Kitchen Cooking Equipment Hire

It’s essential that you provide your chefs and catering teams with the best catering and kitchen cooking equipment hire products to ensure an efficient and effective service, and this starts with the kitchen cooking equipment. With many appliances available in either gas or electric options, our range of turbo ovens, gas burners, fryers and other kitchen cooking appliances is an excellent source for all your temporary event cooking equipment hire. The selection is extensive and not only includes commercial catering ovens but also other key appliances such as griddles, deep fat fryers, commercial microwaves and even rotary toasters for those breakfast events! You can rest assured that all gas and electric powered catering equipment from Event Hire UK is fully tested in between hires and comes complete with operating and safety guides for your information and instruction. Rent commercial kitchen appliances today!

When it comes to hiring kitchen equipment, you would expect an award-winning company such as Event Hire UK to provide the finest range and quality of kitchen cooking equipment hire in the market, and that is exactly what we do! Whether you are organising a wedding, corporate hospitality event, exhibition, conference, roadshow or family event, you are sure to find what you are looking for here.

Mobile kitchens need the best kitchen cooking equipment hire

Kitchens, when under pressure to deliver quality cuisine in a certain timeframe, can be pressure-cooker environments. You need to ensure that hire the very best kitchen cooking equipment you can – this means that it is modern, clean, up to date and in working condition. You don’t have time to be trying to fix broken catering equipment, and so always hire kitchen cooking equipment from a reputable company.

As part of our ongoing commitment to customer service, Event Hire UK regularly inspects, checks and maintains all electrical and gas catering equipment such as our cooking hobs and rings for hire as well as our griddles for hire, toasters and microwaves. It is vital that you receive the very best catering equipment hire items to make your event the success it deserves to be.

Our range of kitchen cooking hire products is versatile

Imagine pretty much any event that needs catering, and you can see why our range of kitchen cooking hire products is much in demand across the country. From hotels who need extra toasters to cater for a conference breakfast through to arena events who need to supplement their existing professional kitchen appliances through to a mobile kitchen at a countryside marquee wedding, all our ovens for hire and other electrical and glass appliances for hire are invaluable tools for a team of chefs or individuals who are catering your event.

Hiring top quality heavy-duty commercial catering equipment can be an expensive business, but here at Event Hire UK, we aim to keep it as affordable as possible for you, whilst bringing you the best range of catering ovens around with top quality customer service to back it up. Whether you need single turbo ovens or maybe double turbo ovens complete with stands, maybe a gas burner range with the oven or simply a baked potato oven for a festival or country fair, we have the complete range here online at Event Hire UK.

Many event hire companies, especially smaller local ones, will have ovens for hire but will probably be only able to offer you one particular type, and maybe only have one or two available at any one time. That is why working with large, national event hire companies such as Event Hire UK brings certain advantages and benefits for you when you need to hire ovens for your event. Firstly, we have a range of different ovens to rent, which will be determined by the preferences of your head chef and the menu he wants to produce for your guests. It may also be dependent upon the available space in your portable kitchen area, as well as the access to power.

Either way, we don’t just offer one type of oven for hire, we offer the complete range, so take your pick! By the same token, as a national event hire company, we have large quantities of these ovens to hire throughout the year to a multitude of clients and so when it comes to availability, few can rival us. That said, it’s always a good idea to hire ovens for events in advance to avoid disappointment.

Cooker hire from the commercial catering equipment hire experts

When it comes to professional catering cooker hire, you are in the right place at Event Hire UK online.  From electric hobs through to 6 ring burners, all these are examples of professional kitchen cooker hire which is available across the country from our nationwide network of sales and distribution centres.  All our cookers for hire are fully PAT or LPG tested prior to hire, ensuring that you receive the very best cookers for hire, ready for instant use at your wedding or event.

In order to produce great catering events, you need to hire great catering equipment, and our range here at Event Hire UK is second to none. Our hobs and rings range is extensive, offering you induction hobs, gas burner rings and electric hobs so that your chefs and catering teams have access to what they need for their cooking process. From start to finish, you can expect exemplary service from the team here at Event Hire UK – we pride ourselves on the quality of the service we offer to our clients, established and new, and the quality of the products we hire.

The quality of your kitchen cooking is all important, as any chef will tell you. They need modern equipment which has been well maintained and which is clean and ready for immediate use. Only then will your chefs produce their best work. This is even more important for temporary kitchens, where a lot of the equipment is on hire and not in its ‘normal’ place where it would be in a restaurant, conference centre or hotel professional kitchen. Your chefs need to be able to take receipt of the hobs and cooking rings for hire, plug them into the gas or electricity supply depending upon the equipment and the facilities in the temporary kitchen, and use them straight away.

An essential for any temporary catering kitchen is our range of deep fat fryer hire service. Which are available in either single or double options and which sit on tabletops. Electrically powered, you can rest assured of receiving the best quality deep fat fryers the first time, having been PAT tested in between hires. Tabletop deep fat fryers are an important element of any professional kitchen as many meals involve frying some kind of food, whether it be simple chips, breaded mushrooms, Brie or whatever you have on the menu!

Temporary kitchen cooking equipment hire in the event of breakdown

Ask any chef, and they will tell you that a microwave is a key element of any commercial kitchen – not necessarily for cooking food, but it just gives that versatility in the food prep and cooking process that you don’t get with other kitchen cooking appliances. That’s why we offer both commercial microwaves and domestic microwaves here online at Event Hire UK – these are different sizes, capacities, and power, offering something for everyone.

If you’re a hotel needing to hire a conveyor toaster for your breakfast service, or simply need to hire a toaster for your front of the house, Event Hire UK is able to assist. As part of our wider catering equipment hire range, our toasters are available to you at the touch of a button or the click of a mouse, arriving with you in excellent condition having been tested in between hires to ensure that you receive the best quality catering equipment right the first time.

Equipment hire for temporary kitchens has never been simpler and more affordable!