Dance Floor Hire

Perfect for private parties and larger events in hotels or corporate events, the range of our dance floor hire is second to none, which is what you would expect from one of the UK’s leading hire companies. And let’s face it, for many events, dance floors should definitely be at the top of your requirements list – a party isn’t a party without dancing! Our range of dance floor hire products enables you to customize the shape and size of your dance floor, depending upon the available space at your venue and the number of guests you are expecting.

Our wedding dance floor hire comes in panels which simply fit securely together without the need for screws or tools, comes with a gently sloped aluminium perimeter which makes it accessible for all, and is available in a variety of styles including white, black and white and wooden parquet dance floors. You can choose from the individual panels themselves or, if it helps, view our range of suggested configurations which are pre-priced.

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Come the busy seasons, demand for dance floor hire increases, which is natural due to the amount of wedding receptions, parties and corporate events that take place around the summer and Christmas periods. Everyone loves to dance at big celebration events and so hiring dance floor is perfect for this.

Disco dance floor hire

Disco dance floor hire refers to the rental of a disco dance floor for events such as weddings, parties, corporate events, and other gatherings. The dance floor can be made of various materials such as wood or toughened plastic, and can come in different sizes and shapes to fit the event space. Hiring a disco dance floor can add a fun and interactive element to any event and is a great way to get guests up and dancing.

Imagine a summer marquee wedding reception, a hotel Christmas party night or a 50th birthday party at a local sports club, and you get a feel for the versatility of hiring the best dance floor. Such demand for dance floors means that it is always advisable to hire dance floors well in advance. There is nothing worse than spending hours planning events only to find that you are now struggling to hire the dance floor that you need, so book early!

Temporary dance floor rental across the UK

As a national event hire company, we don’t simply offer one style, except we offer three different designs and so you can hire best disco floor that suits your needs. All our dance floors for hire come as interlocking panels that can easily be fitted together. It is this dance floor rental which makes it modular and so easy to set up!

If you need Event Hire UK to set up your rent a dance floor then please do let us know as this is a service that we may be able to offer when required for a small additional charge. The panels are designed to be simple and straightforward to transport, lock together and dis-assemble at the end.

The innovative dance floor rental design is simple and quick to lay, with the portable dance floor panels locking together without the need for screws or tools. Our set-ups also come supplied with the required amount of gently sloping aluminium edging so run around the perimeter of your hired dance floor set-up, making it accessible for all.

It can sometimes be a bit of a brain-teaser to work out how many dance floor panels you need to hire and, therefore – due to the fact that pricing is calculated by panel – the total hiring cost of your dance floor. Don’t worry, however, as Event Hire UK’s team of specialist advisers is always on hand to be able to calculate this for you.

You do, however, need to tell us what measurements you want your dance floor hire for your venue to be, so have a look at your venue and work out the measurements and let us know. We will then be able to tell you how many panels you need to transform this area into a stunning disco dance floor for your event. Rest assured that Event Hire UK offers the best dance floor hire UK prices nationwide!

Black & white dance floors for hire

Our black and white chequered dance floors are hugely popular throughout the year for corporate events, weddings and other occasions. Like all of our other dance floors, our black and white dance floors come in interlocking panels that fit together really easily without the need for screws or tools. If this is something you would like us to do, please let us know in advance, and there is likely to be an additional charge for the set-up. The dance floor also has a gently sloping aluminium perimeter strip, making it accessible for all.

We provide you with some suggested configurations for you – however, you may have precise space requirements in mind, into which you need the dance floor to sit. If this is the case, please call a member of our expert sales team who will do the calculations for you in terms of how many panels are required to fit the required space, along with a customized quote. Rent dance floors today with the experts here online at Event Hire UK!

A black and white dance floor, whatever your event whether it be a wedding, corporate hospitality event, special private party or any other occasion, looks absolutely fantastic and provides a real sense of quality at your event.

The portable black and white chequered dance floor is the classic dance floor hire product, and it is certain to look spectacular at your event.  Whatever your need when it comes to temporary black and white dancefloor rental, browse and place your secure order with the nationwide experts today or, if, you need any advice, call a member of our expert sales team.

Party dance floor hire nationwide

Our wooden parquet dance floors look fantastic at weddings and corporate events, with the great thing about them being that they are customizable to the size you need, dependent upon the available space and your expected number of guests. These dance floors come in interlocking panels that fit together without the need for screws or tools and also have a gently sloping aluminium outer perimeter, making the dance floor accessible for all.

We show a number of different configurations of dance floors along with prices. However, this is by no means the only layouts of the dance floor possible. To save you work and hassle, why not let us know the approximate dimensions of the dance floor you want to put into your venue, and we’ll do the calculations for you in terms of the number of panels you need and the bespoke price. To hire, place your order online or, if you prefer, why not discuss your requirements with a member of our expert sales team who will be delighted to advise.

These florlok dance floor panels for hire are for indoor use only and need to be laid on a hard, flat surface, otherwise damage might occur.  As long as you need to hire dance floors for indoor venues, then they are suitable for almost any event, from weddings through to hotel party nights.  Our parquet dance floor is displayed on our site in a number of different packages to make life simple and straightforward – based on the number of the guests you are expecting, we have produced some recommended configurations and priced up these accordingly.

Wedding dance floor hire in the size you need

The perfect dance floors for weddings, our white dance floors are stunning by their simplicity of design. The complete dance floor is created by a number of interlocking panels that fit together without the need for tools or screws.

Event Hire UK can sometimes provide a set-up service on dance floors, though you would need to let us know well in advance and there is likely to be an additional cost associated with this. The outer perimeter edge of the dance floor is laid with a gently sloping aluminium edging, making the dance floor accessible to all.

These white dance floors are just one of the disco floors available to you at the touch of a button, and our range also includes black and white checked dance floors as well as wooden parquet dance floors. To hire dance floors today from Event Hire UK, you can place your secure order online or call one of our sales team, who will be able to process your order over the phone for your upcoming event requirements.

Our white dance floor looks absolutely fantastic and is perfect for your Christmas party season dance floor hire for hotels and wedding marquees in the summer, for example.  Whatever the occasion, white dance floor hire is perfect!

Make your wedding or Christmas party nights go with a bang with wedding dance floor hire from award-winning Event Hire UK – one of the country’s leading dance floor hire companies.  Our range, condition and availability and dance floor hire products is superb and at a level with which few other companies are able to compete.