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Supply & Set-Up

We offer a supply & set-up service for both large indoor and outdoor events, supporting our clients whenever possible. The service is fully supported with risk assessment and method statements and, for major events, we can conduct site visits in advance, to discuss and confirm arrangements.

This service is not available all the time.  It depends upon the time of year and our available resource. There is also an additional cost to use this service, based on your specific requirements and a number of other factors.

Please discuss your requirements at least 2 weeks in advance of your contract start date. We will then be able to tell you if we can offer you this service, and provide you with the cost.

If you need any more help or assistance on this, please visit our FAQs below, or speak to one of our team members.

Q: Why would I use this service?
A: If you are a large event organiser and need to set up thousands of chairs in straight line rows, or perhaps banqueting chairs and tables in large numbers for your corporate hospitality event, for instance, this might be a service to consider. It will save you a lot of time and effort, and potentially also save you come labour costs.

Q: Can you guarantee the availability of your set-up service?
A: No, we cannot guarantee that our set-up service is available 100% of the time. It depends upon the time of year and our available resources.

Q: How would I know that you can offer this service for my event?
A: You will need to discuss your specific requirements with us over the phone or via email. Once we have an understanding of your requirements, then we will be able to confirm if we can help with set-up, or not.

Q: How far in advance do I need to arrange this with you?
A: You need to be liaising with us at least 2 weeks in advance of your contract start date.

Q: Will I need to provide you with a technical drawing of the event space or venue?
A: Yes, that would be helpful, or at least a plan or schematic of the venue. Information such as where the unloading spaces are and where the equipment needs to go, will definitely help us provide you with the very best service, and the most accurate quote for the service.

Q: How much does it cost for this set-up service?
A: The cost of this depends upon your requirements – what you need setting up, your venue, timings and so on. Only when we have an understanding of your requirements will we be able to provide you with the price.

Q: If needed, could you also help me collect all the equipment from around my venue after use?
A: Again, you need to let us know your specific requirements, so that we can check resources and provide you with a price.