LED Furniture Hire

If you’re looking for furniture with a difference, then why not check out our range of colour-changing LED furniture hire right here online at Event Hire UK. Colour brings an added dimension to your event space and provides a point of interest for your guests. Your event space doesn’t have to be solely kitted out with LED furniture – you can always use a combination of modern ‘normal’ furniture with LED accents. Naturally, the use of LED furniture hire depends upon the type of event you are organising, and it won’t be applicable for every event or occasion. However, when the time comes to hire LED furniture for events, you know where to come!

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Are you looking led furniture hire near you? Depending upon the nature of your event, there’s definitely a market for LED furniture in the UK events sector. So, what sort of events would call for LED furniture rental?

LED furniture hire near me

Well, think of backstage at festivals and concerts – you might use LED furniture in the artists dressing rooms or in the hair and make-up areas, bringing a bit of showbiz to proceedings. Likewise, at a festival, you could use LED furniture in the hospitality areas and VIP lounges, where you’re looking to make a statement with the rental furniture you are using.

And, if you’re organising a corporate event in a large event space, why not hire LED furniture for the after-conference party, where you can dot some light-up furniture around the bar area to create a temporary nightclub look and feel.

Quality LED furniture hire for UK events

Illuminated LED furniture certainly helps to provide a point of difference, and you can use it to completely furnish an event space or just to put some colour accents in and around the room. Don’t worry, there is no cabling involved, as most LED furniture will run off rechargeable batteries.

Generally, light-up LED furniture hire items will offer you the ability to either set them to a single colour, or rotate through a series of colours at regular intervals. The colours use the RGB (red, green, blue) mix, meaning that these colours, along with any colour that can be created through mixing these colours, including cyan, purple and yellow, are possible.

Why not hire LED furniture and set it to the colour of your company logo or branding – it will look great and is sure to be highly impactful!