Lockers for hospitals

Check out today's blog about how Event Hire UK is able to supply banks of security lockers to hospitals to cater for additional numbers of staff & patients on site.
Lockers for hospitals

As the COVID-19 virus continues to wreak havoc on our daily lives, it goes without saying that the NHS is under huge pressure.  Many of our hand wash units have been placed into hospitals around the country to help with the sheer volumes of people needing to wash and sanitise their hands.  At the same time, some hotels are dedicating their rooms and beds to NHS staff to ensure they can rest locally to their hospitals and stay isolated from their families.  Extra staff are being brought into hospitals to help with swelling numbers of patients.  With this in mind, our temporary lockers have seen increased demand – after all, these additional doctors, nurses and admin staff all need somewhere to store their belongings during their long shifts.

Our lockers come in banks of twos.  Each locker has its own individual key, but make sure not to lose it otherwise a replacement fee may be charged. These are freestanding units which you can position in the most convenient place in your hospital or other venue, and they are available on a first come first served basis.

Finally, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the NHS staff for their tireless work and the sacrifices that they are undoubtedly making on a daily basis for the good of us all. We salute you.