Banquet Table Hire

The choice of banquet table hire from Event Hire UK is superb. Take a moment to browse our selections to find the perfect banqueting table hire UK for you, offering round banqueting tables to hire, rectangular & trestle table hire, both in traditional and modern styles to suit all settings.

Naturally, your choice of banquet table hire very much depends upon what type of event you are holding. Event Hire UK offers rental tables to both professional and private event organisers. In other words, anyone from large scale conference organisers through to wedding planners and members of the public who need to hire tables and chairs for a party in their home – we can help all.

Round banquet table hire

One of the most popular products for any furniture hire company is round banqueting tables, and Event Hire UK is no exception. The most important consideration for any table hire company is to ensure that you have large quantities of all different sizes – after all, table and seating configurations vary depending upon the size of the event and, of course, the size and layout of the venue.

Here at Event Hire UK, we offer all sizes from 3ft round tables all the way through to 7ft round tables. All are complete with metal folding legs for ease of transportation to your event venue, and why not also benefit from our linen hire service, available right here online. The most popular of all tables for special events such as weddings, christenings, conferences, exhibitions and even special family occasions at home are round banquet tables or round dining tables.

The large majority of our round banquet tables have a 15mm plywood top with wishbone folding metal legs which provide excellent sturdiness and are 760mm in height, so perfect for sit-down parties and other events.  Of course, the larger the round table, the more people you can sit around it….and the larger the tablecloth needs to be.

For banqueting events, you might want to choose larger folding tables that can seat 8, 10 or maybe even 12 people, to make it a real social gathering – this is what is typical for corporate event banquets in large arenas for example, where large Christmas party events are held.  Likewise, you might want to choose round tables that seat 6-8 for use at home for a Christmas dinner occasion, for instance, where you have some other family members visiting your home to help celebrate.  Either way, Event Hire UK has the complete range of round tables to meet your requirements.

Quality banquet party tables and chairs for rent near me

The various shapes of table and chair hire we offer are critically important, as it provides you with that element of choice. Depending upon the style or theme of the event and sometimes the venue size and shape, it will determine what banquet table rental you require.

The folding rectangular tables for instance, may be suited to small spaces, whereas for larger gatherings and room size, a set of round tables which are able to accommodate 6/8 banqueting chair, could be the better option. Furthermore, our range of tablecloths and napkins, crockery and cutlery will help you with the finishing touches.

Some people hire one or two dining tables from us to host a Christmas dinner in their home. Likewise, large scale arena venues may hire 400 round banqueting tables for society balls or award ceremonies, for example. The list of clients who hire tables from us is endless, and they all have different requirements, all of which can be catered for.

At the same time, you need to the assurance that when you hire round tables or other banqueting tables from us, you receive good quality tables for your event, along with a great service. The last thing you need is to have to think about product quality: Event Hire UK achieves this as part of our strict quality control procedures, ensuring that all our stocks of tables and chairs are regularly checked and maintained – after all, a little TLC goes a long way!

Trestle table hire nationwide

Our range and available quantities of trestle tables are unrivalled in the country, and so event planners and professionals are sure to benefit from this for their upcoming events and occasions. We offer trestle tables in a range of sizes, and our wooden trestle tables for hire all have a ply top and folding wishbone legs, making them easily transportable and easy to locate and erect when on site.

The versatility that trestle tables provides means they can be used for almost any event or occasion, so undoubtedly are popular throughout the year. Whatever number of trestle tables you are looking for, the chances are that we can help.

We have perhaps the largest stock of trestle tables for hire in the country, with wooden, polytop and melamine tables for hire available.  These folding tables hire products provide huge versatility and are an excellent option when it comes to almost any event.  It might be that you are a sports club holding an annual festival for which you need to hire tables or retail stores offering last minute deals in your store for which you need to display your products – either way, we can help!

Trestle table rental is always popular

Trestle tables also provide the ideal solution for most types of events, from trade shows to village carnivals, and from election counting stations through to professional kitchen catering temporary events.  The trestle table folding legs make them a #1 choice when it comes to furniture tables for events along with our chair hire range.