5 star rated furniture hire for weddings

Today's blog article looks at the best furniture hire for weddings and which products stand out in this crowded marketplace.
furniture hire for weddings

Temporary events don’t come much more glamorous than weddings, and we’re delighted to see that weddings (and, for us, furniture hire for weddings) are now back stronger than ever after the whole sector was decimated by COVID a few years back now.

Weddings are joyous occasions, and a celebration of love between two people, who are surrounded by their friends and family. There is a huge amount of planning that goes into a wedding day, and it’s fair to say that wedding furniture hire probably isn’t at the top of your list, especially bearing in mind that you’ve got to sort the venue, catering, cars, the dress and a whole host of other elements, all of which are a lot more exciting than furniture hire for weddings.

Of course, traditional white weddings have always been the most popular, though couples are today looking to create their own, bespoke wedding days in more unusual venues, not just the ‘typical’ hotel. Asian weddings, for instance, can be huge affairs in big venues, with luxury and style in abundance. There is also a trend towards both outdoor weddings and planning your own wedding in a blank event space, moving away from the hotel package wedding, though there is certainly still a place for this in the market.

Ultimately, the type of wedding you choose is down to you as a couple. Suffice to say, from our point of view, that the more personal touches you can get into your day, the more memorable it is likely to be, from the table names and centrepieces through to the wedding favours, and even down to the invitations at the very start of the process. Your guests will remember the small touches, which certainly don’t have to be expensive.

So, let’s have a look at what 5 star rated furniture hire for weddings looks like in today’s market. What’s hot and what’s not?

Limewash Chiavari chair makes perfect furniture hire for weddings

Whether we’re looking at 2024, 2014, 2004 or 1994, the limewash Chiavari chair would make the list of what is popular for weddings. As far as furniture hire for weddings is concerned, there is no more popular item in the market than this. Why is it so popular? Probably because it has had a groundswell over many years. In other words, picture a wedding in your mind, and what do you think of? Probably a classic, traditional wedding, with round tables and ivory linen and napkins, and Chiavari chairs around the tables.

We’re pretty safe in saying that every chair hire company in the land will hire Chiavari chairs as part of their range. The good thing for you, of course, is that this level of supply means that the price of Chiavari chair hire is normally competitive. And, when you are trying to keep to a wedding budget, every little saving counts! Here at Event Hire UK, we have thousands of Chiavari chairs for hire available for couples, not just in the limewash style but also in a number of other frame colours, to suit all tastes. Why not check out our gold Chiavari chairs, or maybe our ghost Chiavari chairs for ultra-modern weddings.

6ft round banquet table

In a close second when it comes to what’s hot in the world of furniture hire for weddings is our 6ft round banqueting table. After the formalities of the ceremony are completed, everyone loves a good wedding reception or party, however you want to style it. Typically, your wedding reception will involve some sort of dining, and round tables that seat up to 10 people are a great option.

Weddings, by their nature, include guests that might not necessarily know each other, and round tables are great for all your guests ‘facing’ each other and being able to socialise in an informal manner. Round banquet table hire is available in a number of different options here at Event Hire UK in terms of size, though the fact that all the tables have a 15mm plywood top and metal folding legs is consistent across all of them. And whilst we’re on the subject, don’t forget to hire trestle tables for the ‘top table’ for the happy couple and the wedding party at the front of the wedding reception venue.

Marlborough 2 seater sofa

Since its introduction in 2019 to our product range of furniture hire for weddings, our Marlborough 2 seater sofa has been a popular choice for event professionals nationwide, not just for weddings. Indeed, it might be a surprise to some that this is on our list here today as part of our furniture hire for weddings popular items. However, if you think about, the cross-section of people at a wedding means that you need to cater for everyone, of all ages.

Let’s just say that people of a certain age enjoy and will appreciate a bit of a quieter area for a sit down and relax away from the crowds, and this is certainly always something to bear in mind when choosing a wedding venue, albeit a small consideration. Our Marlborough 2 seater sofa, here at Event Hire UK, is part of the wider Marlborough lounge furniture hire which also includes the Marlborough armchair and the 3 seater sofa. All of these items have a beautiful velour finish, and are available in different colour options. Yes, they are at the higher end of furniture hire prices, but definitely worth it!

Cross back chair

Here at Event Hire UK, we have built up our stocks of Chiavari chairs, Napoleon chairs and other banqueting chairs for hire over the years, to make us the leading chair hire company in the country. It was no surprise, then, that we recently introduced another option for wedding chair hire in the form of the cross back chair recently.

Available in a number of more unusual frame colours, different to ‘the norm’, the cross back chair makes perfect furniture hire for weddings, as you can choose your seat pad colour from our available range, and you can also accessorise the chairs with their open backs. We’re thinking flowers, bows, sashes or ties, for instance, all of which complement your wedding decor or theme. Furniture hire for weddings has never been easier or more affordable!

6ft trestle table

And making our list today is an event furniture hire item that we’ve already made reference to earlier in this blog – the 6ft trestle table. Usually used as the top table at a wedding, this is another table with the wooden top and metal folding legs. A couple of things to look out for when hiring trestle tables such as this – firstly, these tables by their very nature are designed to be the workhorses of the industry, and so if you are planning to use them for a wedding, make sure you also hire a tablecloth to cover the top.

And, secondly, you won’t be able to have any guests seated at the end of the trestle table, as that is where the legs are positioned, and so your guests won’t be able to get their legs underneath. Here at Event Hire UK, our 6ft trestle table is one of our most popular products, and it certainly deserves its place in today’s list of the best furniture hire for weddings, and it’s also worth considering that other sizes of trestle tables are available!

It’s true to say that furniture hire for weddings has never been easier or more affordable in today’s UK market, with a wealth of options available to couples for their special day. We’d like to think that when you are in the throes of your wedding planning process, just do a Google search for ‘furniture hire for weddings near me’ and we’ll show up in your research results.

We’d encourage you to have a look around our website at our ranges of furniture hire for weddings, and place your secure order 24/7 online with the furniture hire UK experts. We’re here to keep life simple and hassle-free!