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Our speciality range of crockery is diverse, and offers you items of chinaware and crockery hire that you might not have previously thought about. Our range of charger plates hire, for instance, contains a variety of styles and finishes, whilst you will also find coloured and textured plates of different shapes, sizes and finishes.

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Charger plates are a type of wider-than-standard plate that are designed to be decorative, more so than coming into contact with food.  At smart dining events, for instance, when the event tables are dressed ahead of the guests arriving, the table will be set with cutlery, glassware, a charger plate and a side plate, for instance.

Our speciality range of crockery offers something different

Many event organizers and professional caterers then choose to lay a napkin on top of the charger plate to make the tables super-attractive at first look.  Then, when the plates of food arrive, the guests then take their napkin and lay this on their lap, with the soup bowl or main course dish sitting directly on top of the charger plate.

This said, there are no hard and fast rules as to how to use charger plates, and so this is very much open to how you want your event tables to look!  Our charger plates hire online at Event Hire UK are available in either glass or china options and in a variety of different style choices, so we’re sure you’ll find what you are looking for.