Furniture Hire

Our complete range of furniture hire for events, occasions and weddings is available to you right here with just a click of your mouse. Whatever your requirements, whether they are indoors or outdoors, our furniture hire UK range is one of the most complete and comprehensive in the country.

Offering you everything from chairs and tables for hospitality dining events, lounge furniture to style your event venue in the best way possible, office furniture for temporary event production offices and a wide range of event accessories to suit every possible requirement, you’re sure to find everything you could possibly need right here when it comes to event furniture hire.

Here at Event Hire UK, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to rent furniture, so let’s create fantastic events and occasions together!

Whatever your event, whether it be a conference, wedding, exhibition, corporate event or family event at home, Event Hire UK has the complete range of wedding furniture hire to meet all your needs. It’s only by working with the best event furniture rent company that you will be able to enjoy the peace of mind you need in the lead up to a busy event.

You want to have total confidence in your luxury furniture hire supplier. You need to know that they will deliver the right event furniture rental UK products in the right quantities and in the right quality, on time, with the minimum of fuss. The run up to large events is stressful enough without worrying about your furniture hire. So why not work with experts such as Event Hire UK.

What is event furniture hire?

Different people think of furniture in different ways. For many people, furniture rental might mean cupboards, beds and other pieces of furniture that you’d find in a house. However, furniture hire uk with event equipment hire means much more than that. We’re talking temporary event furniture for hire and lots of it!

Furniture hire will inevitably mean tables and chair hire simply because most events involve some type of dining or banqueting. This includes celebration events such as weddings, corporate events, party, Christmas parties and so on. Event Hire UK website holds a vast variety of party furniture hire, all in different shapes and sizes. Our products are available in large quantities, often in their thousands.

It’s not just chair and table hire that we offer, take a look at our range online and you’ll realize that we offer a vast selection of furniture hire products. We’re sure that you will find the perfect furniture for rent uk for you and your event.

It’s this complete selection of party furniture hire that makes Event Hire UK as a company stand out in the marketplace. Few companies are able to compete with our range in terms of diversity and quantity. Both crucial elements for large event planners and organizers. Each event is different with each requiring different event furniture.

Regardless of whether you need wedding furniture hire in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds or elsewhere in the country, Event Hire UK is perfectly positioned to help you. Our nationwide network of sales and distribution centers will provide you with the highest quality of service when it comes to party furniture hire and home furniture hire.

Top tips for furniture rental

In today’s market, there is a wide variety of choice when it comes to hiring event furniture. Why not read some of our top tips below to help in your decision making process.

Plan what event furniture hire you need well in advance

Of course, it is always important to plan your event furniture hire requirements well in advance. Consider the available space that you have and what type of event it is. Also consider if you are planning to offer your guests both indoor and outdoor space.

The types of tables and chairs that you decide on will mainly be determined by these various considerations. Then have a think about the wider picture – will you also need to hire a portable bar, bar equipment, maybe some leather sofas or rattan furniture maybe? And what about glassware, cutlery and other requirements? The list may be longer than you originally planned!

That said, Event Hire UK is a one-stop-shop for all your furniture hire in London and across the UK, taking any potential hassle and headaches out of your event hire experience. Event Hire UK is few clicks away as you just have to search for furniture rental near me.

High quality furniture rental is important

Quality is very important when it comes to furniture rental. Therefore, we are very keen to ensure that all our equipment is in the very best possible condition when it comes to you. Of course, it might not be the price that is top of your agenda when it comes to event furniture hire.

Think carefully about the type of furniture that you need as these are available in all different styles and colors. This is because wedding furniture rental is completely different to conference furniture hire.

Depending upon the type of event you are holding, you will need a variety of different furniture styles to choose from and this is where Event Hire UK comes into its own. We offer perhaps the largest range of event furniture in the country from which you can pick the best to suit your upcoming event or occasion.

Looking for a wide range and high quality in furniture hire near me? Then you are in the right place. In our wider furniture hire range we offer chairs, tables, dance floors and also bars for your office or reception area. Whether you are planning indoor or outdoor events, our furniture hire range is extensive. All our event furniture products are available in large quantities and in excellent condition. Just to help you to make your event or special occasion a complete success.

Hire event furniture from the same location

This might seem obvious, but if you place your order for event furniture hire uk all from the same company, then you are going to make your life easier. Online furniture rental has never been simpler! Event Hire UK offers a nationwide service to clients up and down the country. We provide everything you need when it comes to weddings, corporate events, gala dinners and many other event types.

Ultimately, this facility saves you time, money and hassle. Which, let’s face it, in the lead up to a busy event, are worth their weight in gold! Our sales and distribution centers are strategically placed around the country. It will provide you with the best event furniture rental service in the land.

So, why does a one-stop shop for furniture hire online make your life easier? Well, with a single click of your mouse or single phone call to our dedicated sales team, you can hire everything you need, saving you the need to coordinate multiple deliveries. You will also have a single point of contact in the lead up to your event which is hugely valuable. After all, event requirements change on a what-seems constant basis and so keep life simple!

The fact that you only have to coordinate a single delivery and collection saves you valuable time. This will also help you keep within budget. Many online furniture hire companies will charge you the same transport fee regardless of how many products you hire. Then, why not make the most of it by hiring as much furniture as possible from the same place.

Event Hire UK provides exactly this – a one-stop shop where you can hire all your event furniture needs, from mobile bars hire through to tables and chairs hire.

Hire wedding furniture from the ‘best’ furniture hire company

Many companies will tell you that they are the ‘best’, but what does this mean? Well, it means different things to different people.

When it comes to wedding furniture hire uk, for most couples it’s a case of being able to deal with a furniture hire company which, put simply, sticks to its promises. Everyone wants to have perfect wedding furniture rental, without having any problems at the last moment

This could be a problem with the quantities that arrive, a late delivery. When your online wedding furniture arrives, it is in poor condition. Stress, headaches and hassle – you are sure to have enough of these going on already!

Working with best furniture hire company will resolve all your queries. In case your initial enquiry is not dealt with promptly and efficiently, the chances are that this will be a reflection on the end service you receive when it comes to delivery and collection.

Check out a furniture hire company’s credentials – have they won awards? These awards might be a good indicator of whether you have found a best quality furniture hire company.

So, rent wedding furniture with Event Hire UK. We offer wedding furniture for rent products at competitive prices and in great condition. Most importantly, we fulfil our promises.

We aim to make your furniture hire for a wedding experience hassle-free, allowing you to actually enjoy planning your wedding which, after all, is what it is all about.

Hire furniture based on your event type

It’s just as well that Event Hire UK offers the complete range of city furniture hire products across the UK. As different event types need different furniture hire products. For example, if you are planning a wedding, you’ll need banqueting tables and chairs.

If you are organizing a conference, then you will need conference chairs and other professional furniture hire. Likewise, if you are planning a party, then you’ll probably need a mobile bar. Also the dance floor and other items from our furniture hire UK rangers.

Whatever your requirements, Event Hire UK offers the most diverse range of furniture hire in the country. Demand is always high at peak times of the year. We hold these high levels of stocks in order to fulfil the needs and requirements.

However, it’s not always possible for everyone. So as always, with your furniture hire, always book it as soon as you possibly can to avoid disappointment.

Special & unique wedding furniture hire

If you want to hire unique wedding furniture for your special event, then whilst we have our own core range, we can also offer unique and bespoke furniture hire. When it comes to Asian wedding furniture, our range of mandaps, thrones and other wedding furniture is second to none.

Also, why not check out our range of mobile event bars. We offer LED glow bars, cocktail bars and other bar units that you would expect to find from a mobile event bar specialist company, and you’ll also find our custom design bar hire section. This provides the opportunity to event professionals to brand their event bars in different colors or themes, according to their specific event. This is a service that is not necessarily available with all temporary event bar companies.

Hopefully this has given you an insight into our range of wedding furniture and how we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients receive a first class service with top quality products. Here at Event Hire UK, we believe we have got the service offering right. It is complete, well priced and transparent. Our many clients have been using it for years and will continue to do so – we hope – in the future.

Outdoor furniture hire is always popular

Part of our furniture hire range here at Event Hire UK is our outdoor furniture hire range. This is comprehensive to say the least, ranging from plastic patio chairs and tables sets through to hardwood teak patio tables and chair sets, picnic tables, commercial barbeques and even patio heaters.

Naturally, as you would anticipate, demand for outdoor furniture hire products is at its peak in the summer. Therefore, always make sure you hire outdoor furniture in plenty of time. Ideally as far in advance of your event date as possible to avoid disappointment.

Perhaps the best seller in our outdoor furniture hire range is our picnic bench. Which we are sure we could hire out ten times over in the summer. Of course, in the winter, demand is much less. However, large venues such as exhibition centers do hire wooden picnic benches during the off-season, enabling them to create unique events and occasions for their guests including indoor beaches and similar events.

The advantages of working with furniture hire UK experts

In today’s marketplace, it’s relatively easy for almost anyone to set up almost any type of business, especially online. Our professional website gives detailed information which means you don’t need a physical premise or any actual physical stock. The hire industry is, of course, slightly different to this in that physical products are being hired out to clients and so it is more difficult to have merely a website as a fascia.

Look for event hire companies that have more than one location. A single distribution center for a furniture hire company will probably mean that it serves a very local area and so may be limited on stock, range and availability. In the event that these single location furniture hire companies do say they supply nationwide, then watch out for transport costs.

For example, imagine you are talking to a furniture rental company in London but your event is in Liverpool. Even though product prices on their website might be very attractive, they will then charge you the distance from London to Liverpool and back again which could add up to a budget-busting amount!

Furniture hire companies which have multiple, nationwide distribution centers such as Event Hire UK mean that we can supply hire furniture around the UK whilst keeping transport costs at affordable rates. We have four well-stocked, large distribution centers in London, Walsall, Manchester and Bradford. This allows us to service the needs of our clients in all these locations.

In the unlikely event we don’t have the number of items that you need in your nearest distribution center, we will endeavor to relocate it between distribution centers for you..

And it’s not just a case of you enjoying a nationwide range of products as well as availability of online furniture hire for your event when you hire from Event Hire UK. Our company was formed in 2005 and we have many years of experience within the company when it comes to furniture hire and many other event equipment hire products.

This means that you can draw on our experience and advice for your event as a completely free resource. In fact, when it comes to the hire furniture, our staff loves imparting their knowledge and experience with clients.

Whether you are looking for wedding furniture hire, online conference chair hire, exhibition furniture hire or indeed any other type of furniture rental, speak to us about your requirements. We will be able to advise on numbers, sizes and complementing items that you may not have thought of but after having spoken to us, you will realize they are essential pieces of kit!

Our expert team speaks to clients up and down the country on a daily basis when they are in the middle of organizing events, and has done so for years. One of the major advantages of working with us is that you will receive an unrivalled level of expertise and advice – either by email or over the phone – completely free of charge.

Benefit from our furniture hire supply & set-up service

Event Hire UK also offers a supply and set up service for larger events. We will provide you with all the top quality furniture hire that you need for your event and – working together with you – we can also set it up according to a pre-agreed plan.

This might be for hundreds of conference chairs, or party night banqueting tables or portable bars at arena events. Using this service makes your life easy as it takes the worry out of this part of your event planning process. Of course, it’s not only chairs and tables that might need setting up, but a wealth of other furniture.

If you imagine that when you hire furniture from any furniture hire company in the UK, the price will normally assume a ground floor drop off at the venue. This means that we will deliver stacks of chairs, stacks of tables, bars, dance floor panels and so on, which you will then have to put into position at your event venue.

A lot of the time, your furniture hire items will arrive at your marquee or other temporary event structure and the carpet is in the process of being laid, for example. Or, on the other hand,, the lighting rigging is being positioned with cherry pickers, for example, so the actual venue is often not quite ready to accept the furniture installation.

Our set up service can be invaluable as we provide the staff to help you kit out your event. This might involve setting up and positioning trestle tables, laying chairs out around the tables, setting up bar units, laying a dancefloor to the agreed size or putting the bar fridges into position. You can also arrange something like this by paying a small additional fee and contacting us.

The complete range of luxury furniture hire equipment

Many furniture hire companies will broadcast the fact that they offer a complete range…..but do they really? Do they offer chairs in a variety of styles and colors, tables in different shapes and sizes, mobile bars, dance floors, office furniture hire products and even VIP and crowd management barriers?

Top quality luxury furniture hire companies provide the complete range of everything in different styles, shapes and colors. This provides their clients with the ultimate in choice and flexibility. To match up their event decor or corporate branding with their luxury furniture hire choices.

Our standard range of furniture rental uk also offers specialists for Asian weddings. This includes throne hire and mandap hire. Both provide Asian wedding planners and organizers with the complete solution for their special occasions.

It’s this extensive range that makes Event Hire UK one of the UK’s premier party furniture rental companies. We offer temporary furniture to event professionals and party planners across the country from our nationwide sales and distribution centers. These are all well stocked with large quantities of luxury furniture hire UK products and much more.

Event Hire UK offers over 350 types of furniture hire products to our clients up and down the country. So no matter whether your requirement, modern or vintage furniture hire UK, you will be able to find the type of furniture hire product that you need with us. This is the simple reason as to why event organizers up and down the country turn to Event Hire UK time and time again to assist with their requirements.

With nationwide delivery (we hire furniture in London and across the UK), we are sure that we will be able to assist you with your requirements for event furniture hire. Whatever, wherever and whenever your event, why not contact us today!