Showcase Hire

Our range of display showcase hire is perfect for those people wanting to showcase products at special events as well as exhibitions and trade shows. What better way to do this than with cabinets such as these, which are lockable, internally LED illuminated and available in a variety of different models, colours and sizes. Display showcase rental is perfect for small products such as diamond jewellery, luxury watches and other items, and the lights really show off your products to their best. Our range of display showcases for hire is one of the most comprehensive in the country and includes a whole variety of showcase types, sizes and colours. These include counter height low showcases, tallboy showcases and centre showcases, some of which are all glass versions and others which have useful lockable cabinets at the bottom for additional product storage, making them a must for any exhibition.

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Let Event Hire UK assist you with our elegantly designed range of display cabinets, which give you plenty of space to show your products off at their finest. Naturally, these are perfect for exhibitions and trade shows, or even for use in your office if you are hosting some shareholder meetings or inviting clients for meetings, for example.

Display showcase hire for events & exhibitions

If you need to hire jewellery display cabinets London at ExCeL or Olympia, for instance, or need to hire glass display showcases for the NEC in Birmingham, then you are in the right place.  Event Hire UK is perfectly positioned to be able to offer top quality trade show cabinet hire at the right price combined with top quality service.

Starting with our range of low, counter-height showcases, which is always popular as exhibitions take place throughout the year and these exhibition glass cabinets are a great way to not have to hire a reception desk – simply position low showcases around the perimeter, and you then have a defined space for your exhibition stand where clients can view your products up close, and you can discuss the way forward, perhaps with a laptop, tablet or marketing material positioned on top of the showcase.

Jewellery showcase rental for watch & jewellery expos

We also offer dual-tier showcases as well as jewellery showcases, which are slightly different in that they are lit by LED strip lights all the way around the internal perimeter of the top of the showcase, rather than by a single LED light positioned at each internal corner. Whatever your requirements, you can draw on Event Hire UK’s huge range of low showcases, which is perhaps the largest in the country.

Whatever your event and wherever your event or exhibition might be, you can hire counter height showcases as part of your event hire requirements.  Our glass display cabinets for hire are top quality, secure and come with LED lighting to light up your products!  In this section you can choose from low exhibition showcases to hire as well as being able to hire low showcases with cabinets which offer you full versatility where and when you need it most.

Glass display cabinet rental across the UK

The great thing about our low counter style glass display cabinets is that they provide exactly that – a counter for your exhibition stand, and so you can converse and strike deals professionally across this counter whilst at the same time securely displaying your products. This also means that you can save money on having to hire reception counters or desks – these exhibition glass display cabinets do two jobs in one!

Our counter size glass display showcases for hire are the type you see at most industry exhibitions or professional trade shows, allowing companies the perfect platform to display their products. These are perfect for jewellery and watch shows, for instance, as they allow diamonds, gemstones and watches to be viewed up close by visitors to an exhibition stand – something that is really important for this industry where visual impact is critical.

Light-up showcase rental

Whilst you don’t have to have your showcase illuminated, it makes obvious sense, as light will help to display your products at their very best.  With this in mind, you’ll need access to a standard 240v electrical source to plug it in. Once powered up, the lights inside the glass showcase will come on.  As all our glass display cabinets with lights are electrically powered, it means that they will all come with an operating and safety guide, which you should read and understand prior to first use.

So that you can lock your counter height glass display cabinet, it will also be accompanied by a key. Please ensure that you take good care of this key, as if you lose or damage it, a key replacement fee will be charged.

Moving onto our taller, centre showcases, in the same way as all our other showcases, are LED lit and lockable. These are freestanding showcases and perfect for your guests looking at your products at eye level. Size-wise, they are equivalent to around two of our tallboy showcases, and they have internal tempered glass shelves and are available in a number of different styles – some all-glass showcases, some with useful storage cabinets at the bottom and some even with a black finish to provide you with the ultimate in choice and flexibility.

Showcases for hire in a variety of sizes, models & colours

And finally, available in a variety of styles, our range of tallboy showcases is hugely popular throughout the year for trade shows and exhibitions. Some are all-glass options, others have a useful storage cabinet at the bottom and others have a black finish, providing something for everyone. As with all our display cabinets, they are lockable and LED-lit and so a great way to showcase your products, quite literally, in their best light.

Display cabinets hire is a speciality of Event Hire UK, offering you the very best options when it comes to glass showcases to suit your requirements and your event.  Jewellery glass display cabinet hire is available in the quantities you need and in the colour you need.

These tallboys are the perfect piece of exhibition furniture hire for jewellery shows as you can showcase your jewellery products at eye level and close up to your visitors whilst still maintaining a degree of security.  Our showcases are lockable at the back and come with internal LED lights to really make your products stand out from the crowd.

If you need display showcase hire for your company HQ, office, trade show or exhibition stand event, then you are in the right place!  Glass display cabinets hire is a speciality of Event Hire UK!