Glassware Hire Leeds

Glassware hire Leeds is serviced by our:
North sales and distribution centre.

Why not use our on-site transport calculator to generate the price of using our dedicated transport service based on your event’s postcode location.  Alternatively, remember that you can self-collect & return in person and pay no transport charges.

glassware hire leeds

Glassware hire Leeds from industry-leader Event Hire UK means that you can be confident in receiving a top class service from a national event hire company. There are many local hire companies, but can they offer the same in terms of price, quality and value that a larger event hire company – with bigger buying power – can offer?  You’ll find that it is the range, quality, service and price that makes Event Hire UK the #1 company for glassware hire Leeds for event organisers, mobile bar owners, venues and large hotels across the city and beyond.

From our Bradford sales and distribution centre, we are delighted to be able to service clients in the Leeds and West Yorkshire areas for any types of events such as summer weddings, hotel Christmas party nights and corporate hospitality events, for example. Wine glasses for hire in Leeds are always popular from this sales and distribution centre, meaning that we need to ensure that our glasses for hire are in perfect condition every time. Ultimately, reputations are won and lost on the quality of products that a company offers, and it is not different in the event hire Leeds business.

UK event hire specialists Event Hire UK offers an unrivalled range of glassware hire Leeds that can be hired for weddings, parties and other events in the Leeds area and beyond. If you need to hire glassware for a special occasion, then let us help you as one of the leading suppliers of glasses for hire in Leeds. Hiring glassware Leeds rather than buying it saves lots of money, and we would be delighted to provide glassware for your event, whatever the occasion.  Rest assured that when you hire glasses in Leeds from Event Hire UK, they arrive with you table-ready and ready for instant use at your event as part of our strict quality control procedure.

Glassware hire Leeds

As a premier event hire company Leeds, we have a large range of high quality glasses of all shapes, sizes and types to make your event and tables look extra special. Glassware hire Leeds has never been easier!

With our fast and efficient delivery service in the Leeds area, we are able to supply you at short notice and can often deliver on the same day.  And, with our local hub, we are able to work on both a proactive and reactive level with you, taking care of any last minute or short notice requirements with speed.

Put your faith in us and we will deliver!  Contact the premier glassware hire Leeds company of choice today.

Grand Cepages glassware hire Leeds

Discover our elegant range of Grand Cepages event glassware hire Leeds today and create wonderful table settings with Event Hire UK.  Choose from white wine glass hire Leeds, red wine glass hire Leeds and matching champagne glass hire Leeds in the quantities you need for your next corporate dining occasion.  Contact one of our expert glassware hire Leeds sales team today who will be delighted to assist you with your upcoming requirements.

Event professionals in Leeds may well want to consider hiring Signature wine glasses from Event Hire UK.  This is just one of our range of event glassware hire products that we show online in different styles and at a variety of different price points.  Rest assured that these Signature wine glasses and champagne glasses will arrive with you in pristine condition, ready for instant use on your event tables. Why not place your event glassware hire Leeds order now and work with the experts!

Cabernet wine glass hire Leeds

When it comes to events glassware hire Leeds, you can count on the Cabernet range here at Event Hire UK to deliver on both style and price, being a competitively priced range of glassware to suit all occasions.  Delivered to you in pristine condition and table ready, you can be sure that our Cabernet range will fit the bill for most events and occasions.  Why not put your faith in Event Hire UK today and find out why we are the #1 go-to destination for Leeds event planners.

With their elegant black stems, our range of modern glassware Domino style is always popular for large scale event catering in Leeds.  This is another of our competitively priced ranges of event glassware rental in Leeds, the complete selection of which is designed to provide event professionals with the ultimate in choice and selection of price points.  Work with the glassware hire Leeds experts today online here at Event Hire UK.

Open Up event glassware hire Leeds

Hugely stylish and looking great on any event tables are our open up wine glasses hire Leeds and open up champagne glasses Leeds, available in quantity today.  This open up style of wine glass is hugely popular in today’s market, with professional caterers looking to define their events and occasions with the best quality glassware.  Yes, it has a small price premium over other ranges of event glassware, but many would say that it’s worth every penny.  Glassware hire Leeds has never been so simple.

The name Riedel in the world of glassware is synonymous with quality, and our range of Riedel wine glasses for hire Leeds and Riedel champagne glass hire Leeds is available in the quality and quantities you need today from Event Hire UK.  If you’re wanting to make a great impression at your event, then by hiring Riedel wine glasses, you are halfway to creating some fantastic table settings at an affordable price.  Whether you are a Leeds marquee company, a Leeds corporate event company or other similar event professional, then Riedel wine glass hire in Leeds may well fit the bill for your upcoming event or occasion.  Contact the event glassware hire experts today!

Savoie Champagne glass hire Leeds

If you’re planning an event and are looking for cheap wine glass hire, then you may not be in the right place as our Savoie range doesn’t necessarily mean cheap, but it does mean affordable glassware hire in Leeds which, ultimately, may well be what you are looking for.

Ultimately, like anything else, you get what you pay for, and our Savoie event glassware hire range provides with excellent value.  You can hire wine glasses Leeds in a range of different sizes along with a matching champagne glass, providing you with an outstanding matching set.  Discover today how Event Hire can help you with your next event in Leeds city centre and contact us today to discuss your glassware hire Leeds requirements!

Luxury glassware rental Leeds

With an emphasis at many corporate events for high-end luxury, our gold rimmed wine glasses for hire in Leeds provide exactly that, offering event professionals the ability to create wonderful table settings, differentiating their event from the competition.  Arriving with you in excellent condition, and with other gold coloured crockery, glassware and cutlery available to match up, you can rest assured that Event Hire UK will provide you with a seamless service for your next special occasion.

If you’re looking for special glassware hire Leeds, then you’re in the right place as our patterned wine glasses in gold provide a sense of style and sophistication for your event.  We also have silver patterned glassware hire Leeds which might also be of interest for your next event or occasion, all of which arrives with you in pristine condition. Contact the premier event glassware hire Leeds company today.

High-end events and occasions such as corporate dining events, weddings, gala dinners, award ceremonies and other similar events benefit from best-quality glassware hire Leeds and this is where our silver rimmed wine and champagne glasses for hire Leeds come into their own.  We have a number of different wine glass sizes and a matching champagne flute to provide you with the complete set from which you can choose the best fit for your event.  Contact the best glassware hire Leeds supply company now.

Top quality glassware is available today from the premier Leeds glassware hire company.  Our silver rimmed patterned glassware range looks fabulous, with a variety of different wine glass sizes such as white wine glass hire Leeds, red wine glass hire Leeds and champagne glass hire Leeds, all with a beautiful silver pattern running around the rim.  Discover our range of Leeds best quality glassware and create fabulous table settings at your upcoming event or occasion.

If you’re looking to hire modern wine glasses in Leeds, then our stemless wine glasses for hire in Leeds may well be the perfect fit for your next event or special occasion.  Arriving with you in the condition and quantities you need for instant use on your event tables, these stemless wine glasses will help you create stylish, modern and professional looking dining events with the minimum of fuss from the event glassware hire Leeds experts here online at Event Hire UK.

Wine tasting events are very much in fashion at the moment as they are a great way to lay on an event of interest for your guests, whether it be large wine fairs or wine clubs or circles where you want to introduce different wines from around the world to your other members.

ISO wine tasting glasses Leeds are available in many thousands (we have over 50,000 in stock!) and these are the recognised tasting glass shape across the international wine industry.  Arriving with you in excellent condition having been machine washed and professionally checked, our Leeds ISO wine tasting glasses are perfect for your next wine tasting event.

Beer glass hire Leeds

If you’re holding a beer festival in Leeds, or maybe you are a pub hosting a themed World Cup event, or perhaps a club simply looking to boost your numbers of pint and half pint glasses you have available for your guests, then you can hire beer glasses in Leeds right here online at Event Hire UK.

Traditional style pint glass hire Leeds and half pint glass hire Leeds is available in the quantities you need, backed up by exemplary service from our Bradford sales and distribution centre.  Contact us today about your requirements for glassware hire Leeds!

Let’s get the party started with shot glass hire in Leeds, available now here online at Event Hire UK.  Leeds is a fabulous city, full of energy and great nightlife, with a large student population, and so if you need to hire shot glasses, you can turn to us here at Event Hire as we have a range of different ranges of shot glasses such as Boston shot glass hire Leeds and Island shot glass hire Leeds, providing you with a range of choice from which you can choose to best suit your event or occasion.

Rest assured that your shot glasses will arrive with you in excellent condition, ready for your temporary bar event.  Put your faith in our glassware hire Leeds experts today!

If you are perhaps a bar owner, the bar manager at a large hotel in Leeds, a large venue or other similar hospitality venue, and you need to hire cocktail glasses in Leeds, then you are definitely in the right place.  Perhaps you are holding a Great Gatsby event for which you need to rent vintage style champagne saucers Leeds, in which case, we can help!  Or it might be that you are holding a mix-your-own cocktail masterclass and need to hire straight sided Martini glasses – again, we can assist you.

These – along with many other types of cocktail glasses for hire in Leeds – are available in the quantities you need right now here online at Event Hire UK!  Contact the premier glassware hire Leeds company now!

As an event organiser, you’ll want to hire tumblers Leeds for soft drinks as well as spirit glasses for your bar area.  You might be a marquee company Leeds with a temporary bar in your wedding marquee, or perhaps a hotel expecting large numbers of guests to your theme night.  Whatever your requirements, you can hire tumblers in all different shapes and sizes, enabling you to provide an excellent experience for your guests and visitors.

Wanting to provide some mulled wine or glühwein to your guests upon arrival at your Christmas party event, perhaps?  Our range of mulled wine glasses for hire Leeds provide the perfect glass to be able to do this, with handles to avoid being scalded by the warm contents of the glass.  Of course, always make sure that you hire mulled wine glasses Leeds as far in advance as possible as they are always in demand of course through the months of November and December.  Contact the premier Leeds event glassware rental company today!

Water jugs & water glassware rental company in Leeds

Hiring water glasses Leeds may not be the most exciting piece of equipment on your list, though well worth giving consideration to nonetheless.  Our range of water glasses and water jugs for hire in Leeds is second to none in the marketplace, with both clear glass water jugs and clear glass water glasses for hire Leeds, as well as coloured water glass hire Leeds and coloured water jugs available for hire in the quantities you need for your upcoming event.

Why not check out our range of gold and silver beaded plates for hire and our selection of coloured charger plates for hire Leeds which are suitable for high quality events and occasions where you, as an event organiser, want to make a stunning impression.  Glass beaded plates, glass dishes and modern style glass dining plates for hire Leeds are all part of this range which you should take a few moments to discover online.  Contact the leading crockery rental company in Leeds today and work with the experts!

Reusable cup hire Leeds

Our range of reusable plastic glass hire for events is, without doubt, of great benefit to outdoor event planners such as festivals, outdoor theatre and concert events where you are not able to use proper glass due to H&S reasons.

Reusable event cups Leeds, therefore provide a reusable plastic option which washes over 500+ times before being returned back into the manufacturing process to be recycled into more reusable plastic cups, so 100% recyclable and reusable.

Hire reusable plastic event cups Leeds today for your upcoming event – we have reusable cups for hire available in pints, half pints, hi-balls and even wine and champagne glasses, perfect for any event!  Place your secure order today with the experts!