Event glassware rental for any occasion

Read all about ISO wine tasting glasses for wine fairs and events, as part of our event glassware rental range here at Event Hire UK!
Event glassware rental for any occasion

Think of glassware, and you immediately think of celebrations such as parties, weddings and corporate events.  And, to be honest, these types of events do bring the most demand for event glassware across the country.

Another type of event that you might not have thought about in regard to event glassware rental, however, are wine fairs and tastings.  For the wine sector, these shows are hugely important, bringing together wine producers, wholesalers, importers and retailers under the same roof.  The London International Wine Fair is the perfect example of this, held recently at London’s Olympia.

Event glassware rental for events large and small

Of course, the London Wine Fair is one of the biggest and most important in the world, and not all wine fairs and tasting events are of the same scale!  There are plenty of regional wine tasting events that take place, both on a corporate basis and on a social basis.

You may also be unaware that there is a recognised industry standard when it comes to wine tasting glasses, called the ISO glass.  This tulip shaped glass allows the wine to breathe, to ensure it is at its optimum flavour when being sampled.  Event Hire UK has over 50,000 of these specialist ISO wine tasting glasses for hire!

That’s not to say, however, that all wines need to be tasted in these glasses, as you can see from this image, taken at the London Wine Fair.  The glasses you can see are actually the Champagne flutes from the Open Up range of event glassware hire.  Champagnes and sparkling wines, for instance, are best tasted in tall, slender glasses.  You’ll find plenty of these in our ranges of event glassware rental online here at Event Hire UK, as all our ranges of wine glasses also have a matching Champagne flute.

The team here at Event Hire UK is perfectly positioned nationwide to be able to offer you a seamless hire experience from start to finish when it comes to event glassware rental.  We also offer a return dirty service should you wish to use it, where we will wash your used glasses when you return them to us, for a small additional fee.

Don’t hesitate to rent glassware for events today with Event Hire UK – you won’t be disappointed!