From hotel to hospital

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From hotel to hospital

In this time of crisis, some hotels are undergoing transformations from their regular business to help society at large. This includes anything from offering all their rooms to NHS staff so they can be closer to the hospital where they work through to hotels and public halls adding to hospital capacity.  These temporary hospitals will be ever-increasingly important as the virus well and truly takes hold.

In light of this, today we’re putting forward some of the items in our product range which may well be of use in these temporary hospitals. For instance, we offer stainless steel and polytop tables which are easily wiped clean and disinfected.  We also offer water boilers for temporary hot water facilities both for medical purposes and for serving beverages. Furthermore, we offer crockery, cutlery and glassware in large quantities. And what about mobile cold rooms and trailer fridges in which certain medicines can be kept cool or, if they need to be stored at room temperature, these mobile rooms are lockable and so provide a great temporary storage facility.

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