Food & Drink Serving Hire

Our range of food & drink serving hire equipment offers you everything you could possibly need as a professional caterer or venue when in the lead up to a busy catering event. From soup kettles, tasting bowls and hot holding cupboards through to bento boxes, serving trays, water boilers and chafing dishes, we really do have it all in one place for you right here online.

Our range of food & drink serving equipment is diverse and extensive, and you’ll find some ideas and information on what we offer right here.

Our table-top serveries are ideal for both professional and private event hire. For example, our table-top hot serveries are perfect for wedding receptions where a hot buffet style meal is taking place, with various platters being kept warm at the same time, and your guests being able to help themselves to what they want.

By the same token, other serveries such as soup kettles for hire are hugely versatile and useful at other style events such as conference buffet lunches, corporate training courses and so on. Whatever your event and whatever catering equipment hire products are needed, then we have all the table top serveries for you.

As part of our ongoing strict quality control procedures here at Event Hire UK, all electrical catering equipment for hire is electrically checked prior to dispatch to ensure that you receive your catering equipment in top condition, ready for use.

Food & drink serving hire equipment in big numbers

From tray stacking trolleys through to double tier clearing trolleys and even gastronorm racking trolleys, rest assured that the team here at Event Hire UK have everything covered when it comes to catering trolley hire for your upcoming temporary catering event.

With a variety of different sizes of hot cupboards available to hire, it’s no surprise that professional caterers up and down the country draw on Event Hire UK’s comprehensive range to service their catering event requirements.

Whether you are looking for a trolley style hot cupboard in electric or LPG, or upright hot cupboards in different sizes, then you’re most definitely in the right place. Rest assured that all our hot cupboards are PAT or LPG tested prior to your hire to ensure that you receive the very best catering equipment first time, ready for instant use. With the advent of arenas and large event occasions where mass catering is required, our range of hot cupboards and hot holding cupboards are essential pieces of equipment to have on site as part of your  party equipment hire list.

In the back of house area, the team of chefs can prepare hot food in advance using burners and ovens from Event Hire UK but then, essentially, can keep it at the optimum temperature using our hot cupboards for hire. Our cupboards are also on wheels, so they can be easily moved around the back of house at venues to ensure that the food is delivered to the team of waiting staff at exactly the right time. It’s fine having the range of hot cupboards available, but they also need to be in top condition ready for instant use at events.

Continual advances in technology means that hot cupboards become bigger, better, more efficient and more effective and so by investing money into catering equipment hire products such as these means that our clients can benefit from the latest kit. It really does make a difference to catering at events, and most certainly helps your chefs to produce their best work, and therefore contributing to a memorable event.

Our range of catering equipment when it comes to products for serving and storage is superb and is the perfect place for professional caterers to select the right products for them. Of course, mass catering for thousands of people on Christmas party nights in December requires different catering equipment hire products to a small family birthday party in a village hall. However, we offer all our equipment for catering to both professional and private event organisers, regardless of size.

Buffet equipment hire for informal events

If you’re holding a more informal and relaxed dining event, and you want your guests to help themselves to a buffet-style service, then our mobile serveries may well fit the bill. We offer both hot and cold options, with the hot servery being perfect for carvery style serving, and the cold servery for fruit salads, yoghurts, cold desserts and so on. Requiring 240v electric, you can be sure that these mobile serveries will arrive with you in excellent condition having been cleaned and PAT tested in between hires to ensure you receive the best catering equipment, the right first time.

Jack stacks and platemates are often the unsung heroes of an efficient behind the scenes catering event as they enable your catering teams and serving staff to serve and clear large volumes of plates in a relatively short space of time. It’s not just clearing plates where they are useful – let’s say you are holding a large venue dining event for hundreds or even thousands of guests – why not plate up your cold desserts in advance and put them onto the jack stacks, creating some useful space in your kitchen whilst ensuring there are no delays to service for plating up.

Jackstacks are one of those pieces of equipment that are highly useful for your temporary kitchen. Yes, they can be ideal for stacking trays containing dirty cutlery and crockery, ready for cleaning after an event, but they can also be used at the preparation stage as well. For example, it might be that you are organising a large scale event and your team of chefs are able to prepare the dessert course in advance.

Why not hire jackstacks and use them to put the individual plates of desserts onto and then wheel them out to the waiting staff when required. As long as you keep the area for jackstacks cool, then you could do this with cheesecake portions or indeed any other dessert or starter that you wanted to serve but prepare in advance. The versatility of jackstacks makes them an essential part of your equipment hire for catering list.  Without hiring jackstacks, you might find that your catering service is far less efficient than you want it to be.

Mass catering events benefit from jackstack hire and professional caterers know the benefit these can bring.  As a result, Event Hire UK offers jackstacks for hire in the quantities that you need, all of which are in great condition and on castors, providing you with an excellent piece of commercial catering equipment as part of our overall extensive range.

Equipment hire for serving tea & coffee at events

Our range of beverage equipment for hire is extensive and wide-ranging for a whole host of event types and includes everything you need to serve hot drinks and cold drinks. All our electrical appliances are fully tested in between hires and come with operating and safety guides. Our range includes water boilers, coffee machines, thermal drinks dispensers and much more.

Think of a buffet at a corporate conference, a wedding reception buffet where you need to serve teas and coffees and other similar occasions, and you get a feel for the type of event to which our beverage equipment machines are perfectly suited to. Almost every event that takes place up and down the land needs some sort of tea, coffee and hot beverage making equipment. At Event Hire UK, we have a superb range of water boilers, coffee makers and thermal dispensers, available in many different sizes, to ensure that your event is a real success and to provide you with a hassle-free experience.

Our range of beverage containers for hire means that your guests can either serve themselves or you can have your waiting staff serve them, with professional looking equipment that is worthy of being at your event. Our thermal insulators keep the beverages at the ideal serving temperature, and so you can be confident in serving excellent hot drinks at your hospitality event.

Everyone loves a coffee, especially at a corporate conference, for example, and that’s why our coffee equipment is constantly in demand from large hotels and venues. From coffee percolators, pour and serve coffee makers (with filters available as sale items here online) and more, rest assured that you’ll find what you need right here at the catering equipment hire experts. Coffee is the perfect addition to any exhibition stand, conference drinks break or simply after the wedding breakfast, and the range of coffee machine hire at Event Hire is unrivalled.  You can be confident that your coffee maker hire will come delivered to you in excellent condition, having been fully checked and tested in our depots prior to dispatch, and why not hire tea and coffee cups and saucers to complete your needs.

When it comes to event planning, it’s all about attention to detail and our range of food presentation equipment offers you a wide range of boards, bowls, and baskets for your specific event type. For instance, you might be holding an afternoon tea style event for which you need to hire cake stands, or maybe you’ve got a large corporate dining event for which you need to hire large quantities of bread baskets and cheese boards. And let’s not forget our range of lazy susans which are great for sharing food at the table and add some fun to proceedings. Our glass lazy susans are available in both square and round, and our two-tier crystal lazy susans provide an impressive centrepiece for your event tables.

At your catering event, regardless of how good the food quality if that you are serving to your guests, if the party equipment hire products that you choose are not of the required quality, then this will let you down. Hire cheap catering equipment products and it will show – and this is probably a risk that you don’t want to take. You want your guests to be enjoying the food and the company, not talking about the state of the bread baskets and salad bowls. Make sure you hire quality tableware for your event, which means that it needs to be clean, scratch-free and stain-free.

Food presentation is all important!

Different foods demand to be presented in different ways. Order a variety of different presentation equipment hire products to ensure that your guests enjoy being served their food in the most attractive way possible. It’s definitely not a case of one serving plate fits all.

Depending upon the style of event you are catering for and the menu you are planning for your guests, you may be interested in hiring a breadbasket for your event tables. Especially if soup as a starter is on the menu, or you might simply want to provide a small selection of artisan bread, olives and oils on the tables to whet your guests’ appetites, then bread baskets uk certainly come into their own. With a number of options available including wicker, banana leaf and wood amongst others, you can be sure of a great range to choose from for your upcoming event.

Think of gold wedding cake stand rental and immediately you think of wedding cake stands, and you’ll most certainly find these in this section in a variety of sizes and designs. Our range of gold wedding cake stand rental also includes, however, cake stands for afternoon tea style events which are very popular at the moment, especially at hotels for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and Mother’s Day, amongst many others. Whatever cake stands you need, you can rest assured that you’ll find it here as part of Event Hire UK’s catering equipment hire range.

Many event services finish with a cheese board, and who can resist the beautiful taste of French Brie and Camembert, a Danish blue or simply a mature English cheddar. Here at Event Hire UK, we offer you a range of cheese boards including marble cheeseboards and bamboo cheese boards as well as cheese knives so that you can make the best selection for you and your event. Perfect for use at the end of a conference banquet, wedding breakfast or corporate dinner, our range of cheeseboards for hire is fantastic.

Lazy susans provide you with a fun way to enjoy a meal together around a circular table. The lazy susan sit on a revolving central bearing, so when manually rotated, will turn, offering different foods to the seated guests around the table. Here at Event Hire UK, we offer a range of different lazy susans including round and square lazy susans as well as crystal lazy susans with two tiers which look hugely impressive on 6ft round tables, for instance.

Ideal for finger foods, curries, and other foods, you can hire lazy susans in the quantities you need online today at Event Hire UK. A lazy susan is a rotating tray that is placed on a table or countertop. It is typically circular in shape and can be used to serve food or hold condiments and other small items. The tray rotates on a central axis, allowing everyone at the table to easily access the items on it. Lazy susans can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, glass, and metal. They are often used in events, dining rooms and kitchens as a convenient and efficient way to serve and share food.

Available in both glass and white china options, our salad bowls provide an important element to any table setting, large or small. Our salad bowls are available to hire in quantity, and you can be sure that they will arrive with you in pristine condition having been machine washed and thoroughly checked in between hires. Perfect for any table setting, the range of salad bowls for hire at national company Event Hire UK is first-class.  You can hire glass salad bowls as well as plain white china salad bowls for hire whether they be round or square, we have it all!

Let’s help to make your catering event stand out from the crowd with our range of speciality presentation hire equipment, available in large quantities right here online at Event Hire UK.  First impressions count when it comes to food, especially at smart corporate events, for instance, where you need to impress your client!  Take a browse of our range and place your secure order 24/7, safe in the knowledge that your order is in the hands of the experts!

Like any other industry, the world of professional catering is a competitive one.  Every pro caterer wants their event to be the best, the most memorable and the most successful for their clients, so that they return time and time again.  Of course, the quality of the food creations is fundamental to this, but also – to a certain extent – is the way that the cateres present their mouth water food delights.  Remember, people eat with their eyes, and so if caterers can come up with innovative, engaging and exciting ways to present their food to guests, then this goes a long way in creating the best impression!  Our range of speciality food presentation equipment hire includes Bento boxes and other equipment which caterers can use for exactly this purpose!

Serving platters for hire in a wide range of options

As part of our wider catering equipment range, our selection of serviceware offers you a huge range of stainless steel food serving equipment for your dining and banqueting events. You might need to hire large silver platters for your waiting staff to serve food at the tables. Alternatively, you might be wanting to hire vegetable dishes with lids for the middle of your tables – these are available in a variety of styles and sizes for your convenience.

Likewise, we offer a range of heated chafing dishes that sit on your tabletops for self-service breakfast style events. As you can see, we stock a whole range of serving equipment from which you can choose the products and quantities you need at the touch of a button. When it comes to food, most people have very exacting standards. The cleanliness and condition, therefore, of your stainless steel serving equipment and stainless steel tableware products is of the utmost importance.

Always make sure you hire stainless steel flats and other tableware from a reputable supplier such as Event Hire UK as all our event hire equipment is thoroughly checked and maintained on a regular basis to ensure that our clients receive the very best for their money. If you are serving food to guests at a wedding breakfast or fine dining event, for example, you need to ensure that the condition of your serving platters is exemplary – otherwise, regardless of the quality of the food you are serving, this will be noticed by your guests. You want them to enjoy your event for all the right reasons, not because of the poor condition of your serving platters.

Canape equipment hire for stand-up dining events

Discover our superb range of serving platters here online at Event Hire UK, available in a range of shapes and sizes to cater to the vast majority of large event dining occasions. Perfect for serving canapés at a wedding reception or corporate event, our range of stainless steel flats is one of the most extensive in the UK.  We offer all sorts of shapes of serving flats for hire in stainless steel, so whatever your event, you will find the serving flats you need to hire right here.

Perfect for hot buffet services are our chafing dishes which run off chafing gel which is available as a sale item here online at Event Hire UK. The chafing dishes are a great way to offer everything from breakfast items through to roasted vegetables, a slice of hot meat and much more to your guests in your buffet service. And, of course, don’t forget to buy your chafing fuel!

Of course, not all events and occasions are sit-down dining affairs. Many informal corporate events and even the start of many wedding receptions are more geared towards canapé style reception events, and you’ll be pleased to know that Event Hire UK brings you the complete range of canapé equipment for hire in large quantities. Our stock of tasting bowls, for example, is over 15,000, available in various styles, shapes and colour sizes. And don’t forget other canapé equipment such as tasting spoons and serving plates and bowls, available in modern styles and finishes in both coloured china and glass. Everyone enjoys a canapé reception and here at award-winning Event Hire UK, we can provide you with all the hire products you need to make your event a total success. The sign of a well-run, seamless canapé reception event is when the guests are busy socialising and the canapés are a talking point.

After a busy conference or exhibition, for example, or in the lead up to a wedding breakfast on the lawn outside the marquee on a warm summer’s day, you want your canapé event to be a huge success. This can be achieved through, of course, ensuring that the canapés you serve are of top quality and secondly, that the crockery and canapé reception hire equipment you use to present the canapés to your guests, is the best it can possibly be.

You want your guests to be tasting a wide variety of different, interesting foods, and so choose high quality crockery pieces that are smaller than average such as Zanzi dishes and china tasting dishes. By providing something different to the norm for your canapé reception event, your guests will feel special, in turn making your feel special and contributing to a fantastic event.