Exam & Office Furniture Hire

Temporary event production offices and more are well catered for with our range of exam & office furniture hire, available at your fingertips here online. Our range enables you to kit out your office efficiently and effectively, providing almost anything and everything you could possibly need, from desks, lockable cupboards, filing cabinets, lockers, conference tables and much more, providing you with a one-stop-shop for all your event office furniture rental requirements.

These exam & office furniture rental items are also available in large quantities, enabling us to service multiple events at the same time. However, come the summer, you can rest assured that all this equipment will be in higher demand than normal with the amount of large and high profile events that take place from air shows and music festivals through to tennis and golf events, to name just a few, so always ensure your place your order as soon as you have an idea about your requirements.

When it comes to exam & office furniture hire, many of our items are available in different colours and in different sizes, so we are confident in being able to provide you with the perfect furniture items to furnish your temporary office in the best way possible.

Executive furniture hire is in demand

Event Hire UK offers hire office furniture for rent across the UK which is a service taken up by many organisations especially in the major cities such as London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.

This is because as a nation, we are seeing an increase in the amount of short term office rentals and temporary offices springing up as entrepreneurs and other business people try out new innovations and ideas in an ever-evolving business environment. It might be that whilst such people need a physical office location, they donā€™t want to take out leases for years on end and so take out short term leases arrangements.

Likewise, they might not want to purchase large amounts of furniture for a temporary office and so will look to hire office furniture and executive furniture hire London to make their short term office a viable, low-cost option.

Hire furniture for offices & temporary event production offices

By the same token, there might be established businesses in large towns and cities who simply want to rent executive furniture for a one-off event or short term hire as they might need some temporary staff over busy periods such as Christmas, for example, or they may be hosting a shareholder meeting or similar event for which they might need extra chairs hire or conference table hire, for example.

The most likely destination for our range of office furniture rental items, however, is festival sites or big national sports events where event production offices are in-situ which are usually modular buildings which need furnishing with desks, tables, cabinets, cupboards and almost any other type of furniture hire for offices you can think of!

Next, our range of mobile lockers for hire is another popular choice here at Event Hire UK due to the sheer volume of events that they are useful for. For instance, behind the scenes at banqueting events for the temporary staff, exhibitions, sports events and other similar events where individuals want to store their belongings.

We offer banks of 2 or 4 door lockers on rent in a variety of colour, size and style options, with each locker coming with a unique, separate key. Always ensure that you return the keys with these personal lockers, as fees will be charged for missing keys upon return. You can rent lockers today online here at Event Hire UK by simply placing your order online with the minimum of fuss. Hire temporary storage lockers today with Event Hire UK!

Extremely useful for temporary events, you can hire security lockers from Event Hire UK today in the quantities you need. Our range of event storage lockers is extensive, bringing you different size and colour options from which you can choose the best fit for you and your event.

Personal locker hire for any event

Event locker hire is perfect for behind the scenes at large sports events, for instance, for the players’ lounge at a tennis or golf event, for instance, where the players want to keep their iPad or mobile phone safe when they are playing their matches. Likewise, event storage lockers are perfect to place in temporary media centres where journalists on site need to keep their personal belongings safe as they are out and about reporting on the event.

You can also rent personal storage lockers for exhibitions, placing them behind a screen on your exhibition stand so that your employees and sales staff can keep their belongings secure during the day of the exhibition. How about festival UK locker hire for your visitors to store their valuables whilst they go off and enjoy the music. And finally, temporary lockers can be used in hospitals where unexpected numbers of patients are visiting within a short space of time, or where temporary hospitals are set up when the ‘normal’ hospitals become overwhelmed in times of crisis, for example.

The complete range of event locker rentals

Browse hire a locker range of 2 door metal lockers and 4 door metal lockers, all of which are roughly around the same height and width and so obviously the fewer compartments and doors in the bank of lockers, the larger each individual locker is going to be. When our rental lockers arrive on-site, you’ll find that each locker box comes with its own unique key. Please ensure that you return these keys with the lockers, as failure to do so may mean a key replacement cost.

Some of our event lockers have a rail at the top for hanging garments and others have hooks – you can see which have which by the inset image showing the inside of the compartment. If you’re planning to be storing items of a specific size, then also check out the compartment interior measurements which are also detailed on the individual product pages, as well as the sizes of the complete locker units themselves.

Rent a locker for event from the UK experts

Event locker rental is just a small part of Event Hire UK’s comprehensive range of equipment hire for events available online. For larger events, we can provide you with a supply and set-up service for mobile lockers and more which many event professionals benefit from as it allows you to place your equipment hire order and then turn your attentions to other elements of your event, safe in the knowledge that your portable lockers for events and other items are safe in the hands of the experts.

We’ll not only deliver our event locker solutions to you on site, but also position around your site where you need them. Yes, there’s usually a small additional charge for this service, but most large scale event organisers will testify that it is money well spent!

Best prices for event storage lockers

Our expert team here at Event Hire UK has a wealth of experience in the event and hospitality industry, and we’re always happy to share our knowledge and experience with clients, established and new. From our nationwide network of distribution centres, you will receive a seamless hire experience directly to and from your event with the minimum of fuss, so if you’re looking for locker hire UK London, Manchester, Birmingham or almost anywhere else around the country, you need look no further.

Why don’t you browse storage lockers for rent near me and place your secure order for temporary lockers and much more for your upcoming event or occasion today and work with the experts!

Exam & office furniture hire at affordable prices nationwide

We are extremely proud of the level of service that we are able to provide to our clients. Our range, condition and availability of office furniture rental products is one of the best in the industry and is what you would rightly expect from a national event hire company.

This is as a result of many years of experience in the hire sector, together with strict quality control processes and a professional and dedicated customer service team, as well as a delivery team who will provide a reliable and timely service for you.