Reusable Cup Hire

We are delighted to offer clients our range of reusable cup hire and ‘glassware’ for events, venues, stadia & festivals. Certain events and venues around the country have to use non-glass for health and safety reasons, and reusable cups and glasses are a great solution to this. They are most certainly not what you traditionally think of when it comes to plastic glasses and are a million miles away from the flimsy plastic disposable glasses you might have in mind. These are sturdy, robust and shatter-proof reusable plastic cups which can be used time and time again and which are 100% recyclable at the end of their life span. Whether it’s reusable pints and half pints, reusable wine glasses or even reusable plastic champagne flutes or reusable coffee cups you need, then you are in the right place! Our reusable cups are hired to you in exactly the same way as the rest of our glassware in that they are machine washed, reliably counted and delivered to in crates, ready for instant use at your event. Work in a more sustainable way today!

The world in which we live is ever-changing in many ways, with perhaps none as important as the environment.  We all have a collective responsibility to help, and the event industry is no different, whether this is the way that products are packed and delivered, through to how they are collected and washed after the event.  One of the ways in which we can help is through offering our clients our range of reusable cups to aid the effort against single use plastics.

Join the effort to reduce single-use plastics

The coverage of the plight against single-use plastics in the media is extensive, with research papers, governmental guidelines and TV documentaries constantly bringing the issue to the forefront of our minds.

Therefore, whatever we can do to reduce or – better still – completely eradicate the need for single-use plastic, then it makes sense.  And this applies not only to you as a consumer, but also to you as an event professional.  Large scale events demand that large volumes of people have to be served drinks in a short spaces of time.  And, with health and safety regulations in place to avoid the use of glass for safety reasons, disposable pints and other plastic glasses have mainly been used.  However, reusable plastic beer cups in the form of plastic festival cups and plastic stadium cups, for example, completely change this.

No longer do you need to buy thousands upon thousands of plastic disposable cups such as pint and half pint plastic cups, tumblers and so on for your music festival or sports event, for example.  You can hire reusable plastic beer cups at great prices, meaning that for one, you are straight away ‘consuming’ less plastic.

After all, if people are returning to the bar each time for a fresh reusable plastic cup, and you are constantly washing them behind the scenes, the total number of reusable event cups that you need is much less than if you were using disposable plastic cups, for example.

The complete range of reusable cup hire for events, stadia & festivals

That’s why, therefore, Event Hire UK offers our unrivalled range of reusable cups which are exactly that – reusable – and which continues both in number and popularity as time goes on.  At the end of its life, each of our reusable plastic cups is 100% recyclable and is recycled back into the manufacturing process.

Event Hire UK provides you with the complete range of solutions and choice for your event – check out our unique polypropylene STACK-CUP™ reusable cups, and we also stock Bottoms Up reusable cups for hire for those stadiums, festival sites and venues with rapid beer dispense units.

The STACK-CUP™, for instance, is a unique stackable plastic cup with a handle which is ideal for festivals, concerts, large sporting occasions and similar events.  For example, our STACK-CUP™ ‘Love Your Planet’ stackable reusable half pint and pint cups – made in polypropylene – have a practical spiral handle design meaning that they are easy not only for customers to be able to carry and consume their drinks, but also with stacking for ease of use and storage.  Reusable cups from STACK-CUP™ represent a fantastic time and money saving solution for event organizers – no more having to collect plastic disposable cups & reusable plastic tumblers at the end of your event!

Some of our STACK-CUP™ products also come with information about a deposit scheme on the reverse.  Normally, this is where consumers pay an additional small deposit on top of the price of their first drink, then return to the bar as many times with their cup to receive a fresh cup with their next drink.  At the end of the event, they can either keep the reusable cup as a souvenir, hand it back to the bar in return for their original deposit, or put it in a recycling bin at the exit point, where the value of the deposit will be donated to charity and the reusable cup will be cleaned and reused at future events.

Join us today in working together for a greener and more sustainable future.