Tableware Hire

Our range of tableware hire online here at Event Hire UK is one of the most extensive in the country in terms of both range and quantity. Whatever your event, we’re confident that we’ll be able to supply what you need – budget tableware or luxury tableware, we have the lot! Check out our ranges of crockery hire, cutlery hire and glassware hire right here, and we know that you won’t be disappointed. We also ensure that all our tableware hire items arrive with you in immaculate table-ready condition, ready for instant use. Whatever your event and whatever your tableware hire needs, you can count on the team at Event Hire UK to provide you with a seamless, nationwide hire experience which, in turns, enables you to concentrate on other areas of your event or occasion to help make it the best ever!

There’s one simple reason why our range of any event & wedding tableware hire online here at Event Hire UK is so popular with event professionals around the country. It’s because almost every event that takes place involves some form of catering and, therefore, it’s inevitable that crockery, cutlery and glassware hire will be required, either one of these product types or all three together, depending upon the event itself.

Tableware hire for temporary events

If we have a look at some different event types, we’ll be able to see how this works in practice. Take a corporate hospitality event behind the scenes at a large sports event. This is a prime example of where crockery, cutlery and glassware would be required in large quantities and, let’s face it, of a certain standard.

Sponsorship deals are expensive for major events and so the event organizers will want to be providing clients, sponsors and VIP guests with the very best experience in the sponsor lounges. Not only will they need to hire furniture such as chairs and tables, along with matching linen, but also hire tableware to place onto these banqueting tables.

Luxury tableware hire near you is on-trend

The higher the profile of the event, the more important it becomes to choose wisely. The ‘standard’ go-to choice for many events is white china, stainless steel cutlery and plain glassware, and there’s no doubt that this budget classic tableware does a job. In this example of the sponsor lounge, however, our advice would be to check out our ranges of rent luxury tableware – OK, so it costs a little more, but it’s certainly well worth that extra investment. You want everything about your event to be luxurious and impressive, from the quality of your food through to the quality of your luxury tableware.

Why settle for standard stainless steel cutlery when you can have gold cutlery or copper cutlery? Why settle for plain glassware when you can have gold and silver rimmed wine glasses and Champagne flutes, for instance. And why settle for plain white crockery when you can hire coupe plates, coloured stoneware plates and patterned crockery, all of which helps you to stand out from the crowd. The way you present your food and drink at your event is all-important, and helps to create that positive first impression you are looking to achieve.

Wedding tableware hire available in big numbers

We’ve already mentioned that not only do we offer luxury event tableware but also offer standard, more budget-friendly rent tableware for wedding and events and this certainly has a place in the market. Not only is it a cost-effective option, but is normally available in large quantities. Our ranges of Lubiana crockery or Royal Doulton crockery, for instance, are available in their thousands of pieces, enabling us to be able to service multiple events at the same time. Affordable tableware hire is one of our specialities!

For arena events such as large scale Christmas parties, this budget tableware comes into its own, enabling event organizers and their catering teams to be able to service large numbers of people in a short period of time. For events such as these, we can also operate a behind-the-scenes operation for you, which is especially useful if you are holding back-to-back party nights every weekend throughout December, for instance.

The complete catering tableware rental solution

So, in terms of the range and quantities of event tableware for hire, we’re confident that we’ve got everything covered. But what else is important to you when it comes to event tableware hire?

Well, you’ll want to ensure that the condition of your tableware is spot-on. After all, the last thing you want is for your crockery, cutlery and glassware items to arrive at site, and you need to start checking and polishing them – you don’t have time for that! Event Hire UK operates strategically positioned distribution centres around the country, with each one equipped with a state-of-the-art industrial washing machine. This means that all our event tableware hire items are thoroughly washed, checked and reliably counted in between hires to ensure that our clients receive the very best tableware, right first time. Our luxury tableware will arrive with you in crates, and you need to ensure that you return the tableware in these same crates, otherwise replacement fees will be charged.

At the same time as supplying tableware for events, we can also help you out after your event in terms of washing up. Fundamentally, as with all our other hire equipment, you need to ensure that you return the tableware to us after use in the same condition that you received it – in other words, clean!

We realize, of course, that not all venues have access to washing up facilities, or it might be that you simply want to save yourself a job! After all, catering events are busy (often frantic!) occasions and so afterwards we’re sure that all you’ll want to do is put your feet up. With this in mind, we also offer a return-dirty service. This is where you can send your tableware back to us in a dirty state, and we’ll take care of the cleaning for you, for a small additional fee. All we ask is that you scrape the crockery and cutlery of any excess food and swill out any glassware, and put it all back in the crates. Yet another example of Event Hire UK providing you with the complete tableware hire solution.

Work with the #1 UK party tableware hire company

So, when it comes to event tableware hire, we’re confident that we’re offering you the very best in the UK events and hospitality market, enabling you to create wonderful event table settings that will WOW your guests, and which will live long in the memory.