Refrigeration Hire

Any sort of bar or commercial catering event will need refrigeration hire facilities, whether this is to keep ingredients cool and fresh or whether you just need catering fridge freezer rental behind the bar to keep drinks chilled. Our range of refrigeration hire, however, is much more than just bar fridges for hire. Portable cold room hire, in particular, is popular due to the fact that we offer several different size options of walk in fridges to suit all occasions in the form of both cold rooms and portable freezer rooms. We also offer a range of mobile refrigeration trailer fridges and trailer freezers for the most efficient behind-the-scenes catering events. These refrigerated trailer fridges and freezers provide valuable additional capacity whatever your venue or location and, as a result, refrigerated trailer hire from Event Hire UK is one of our most popular lines, providing you with temporary cold room storage capacity, sometimes in emergency scenarios.

For large-scale, short term and long term refrigeration hire solutions, why not visit our dedicated division at eventhireRefrigeration today!

As part of your catering requirements, you may well need to hire refrigeration equipment. If this is the case, then you are in the right place! Award-winning company Event Hire UK is able to offer you an unrivalled range of refrigeration hire equipment to cater for your every need.

Refrigeration hire of all types

Refrigeration hire is one of our specialities nationwide, with clients – established and new – constantly drawing on our range of hire fridge freezer unit in all shapes and sizes for their catering events.¬† We also even work with supermarkets, for example, where their own fridges and freezers have broken down, and we need to provide the necessary temporary refrigeration solutions so that their foodstuffs don’t perish. This is just one example of where temporary fridge hire really does come into its own.

Complete range of fridge hire & freezer hire

If you are a professional catering company or major venue wanting to hire in catering equipment for events, then our range of refrigeration units for hire is unrivalled. We take pride in investing in the latest technology and products in order to provide our clients with the very best in the market, in excellent condition. From under counter fridges though to upright freezers, chest freezers and even refrigerated trailer hire for large scale event catering, we have it all!

Whether it’s the front of house bar area where you’ll need bottle fridges and display fridges, or back of house where you’ll need walk-in fridges, modular cold rooms and upright fridge freezers, we have the complete range of refrigeration van rental solutions to suit all needs!

And it’s not just catering events – how about using fridges to store vaccines in times of national emergency, for instance, when the supply of dedicated medical fridges has run out. Vaccine fridges might not be your first thought here online, but they will certainly serve a purpose in those rare times. Short term hire fridge freezer is available from Event Hire UK throughout the year.

We offer refrigeration products to hire for both back and front of house. For example, you can hire fridges from Event Hire UK for a portable kitchen catering event, using them in the back of house kitchen for food storage and likewise you can use our glass bottle fridges as part of your bar hire requirements, ensuring that the drinks are chilled ready for your guests to consume on a long summer’s evening.

Take a look at our extensive range of short term fridges hire, which includes both normal freestanding fridges for hire as well as walk in fridges, display fridges, chest and upright freezers for hire and refrigerated display units for hire. At the same time, you can also hire water coolers as well as other refrigeration accessories, making Event Hire UK the perfect one-stop shop to service all your requirements.

Commercial refrigeration hire solutions

Not only does Event Hire UK invest in the latest appliances, but we also ensure that all electrical appliances are fully PAT tested prior to dispatch from our nationwide sales and distribution centres. The last thing you want is for your commercial party fridge hire or freezer hire to arrive with you and not work. This results in a waste of time and money for you and us, and added stress!  Temporary refrigerated storage really is one of our specialities!

As part of our ongoing quality control process, we aim to achieve excellence with each and every order, part of which is ensuring that all our electrical appliances are in working order, in the same way that we also test gas products as well. Your satisfaction is our key objective!

Hire fridges & freezers nationwide

The type of events for which our range of catering and bar fridges is suitable is almost too numerous to mention. Temporary bar events, food festivals, temporary office spaces, back of house catering kitchens….the list goes on. Suffice to say that it’s just as well our range of commercial fridges is one of the largest in the country as they are constantly being hired nationwide.

From drinks fridges, under counter fridges, bottle fridges and others including modular walk-in cold rooms in a variety of sizes, our electrically powered fridges are available not only in large quantities but also in a range of different capacities and styles. How about an upright glass door fronted fridge for bottles of wine? Or maybe a catering cold room out the back to keep food and ingredients cool in the lead up to a busy catering event.

Mobile bar fridge hire for any event

In the early part of the year, there are numerous corporate events such as conferences, exhibitions, galas dinners and award ceremonies, for instance, where mobile bar companies are contracted to provide their drinks service. Yes, many of these companies will often have their own mobile bar fridges, but especially for the larger events where thousands of clients, employees and delegates are present, huge lengths of bars are required in order to provide a fast and efficient service to thirsty guests. Therefore, large numbers of party drinks fridges are needed for behind the bar.

These might be under counter fridges for storage of drinks and other ingredients, for instance, or they might be bottle fridges where you can display bottles of beer, soft drinks, wines and Champagnes, for instance, to capitalise on impulse purchases. The most profitable mobile bars are the ones where effective product merchandising takes place, and bottle fridges are a perfect example of this.

Your trusted, nationwide refrigeration hire company

Whatever your temporary fridge rental requirements, you can count on the team here at Event Hire UK to be able to help you. From our nationwide network of distribution centres around the country, we will provide you with a fast and efficient service when it comes to renting fridges for events. Commercial fridge hire London, for instance, is available from our London distribution centre and nationwide, where we can often deliver same day at short notice, and the same goes for our other locations around the country.

With a wealth of experience in the event hire industry, the seamless service provided by our team will enable you to concentrate on other areas of your event to make it the best ever! We very much look forward to working with you on your upcoming event or occasion.