Outdoor furniture indoors for creative event & exhibition spaces

Today's blog from Event Hire UK looks at picnic bench hire and how you can even furnish indoor events spaces using outdoor furniture.
Outdoor furniture indoors for creative event & exhibition spaces

Picnic benches are, as you would imagine, in huge demand in the summer months, but less so during the winter months.  For hire companies, this often presents an issue, as traditional wooden picnic benches are solid units that take up a lot of storage space.  Space means cost, and as an outdoor furniture hire company, the utopia is to have all your equipment out all the time…..so storing bulky items such as picnic benches is far from ideal.

That said, it’s important to carry picnic benches as part of an outdoor furniture hire range, to help satisfy the huge demand in the summer months from events such as festivals, carnivals, outdoor hospitality events, sports events, country fayres and many other similar events.

Outdoor furniture hire for any event setting

There are, of course, solutions to the above dilemma.  Firstly, encouraging clients to use picnic benches in the winter months, not just the summer (easier said than done), and/or look for alternative products to do the same job but which are less bulky.

Let’s look at the first scenario.  Of course, most people associate picnic benches with the sunshine, and naturally, that’s the case.  However, we’re finding that more creative event professionals are increasingly looking at ways to furnish indoor areas that are different to the ‘norm’.  Picnic bench hire for indoor events, such as at large exhibition centres (the picture is from the London Wine Fair at Olympia), is certainly a popular choice in today’s market.  Why not hire picnic benches for these types of events!

At the same time, the procurement team have been hard at work, looking at alternative products to the traditional wooden picnic bench.  Our folding picnic bench is a great solution.  As its name would suggest, it is folding, and so straight away this reduces the amount of warehousing space they take up, as well as making them easier to transport to and from event venues.  They are robust, and even have a wood-grain effect table-top!

So, the next time you are thinking of renting picnic benches for events, don’t hesitate to check out our folding picnic benches online at Event Hire UK.  And, if it’s an indoor event, why not bring that outdoor furniture hire indoors!

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