised by the Z design on the leg.


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