Sustainable Operations

We are committed to having a positive effect on our environment, and driving change within our sector.  We operate an ongoing, sustainable and long-term approach, continually reviewing & modifying the way we work, in line with best practice.

We have split our initiatives into several sections: Products, technology, logistics, staff & environmental initiatives.


Our product procurement process focuses on working with responsible suppliers that share our sustainability ethos. We aim to source premium quality, durable furniture, helping to extend the lifecycle of the products.
Local Sourcing
We prioritise working with locally based suppliers (regional / UK-wide & Europe) to minimise the carbon footprint generated by our product procurement process.
Products are specifically selected to be fashion-proofed, ensuring longevity through the use of changeable covers, tops, and finishes to suit ever-changing market trends.
We ensure that our products can easily be repaired or modified to further extend their product lifecycle. We select items that are repairable with parts easily available from UK-based suppliers. Our on-site workshops and dedicated in-house refurbishment facility can refurbish and update equipment, reducing the need for replacements. We also partner with upholsterers to refresh and renew soft furnishings, avoiding a throw-away culture.
We create bespoke furniture products in-house, prioritising the use of recycled materials such as repurposed scaffolding poles, timbers, railway sleepers, and pallets.
We offer reusable product derivatives versus standard product lines, encouraging customers to engage with and choose more sustainable solutions.


We use state-of-the-art washing Meiko & Hobart conveyor washing machines, with a policy of replacing older machines when necessary, and only purchasing the latest energy-efficient models. For instance, our industrial wash machines are all operated using 100% renewable energy and have the lowest water consumption compared to any of our competitors.

All our sites nationwide use LED lighting, as part of our overall energy saving initiative.



Our Midlands HQ and national distribution centre is a highly specified, grade A sustainable building, proudly holding an EPC A rating.

Regional Distribution Network

We operate from a network of regional distribution centres, significantly reducing the carbon footprint generated by our operations.

We have tackled the challenge of single-use plastic in transit by developing our own reusable quilted furniture covers and investing in load blankets. Additionally, we secure products for transport using appropriate strapping, minimizing the need for single-use materials such as shrink-wrap.

Our investment in new vehicles aligns with “Ultra Low Emissions” regulations. Our fleet includes purpose-built box trailers that are aerodynamically designed, holding more equipment than standard trailers and resulting in fewer journeys and enhanced fuel efficiency. Looking ahead, we plan to gradually upgrade our fleet to all-electric vehicles.

All our vehicles are regularly serviced to the highest standards, ensuring minimal emissions and fuel consumption.

We manage our logistics with an environmental focus, aiming to reduce pollution by minimizing road time. Our operational staff are trained in order accuracy, efficient loading, and route planning to eliminate unnecessary trips and reduce vehicle mileage.

We offer regular refresher sessions for our drivers and crew to ensure they stay current with best practices in economical driving and efficient packing. This ongoing training helps us maintain our commitment to sustainability and operational excellence.

Staff Commitment to Sustainability

Our team is deeply committed to promoting sustainability across all aspects of our operations. From waste reduction to sustainable transportation and environmental education, our staff actively participates in various initiatives to minimize our environmental impact. By integrating these practices into our daily routines, we contribute to a healthier planet and set an example for others to follow.

Waste Reduction

Our staff is dedicated to minimizing waste in all forms, including paper, metal, plastic, and cardboard. We ensure that everything in our offices and warehouses is properly separated and recycled, keeping our impact on local landfills to a minimum.

Sustainable Transportation

We actively encourage our office staff to car share. For large events, we transport our labor in a single crew cab to and from the venue, reducing fuel consumption and further minimizing our carbon footprint.

Environmental Education

Our management team participates in a CPD-accredited course, achieving certification in environmental awareness. This training enables each team member to create personalized action plans aimed at reducing carbon emissions.

Environmental Initiatives

We understand that it is important to ensure that any carbon emissions generated are offset by environmental initiatives. However, we are also striving to become carbon-neutral at source, so not having to wholly rely on carbon-offsetting, and are working with a number of strategic partners on this issue.