Wine Fair Furniture Hire

We work with some of the largest and most important wine tasting events, wine fairs and exhibitions across the country. Check out our complete range of wine fair furniture hire and specialist wine fair equipment hire, available in large quantities & at great prices!

Few companies have the extensive stocks of equipment that are needed to kit out major wine fairs, shows and exhibitions, but Event Hire UK is one of them, and perhaps the only company in the UK with this capability, ability and resource. Wine fairs are held across the UK and vary from small local wine fairs through to regional ones right through to national and international wine fairs. Regardless of the size of the event, Event Hire UK can help.

Equipment hire for wine fairs

So, what event equipment hire is needed when it comes to wine fairs and exhibition hire? Firstly, naturally, wine tasting glasses. There is an internationally recognised standard when it comes to professional wine tasting glasses, these being ISO glass hire. ISO stands for International Standards Organisation, and it is this type of glass that is generally accepted as being the standard across the world.

It’s not good, however, being able to supply only a few hundred ISO glasses to major wine fairs. This is why Event Hire UK holds the largest number of ISO wine glassware hire in stock in the UK, of around 50,000, giving us the capability to supply the largest of wine fairs and trade shows.

Of course, it’s not simply wine glasses that major wine fairs would require. With hundreds of exhibitors buying display stands and space, these usually also need to be kitted out, and what would exhibitors need in addition to tasting glasses for their guests coming to visit their stands?

They often require glass display cabinet hire so that they can professionally display their ranges of wines, beautifully bottled and labelled, to show them off to their best. Our hire glass display cabinets are illuminated and often lockable, providing the perfect accessory and equipment hire for exhibitions.

Wine fair spittoon hire for UK events

Secondly, professional wine tasting events need to hire spittoons. These are the receptacles into which people dispose of their wine once they have tasted it. Again, Event Hire UK has spittoons for hire in the quantities required, of all different sizes. These range from metal table-top spittoons for hire through to disposable spittoons for hire and right through to free floor standing stainless steel spittoons which really do look the part. Browse our extensive range of spittoon hire to find what you need.

We also provide glass washers and even a glass-washing service at major wine fairs, whereby our staff will ensure that all your exhibitors have fresh ISO wine tasting glasses on their stands at all times during the show.

Wine fair furniture hire in big quantities

Of course, all this equipment is specific to wine tasting events, whatever the size. Event Hire UK also has a complete range of exhibition furniture hire which will also be useful for wine tasting fairs such as poseur tables and stools, or leather sofas and armchairs and so on, where business can be done and deals can be closed.

So, whatever you need when it comes to hiring equipment for exhibitions and wine fairs, browse & hire securely online 24/7 with the experts – you won’t be disappointed! Wine fair furniture hire has never been easier or more affordable!

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