Festival Furniture Hire

Have you ever thought about festival furniture hire, and what is needed backstage for the artists dressing rooms, green rooms and more? Here at Event Hire UK, we are able to provide you with everything you need for festivals from our unique one-stop-shop.

Think of the summer, think of rain (!) and then think of muddy fields and in your head, you are no doubt picturing large music festivals. Whilst there are a number of high profile outdoor, annual music festivals that take place across the UK, there are also many more successful music festivals that are more regionally-orientated up and down the country. These also attract well-known bands and thousands of people and are equally enjoyable.

There are also music festivals held in towns and cities in a smaller scale such as infamous castles and other beautiful, historic venues as well as cultural festivals, all of which contribute to the vibrant societies in which we live.

Festival furniture hire for backstage areas

When it comes to music festivals, Event Hire UK offers ranges of outdoor event equipment hire that is suitable to all. Check out our range of picnic bench hire, which is ideal for setting up an area where visitors to the festival can take some time out from the busy concerts and enjoy a relaxed lunch. Our range of patio heater hire, hardwood tables and chairs are also suitable for outdoor use, making a welcome addition to your guests who are looking to chill out!

In terms of catering equipment, certain items in our ranges are gas-powered rather than electric, and we also have barbeques to hire, patio heaters of different designs available for hire as well as picket fencing, posts and ropes hire and much, much more to help make your festival event a huge success. And don’t forget that Event Hire UK also offers a range of refrigerated trailer hire which is second to none in the country, offering you hassle-free additional cold room storage for behind the scenes – these are simply towed into position, powered up and away you go!

Specifically designed for large scale outdoor events, festivals, concerts and sports stadiums is our range of reusable plastic cups for events. “Yes, but they’re still plastic” we hear you say, and yes, you’re correct – they are still made in plastic. However, there is a world of difference between single-use disposable cups and reusable plastic cups.

Typically, disposable cups have been the go-to choice of many festival organizers. You know, the flimsy plastic pints that you get your beer in at a festival. These have been mainly used due to the fact that up until now, they have represented the cheapest option. The problem of course is that these are single-use cups in that they are used once and then thrown away. Whilst you might think that they are recyclable (yes, many are), who is going to sort through the tonnes of rubbish that is collected at the end of a festival and separate out the plastic cups from the rest of waste?

Reusable festival cups

This is where reusable cups for festivals come into their own. First and foremost, it’s important to note that because these are plastic, they comply with outdoor H&S regulations. But, the more you learn about plastics, the more you realize that there are different types and properties of plastic.

We use two different types of plastic for our reusable cups – polycarbonate and polypropylene.

Polycarbonate is as close to glass as you will find yet still being plastic. It is transparent and unbreakable. This makes it hugely attractive to beer brands who are constantly looking for ways to ensure consistency of delivery, whether you are standing in a pub or in the middle of a festival site. These reusable cups can be washed in excess of 500 times before being recycled back into the reusable cups manufacturing process. Polypropylene is opaque and can be washed in excess of 300 times before being recycled. Event Hire UK is a premier supplier of the STACK-CUP™ which has a unique stacking handle so that the user can carry multiple pints at the same time. Again, these can be branded according to your event, though we’d always encourage you to check out the various existing branded products that we offer online.

Festival equipment hire in large numbers

You might also be interested in hiring event storage lockers so that your visitors have somewhere to put their valuables – something that is especially important if it is an overnight camping event. Locker hire for events has never been simpler than with Event Hire UK as we have the complete range of portable lockers for events available in large numbers, so just have a look, make your selection and place your order!

Wherever your event, Event Hire UK is uniquely positioned, being able to offer you outdoor event hire equipment from one of our four sales and distribution centres around the country. All our distribution centres are well stocked, although come the busy summer months, stocks do dwindle and so do try to place your order for outdoor furniture hire as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment. Take advantage of our reasonably priced delivery and collection service, and we can also help you with professional delivery and set up service for large scale festival equipment hire if you so wish.

Whatever your festival furniture hire requirements and wherever it is, we can help, so why not place your secure order online today with the UK’s premier event hire company!

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