What’s trending in event tableware hire in 2024?

Are you looking for event tableware hire? If so, check out today's blog article, which looks at what table setting equipment is trending this year.
event tableware hire

Everyone loves hospitality at events, if you’re lucky enough to be invited! The UK plays host to some fabulous events in the annual calendar, and our range of event tableware hire, as a result, is constantly being pulled on by event planners around the country.

This is due to several factors: The fact that we have one of the most extensive in the country, the fact that we have the largest stocks of any event tableware hire company in the country, and our prices help event planners to bring in their event on or below budget.

Yes, our speciality is event furniture hire, but event tableware hire in London, for instance, is booming in popularity with us right now. Our London team work closely with their clients, going the extra mile and adding items to our tableware ranges, sometimes at the specific request of our clients.

If you, as a professional caterer, are planning a bespoke menu for an event and need specific crockery, for instance, then contact us and if we feel this is something that we can provide for you for your event, and for others in the future, then there is the possibility that we might buy this and add to our range of event tableware hire. We will work closely with you, to provide exactly what you need!

Today’s blog article is all about what’s trending in the world of event tableware hire in 2024, both in terms of what we see here internally and what we see out and about at different events nationwide. So, let’s have a look, shall we?

Coloured stoneware plates

If you’re looking for something a little bit left-field for your food presentation, then look no further than our coloured stoneware plates, which are available in a number of different colours, and are a world apart from ‘standard’ white chinaware such as china plates, bowls and so on. By investing just a little more in your event tableware hire, you can create some moments of magic with creative food presentation, such as pictured, which, in a competitive world, will go a long way with the client that you are trying to impress.

Enamor copper cutlery

Along similar lines of choosing event tableware hire that is going to stand you out from the crowd is our Enamor copper cutlery. Think of cutlery, and you immediately picture stainless steel cutlery, but who is to say that this is what is suitable for each and every occasion?

Yes, there is still a market for stainless steel cutlery, and it fits the bill for both affordable cutlery hire and luxury cutlery hire, and everything in between. It’s just that the event tableware hire market rarely stands still, and so along came gold cutlery hire and then copper cutlery hire, offering event professionals something different to what had previously been seen. Our range of Enamor copper cutlery for hire is hugely popular, especially in London.

Stainless steel cutlery with a difference

We’ve already touched on the fact that stainless steel cutlery doesn’t have to mean cheap cutlery hire, and so let’s explore this further. Our Guest Vintage range of cutlery for hire is a great example of stainless steel knives and forks which offer something different to the norm in the way they are styled.

The patterned and textured handle means that they offer a lovely table setting for event professionals who want to maintain a silver theme but don’t want basic cutlery hire. Here at Event Hire UK, there really is something for everyone, and it’s worth bearing in mind that for only a fractional price increase in investment, you can create table settings of the very highest order.

Silver rim glassware makes great event tableware hire

When it comes to event tableware hire, we’re talking about the combination of chinaware, cutlery and glassware, and our silver rim glassware is a great example of a range that is popular in 2024. The range comprises the white wine glass, red wine glass and the matching Champagne flute, with a solid silver band running around the top of the glass, differentiating it from ‘normal’ wine glasses and Champagne flutes. Rest assured that when you are styling your event tables, tableware hire for events such as this goes a long way in creating the WOW factor!

Coloured water glasses

And finally, on the subject of glassware hire, don’t forget that your table settings would not be complete without water glasses, and that’s where our coloured water glasses for hire come into their own. Again, offering a point of difference for event professionals, why not tie in the colour of your water glass hire with your brand colour, choosing from our available range. It’s the attention to detail on your table settings that make all the difference.

So, when it comes to event tableware hire, you can count on the team here at Event Hire UK to provide what you need, and we hope that the info above will help you in your decision-making process.

Do a Google search for ‘event tableware hire near me’, and because we’re a nationwide company, the chances are that we’ll show up in your search results. Why not take a few moments to find the items we’ve mentioned above, and see for yourself why other event professionals are using these in big numbers for their events nationwide.

We look forward to receiving your order and helping you to create memorable events that will live long in the memory.