Event Accessories Hire

Our range of event accessories hire is diverse and extensive, perhaps offering you something that you might not have thought of for your indoor or outdoor event. It might be patio heater hire, entertainment and games, backstage equipment for festivals & concerts, and even retractable belt barriers and post & rope hire – the list is almost endless. Therefore, we’d recommend that you spend a few moments browsing this comprehensive range to complete your event equipment hire list, before you make your final decision!

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Offering you all the event accessories you could possibly need to hire for your event or occasion, we provide you below with some additional information on the various products and ranges that we offer below.

Event accessories hire in the quantities you need

For example, our range of event barrier hire is diverse, both offering you ways of accessorising your event whilst also kitting you out with essential items to ensure the smooth running. By this, we mean that you can hire everything from VIP posts and ropes through to retractable barriers for queue management, for instance.

The complete range of event barriers

Firstly, our poles and ropes give a special feel and look to any event and are available in either chrome or gold, and you can choose from a variety of colours of ropes. Our retractable barriers – also known by some as Tensabarriers or Tensators – on the other hand, are more functional in both design and appearance, but highly useful nonetheless, particularly so for queue management in the foyers of large events, temporary cafés and other similar arrangements where you need to manage a large volume of people arriving in a short space of time. Whatever your needs when it comes to event crowd barriers, we can help! don’t hesitate to contact the experts here online at Event Hire UK where we will be delighted to assist you – after all, temporary barrier hire has never been easier!

Post and rope hire provides the WOW factor

Our posts and ropes for hire are usually orientated towards giving your event a VIP look. These are the ‘barriers’ that you might find outside a nightclub or at the entrance to an award ceremony or society ball event. They give a real red carpet feel, making your guests feel very welcome and important when they arrive. And whilst most of us immediately think of using red ropes for these temporary event barriers, why not also check out our other rope colours such as blue and black, for instance, which event professionals use to match up their event entrance areas with their corporate branding and logo, for example.

Perfect for creating warm and inviting entrance areas for your event or VIP occasion, or even for sectioning off areas within a venue are our post and rope barriers. We are one of a select few companies who offer both chrome posts and gold posts with a range of different coloured ropes, with matching clips at the end of the ropes to match the posts they are attaching to, providing you with the best quality poles and ropes in the market. Red rope is traditionally used along with VIP red carpets for gala dinner events, cinema premieres and so on. However, blue rope and black rope are also popular, especially when event professionals are using these ropes and posts inside their venue for whatever reason – perhaps to the section of a car as a competition prize, for example – they add even more drama and excitement to the area!

Every person who is organizing any kind of event wants their event – and their guests – to feel special. Whether this is a gala dinner, society ball, awards ceremony or other large event, or simply a birthday party, anniversary or other private family celebration at home. This look and feel for your event can be easily achieved by hiring chrome posts and ropes. These are what you see at the entrance to nightclubs, or outside the Odeon Leicester Square on film premiere nights, where celebrities and film stars are walking down the red carpet.

Due to the fact that Event Hire UK is a one-stop shop for all your event hire requirements, chrome posts and ropes are an easy tag-on to your order at affordable prices. You can select the colour of your rope and so you can tie this in to your event colour scheme, logo or branding. It’s definitely worth making queue barrier posts and ropes the first items on your event equipment hire list!

So, whether you want to hire chrome posts and ropes for the entrance to your wedding marquee, or rent posts and ropes for your exhibition stand in the colour that matches your corporate logo and branding, or whether you simply want to create that red carpet look, hire ropes and chrome posts from Event Hire UK and enjoy that VIP look and style for your special event.

Games & entertainment hire

In addition, perfect for backstage areas, VIP or players’ lounges at large sports events, for instance, is our range of games and entertainment hire, available today from the industry leaders at Event Hire UK. Choose from our engaging games including retro 80s arcade machines, fussball tables, table tennis tables, pool tables and even our unique entertainment hubs which include an LED TV along with the latest games consoles, all of which provide hours of entertainment. This is yet another example of Event Hire UK working closely with our clients to provide them with exactly what they need for their specific events.

Event Hire UK is delighted to bring you a range of entertainment and games products which may well fit the bill for your upcoming event.  Think of player’s lounges at large sporting events, VIP areas, artist’s dressing rooms at music concerts, corporate events and other similar style events and you get a feel for where our range could be used.

Handwash units & hand sanitising stations for hire

The need to regularly wash our hands was highlighted with the COVID pandemic, and what better way to maintain clean hands on site than with our hand washing station hire. Aside from COVID, there’s also the obvious need for temporary kitchens and events to have portable hand washing machines, especially food festivals and catering stands at exhibitions, for instance. Therefore, it will come as no surprise that our portable hand washing stations are always in demand throughout the year. Our handwashing stations are free-standing and don’t require any plumbing, but do require access to 240 electric.

You can hire our mobile handwashing stations right here securely online, or you can call us to discuss your requirements in more detail. Either way, we very much look forward to hearing from you soon. Furthermore, with increasing numbers of outdoor catering and temporary catering events taking place, this lead to rising demand to hire portable hand washing stations.

COVID, of course, brought its own requirements to maintain clean hands and so no longer are our temporary hand wash stations needed for food festivals, country fayres and outside catering, but are actually an essential part of any location including workplaces, schools, hospitals, event venues, exhibition halls and almost any location you can name.

The nature of our business lends itself to temporary events and this is where our automatic hand washing stations come into their own.  However, testing stations and vaccination centres are a great example of where all in one hand wash stations are useful – in other words, where you are holding a temporary event and where you need to hire lots of portable hand wash sinks to cater for large numbers of people but don’t want to buy hand wash sinks as it is exactly that – a temporary requirement.

At the same time, our hand wash basin units are a great fit for schools and workplaces where there is an issue with water supply, for instance.  All our portable handwashing sinks require is standard electric as well as a container of water in the base – in other words, there is no need for plumbing on site.

In an ideal world, you would hire temporary hot water hand washing sinks to be placed alongside hand sanitizer dispensers on site, offering access to warm water, soap and hand sanitiser to your guests.  However, this isn’t always possible – after all, our hot water handwashing stations need electrical power, and so outdoors this can sometimes to be problematic.  The use of hand sanitizer dispensers on their own, therefore, would meet this need, whilst perhaps keeping the indoor hand washing stations for your covered areas inside where you have access to power and water more readily.

Portable hand wash unit hire for society at large

Let’s face it, it’s simply good practice – COVID or non-COVID – to keep clean hands during our everyday lives as part of a modern society, not it’s not just catering hand washing stations that should be in demand but general portable handwashing station hire across all settings, providing access to warm water for your employees, guests, delegates and visitors on site. And, better still, our foot operated hand wash stations mean that you don’t have to physically touch the hand wash basin to wash your hands with warm water!

In a nutshell, therefore, whether you are looking to hire portable electric handwashing stations for your event, hand wash stations for food industry or hand washing stations for schools, colleges and universities, you are in the right place!  Our portable hot water handwashing stations really do fit the bill.  If you need to rent mobile hand wash basins, then speak to us today!

Put simply, it’s good practice to ensure that our hands are clean and sanitised at all times for personal hygiene purposes as well as also reducing the transmission of harmful germs, especially when we are out in public – the COVID pandemic starkly demonstrated the importance of doing so.

Placing hand sanitiser dispensers in the entrance foyer of your premises, therefore, is always a good idea (many would say essential) so that your guests can use your hand sanitiser dispensing machine upon arrival.

Providing your guests with access to a portable hand sanitiser station is a must in today’s society.  Therefore, here at Event Hire UK, we have a range of indoor and outdoor hand sanitiser dispenser stand units from which you can choose. Ultimately, in our modern day society, access to a hand sanitizer dispenser at the entrance to a venue, school, workplace, exhibition hall or other location is now both the expectation and the norm.

Hand sanitizer dispenser hire for any location

This range of hand sanitiser station rental online here at Event Hire UK is unrivalled.  In here, you’ll find our automatic hand sanitizer dispenser, our hand sanitizer dispenser and refills and also our touch free hand sanitizer dispenser, some of which are used for indoor settings and others which can be used outdoors.

Our automatic hand sanitiser dispenser, for instance, is a great example of how to sanitize hands quickly and effectively, without the need to physically make contact with the touchless hand sanitizer dispenser itself. These are all freestanding hand sanitizer dispensers and so ready for instant use when they arrive with you on site – after all, a floor stand hand sanitizer dispenser will always be much less hassle than having to bolt to the wall!

We also offer options when it comes to hand sanitizer gel or hand sanitizer foam.  One of our most effective units is the alcohol hand sanitizer dispenser station which dispenses gel with sufficient alcohol content (normally 80%) to be able to kill the majority of germs and bacteria.  At the same time, we also offer a foam hand sanitizer dispenser.

Foam hand sanitizer is typically cheaper to purchase than alcohol gel hand sanitizer, both of which are available for you to purchase in 5L containers as refills to accompany your indoor and outdoor hand sanitizer dispenser units. You’ll find containers of hand sanitiser available to buy in the drop down options on-page.

Please note that our hand sanitiser dispenser stands do not come full of hand sanitizer gel or foam – the price you see is for the hire of the hand sanitizer dispensing unit itself, with the actual liquid being an additional cost.  If you need to buy hand sanitizer gel or foam, then we can also sell this to you.

Indoor & outdoor hand sanitiser dispenser rental

Simply browse our selection of hand sanitiser dispenser hire and make your choice according to which hand sanitizer dispenser stand works best for your specific venue requirements whether you are a shop, hospitality venue, restaurant, school, exhibition centre or workplace, for example.  A classic example of where freestanding automatic hand sanitizer stations would be required is a professional trade show or exhibition.

Firstly, why not position outdoor hand sanitiser dispensers outside the entrance foyer of your exhibition hall, and then use indoor hand sanitizer dispensers within the entrance foyer itself whilst visitors and delegates are sorting their passes into the exhibition or actually registering on site.

Once within the exhibition venue, you can position hand sanitiser units around the hall as well as insisting perhaps that each exhibition stand hires a floor standing hand sanitiser dispenser, offering easy and regular access to hand sanitisation machines as delegates walk around the exhibition.  As an exhibition organiser, this is also some additional revenue that you might not have previously generated!  In order to maintain that social distancing and also to aid with your queue management, you could also look to hire Tensabarriers, hand washing stations and other equipment hire right here at Event Hire UK.

Handwashing stations for schools, colleges & universities

Portable handwashing facilities have always been in demand here at Event Hire UK, even before times of COVID-19.  A prime example of where these portable handwashing stations are needed is in schools, colleges and universities.  In these educational establishments, they especially come in useful in times of breakdown of machines on site.  A quick call to Event Hire UK, and we’ll be able to get a quick turnaround for you and help to solve your emergency!

Also, in normal times, you can hire hot water mobile handwashing sinks for your temporary kitchen so that your catering teams keep their hands nice and clean, as well as for temporary events such as food festivals in the summer where many stalls are preparing food for the hungry guests.  Indeed, access to portable handwashing sinks is now a requirement by councils up and down the country.

Hand sanitizer dispensers for all locations

At the same time, our hand sanitizer dispensers have really come into their own during the COVID-19 crisis, with the need for every school, college, university, hospital, NHS testing or vaccination centre and workplace across the UK needing access to hand sanitizer on site.  Our range of hand sanitizer dispensers is one of the most extensive in the country and available in large quantities to cater for all eventualities.  They can dispense either foam or alcohol hand sanitizer gel, with refills also available to buy here online at Event Hire UK as part of our complete solution.

Equipment hire for handwashing & hand sanitizing

Equipment hire for handwashing and hand sanitization has never been simpler than with the team here at Event Hire UK.  We have a nationwide network of distribution centres, enabling us to provide a fast and efficient service directly to you for an affordable price.  Our expert team has a wealth of experience in the industry and is always happy to share their knowledge with clients, both established and new.

Don’t hesitate to browse our range of portable hand wash machines and hand sanitizer dispenser units here online today and make your choice.  Then, when you’re ready, simply place your secure order online 24/7 or, if you prefer, call a member of our sales team who will be delighted to assist you – either way, we very much look forward to hearing from you soon!

Discover our range of heating and cooling options today here online at Event Hire UK – perfect for those cooler spring and autumnal events where you need to take the chill off the air in your office, or cooling equipment such as fans for those hot summer days in your temporary event planning office where temperatures are rising!  For your temporary event planning office or just your workplace in the event of a heating breakdown in the winter or a very hot summer, you may also need to hire appliances for heating and cooling, in which case you are definitely in the right place. Here at award-winning Event Hire UK, we offer our clients a range of heating and cooling equipment hire products from which you can choose.

Heating & cooling equipment hire for temporary event production offices

For large scale events such as festivals, air shows, major sports events and other big occasions, the planning and set-up begins months in advance.  One of the first things to go onto site is the temporary event planning office from which everything can be co-ordinated.  This is where your team will ‘live’ in the weeks and sometimes months in the lead up to the big event.

There are a number of key elements that you need to get right so that your team are well catered for and so that they can work effectively, efficiently and productively. Obviously they will need desks, chairs, cupboards and cabinets, for instance, along with power, Wi-Fi and phone lines of course.  At the same time, you’ll need to provide basic amenities such as a water cooler dispenser!  And, of course, don’t forget that your staff will need to be working at a comfortable temperature, and this is where our range of heating and cooling equipment hire comes into its own.

Rent fans for hot summers in the event production office

Due to the fact that most temporary event offices are not usually that big, you don’t need huge blow heaters that you would often find in large marquees, for instance. More so, you will need  small electrical appliances that plug into standard 240v sockets that will chill or warm the room temperature according to the time of year.  It stands to reason that with most outdoor events and occasions taking place in the warmer summer months, there’s more demand for our cooling equipment such as our range of fans. If you’ve ever worked in an office in stifling temperatures, you’ll know how off-putting and uncomfortable this can be.

Therefore, choose from our range of fans for desks as well as our floor standing fans which you can position in the corner of your event office, and they will provide a steady flow of cool air.  And for particularly hot summers, why not hire our chrome velocity fans which are super-powerful!  By the same token, there are numerous outdoor events that take place in the Autumn such as Open Golf championships, for instance, for which you’ll need to be heating your event offices rather than trying to cool them down!

Our range of patio heater hire here online at Event Hire UK is second to none, offering you both indoor electric and outdoor patio heater hire in a range of style and size options. For the gas patio heaters, the actual gas is available as an optional extra sale item and comes in a 11kg canister which must be returned, otherwise a replacement fee will be charged. As a rule of thumb, you can achieve a burn time of around 6 hours when the electric patio heater hire is on full. Turn them down, and you’ll achieve longer burn time. Think of roof garden events in the spring, marquee weddings in the summer and even bistro terraces in the winter, and you get a feel for where patio heater hire brighton may well come into their own for your upcoming event or occasion.

Patio heater hire near me

Available patio heater hire near you from our nationwide sales and distribution centers, you can hire garden patio heaters online today or, if you prefer, place your order over the phone with one of our expert sales team who will be delighted to assist you.

It’s always a good idea to ensure guests at your event are warm and so free-standing patio heater hire could be a very useful addition to your event hire list. You could use them outside your wedding marquee or indeed at home on the patio for parties on cooler summer evenings. Wherever you need portable patio heaters, you can rest assured that you will receive excellent quality patio heater hire from us, at competitive prices.

Great range of outdoor patio heater hire

Of course, the summer months bring larger numbers of outdoor events, and so it stands to reason that demand for garden patio heater hire increases during this period. Large sporting events, for instance, such as golf championships, tennis tournaments, for instance, bring with them lots of hospitality and entertainment evenings for players, staff, sponsors and VIPs alike, and so it makes sense to extend your indoor event area to the outdoors. Yes, whilst the evening sun is still shining, the warmth will be there, but after dusk this gas flame garden patio heater hire comes into its own.

With the current smoking law, this means that some guests at your event will want to smoke outside. If this is the case, then why not cater for this by hiring garden heaters and patio terrace heaters so that they are comfortable. After all, outdoor patio heater hire has never been easier than with Event Hire UK!

Of course, certain events will need to hire more patio heaters than others. Parties on roof gardens, for instance, are a prime example of where you would need plenty of marquee heater hire to provide warmth on cool spring, summer or autumn evenings, where the actual event is ‘outside’.

Our gas patio heaters use patio gas which is also available from Event Hire UK, to buy as an optional extra – yet again making your life easier, enabling you to source everything you need when it comes to patio marquee heater hire from the same place. You need to ensure that you return the gas cylinder at the end of the hire period, as failure to do so will result in a replacement fee being charged. Please also note that any unused patio gas inside the cylinder is non-refundable. If you need additional patio gas cylinders on top of what is being offered in the optional extra, simply call a member of our sales team, and they will be happy to add this to your order.

Flame patio heater hire for any event

What constitutes the best rent patio heaters is ultimately down to individual and personal taste. Here at Event Hire UK we offer functional patio heater hire and also more flamboyant rent patio heaters which make a feature of the eternal flame. These pyramid gas patio heaters, for instance, are perfect to have outside an entrance area at your event, providing real impact – as well as warmth! Why not hire this flame patio heater together with VIP posts and ropes and even red carpet to create the stunning first impression at your event!

Choose top quality garden heater hire

Whether you choose to hire gas patio heaters or electric patio heaters, they are all classed as powered equipment. As such they are regularly either LPG or PAT tested in between hires to ensure that our clients receive the very best garden heaters in the best condition which work at the first time of asking. After all, the last thing you want is for your patio heaters not to work when they arrive at site!

In addition, our electric patio heater hire brighton is accompanied by the relevant operating and safety guide which you should read and understand prior to first use. If you wish to do so in advance of receiving your hired garden heaters, you can download the guide from the individual product page.

Patio heaters hire & more

Patio heater Hire is just one type of furniture hire that we offer, so also take a moment to browse our collections of other hire equipment – you’ll be surprised what you can hire in addition to outdoor gas patio heaters! From picnic benches and commercial BBQs through to plastic patio furniture and parasols, we have the complete range here at Event Hire UK.

Our team here is ready to help, suggest and advise you when it comes to outdoor patio heater hire brighton both in terms of quantities and styles and also when it comes to the amount of LPG gas you will need for your event. We are here to make your event hire experience hassle-free. Our dedicated sales team is ready to process your order quickly and efficiently, allowing you to concentrate on other areas of your event to help make it the best ever!

Speak to us today and benefit from our wealth of experience in the events and hospitality industry or, if you’re ready to move ahead, simply place your secure order online 24/7 – either way, we look forward to hearing from you!

So, have you found something of interest for your next event? We certainly hope so!