Savoie Range

The Savoie range of glassware is characterized by its simplicity, and this is reflected in its affordable price point. As a result, its popularity almost knows no bounds, with these wine and champagne glasses being popular for events throughout the year across the country. This fantastic range includes white and red wine glass options, as well as a champagne flute to complete the matching set.

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It is important to remember that not everyone drinks wine! Therefore, you need to cater for all tastes and beverages at your event, providing a range of options for your guests so that there is something for everyone. As a result, Savoie wine glass hire is just a part of the range that we offer, as well as champagne flutes and sherry glasses for hire and port glasses.

Savoie range of glassware is available at a competitive price point

Within the range of Savoie wine glasses, we also offer different sizes, perfect for serving both white wine and red wine. Red wine glasses are traditionally slightly larger in size as this allows the wine to breath prior to consumption, although this is not necessarily always the case – the point being that have a think about the wider range of glasses for hire that you need for your event and hire tableware accordingly.