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For non-trade account customers, payment is required in full to secure your order. Your items cannot be reserved for any period of time.

30-day trade accounts can sometimes be established for B2B clients who have a trading history with us, and upon satisfying other requirements.

We accept all major credit / debit cards, or electronic bank transfer.

You can place your order via our website using our secure checkout process, or – if you prefer – one of our sales team members can send you a payment link together with your quotation.

If you make payment by electronic bank transfer, please use your hire contract number as the payment reference.

If you need any more help or assistance on this, please visit our FAQs below, or speak to one of our team members.

Q: When is payment required?
A: For non-trade account customers, payment in full is required to secure your order.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept payments by card or bank transfer only. We do not accept payment by cash or cheque.

Q: What cards do you accept?
A: We accept all major credit and debit cards.

Q: How do I make payment online?
A: Simply use our secure online checkout, which will walk you through the steps.

Q: How do I make payment by bank transfer?
A: You’ll find our bank details on your hire contract. Please use your hire contract number as a reference on the payment.

Q: Can you send me a link to make payment?
A: Yes, this is something we can do.

Q: What is a ‘pre-authorisation’?
A: If you place your order on our website, we use a pre-authorisation payment system. This means that your card isn’t charged until a member of our sales team either accepts or declines your order. This accept/decline process involves a member of our team checking stock & transport availability, along with a number of other factors, to ensure that we are able to fulfil your order. Either way, you will be notified by email. We aim to do this the same working day that we receive your order. If your order is accepted, then your card is charged with the total amount.

Q: So what happens if my order is declined?
A: If your order has been declined, then we will cancel this pre-authorised payment. This might show in your account as a ‘pending’ transaction, or it may appear that the funds have left your account. Don’t worry, the funds are still at your bank and not with us. These ‘ring-fenced’ funds will simply drop back into your account, normally in around 3-5 days, and sometimes even sooner. If you need to speed up this process, then simply call up your bank and instruct them to deposit the money back into your account.

Q: Do you offer trade accounts?
A: Yes, we can offer trade account terms to large, repeat B2B clients. Please speak to one of our sales team about this.