Catering Equipment Hire Leeds

Catering equipment hire Leeds is serviced by our:
North sales and distribution centre.

Why not use our on-site transport calculator to generate the price of using our dedicated transport service based on your event’s postcode location.  Alternatively, remember that you can self-collect & return in person and pay no transport charges.

catering equipment hire leeds

From coffee makers and wine coolers through to kitchen hobs and rings hire, award-winning Event Hire UK has it all when it comes to catering equipment hire Leeds, and we are proud to be able to service event hire companies Leeds and the wider West Yorkshire area from our sales and distribution centre in Bradford. Few event hire companies are truly national, and we are one of them. We have 4 sales and distribution centres in the UK from which we can deliver to almost any location quickly, reliably and accurately.

At Event Hire UK, we pride ourselves on being able to offer you one of the widest and most comprehensive ranges of professional catering equipment products for hire in Leeds. Professional caterers, event organisers, hotel chains and members of the public all benefit from the fact that our catering equipment hire Leeds range holds a diverse range of accessories suitable for all types of event. In our vast catering appliances section, you will find a range of refrigerators, coolers, griddles, fryers, dishwashers and much more, perfect for Leeds events.

All our Leeds catering equipment hire products are fully tested prior to dispatch to ensure that our clients receive the very best catering equipment hire Leeds products.  Professional caterers in the city of Leeds and beyond benefit from the fact that they can source everything they need from the same place, keeping their life simple in the lead up to busy catering events.

When it comes to Leeds catering equipment hire, you can count on us being as one of our key strengths is our team of staff where we have specialists in event equipment hire and who are all dedicated to delivering the best quality catering equipment hire Leeds at the best possible prices with the best possible service. It might be that you are unsure what catering equipment hire Leeds you need for your event. If this is the case, then we will work with you and offer some advice based on previous experiences.

Catering equipment hire Leeds

Where is your event? Indoor or outdoor? How many guests are you accommodating? What sort of catering equipment will you need? What area and space do you have available? The success and failure of an event can often be judged by the quality of the food that is served, and so if you want to get it right, then catering equipment hire Leeds, from Event Hire UK, should be your first port of call.

Food serving & storage hire Leeds

If you are a large venue or large hotel in Leeds city centre, then the chances are that at various parts of the year, you will need hot cupboard hire Leeds, especially when catering for larger events.  Hot cupboards keep prepared food at the optimum serving temperature, and you can hire catering hot cupboards in Leeds at great prices as part of our catering equipment hire Leeds product range online.

Kitchen cooking equipment hire company in Leeds

Whatever your temporary event catering requirements in Leeds, you can rest assured that the chances are, Event Hire UK will be able to assist you.  If you need cooker hire in Leeds then you are in the right place as our range is second to none, providing you with the complete service package, and we can even accommodate many last minute requests if your current cooker has broken down, for example.  We realise that the lead up to a busy event can be stressful, and we aim to remove any headaches when it comes to your catering equipment hire Leeds.

Teas and coffees are an essential element of any successful event, whether it be a marquee wedding, a corporate event, a conference or exhibition or any other event where you have guests, visitors and delegates.  You can hire coffee makers Leeds, rent a water boiler in Leeds, go for coffee percolator hire in Leeds and much more with our online selection of equipment for beverages hire in Leeds.  Don’t hesitate to browse our great selection of catering equipment hire Leeds today and contact a member of our expert sales team who will be delighted to assist you with your requirements.

If you’re organising a large catering event and need to hire stainless steel serving platters for your waiting team to serve the tables, then you can do so right here online Event Hire Leeds.  Choose from our range of fish platters, round and oval serving platters, vegetable serving dish hire Leeds and many other types of serving plates Leeds for any event or occasion.  Contact the premier Leeds catering equipment supply company today and find out for yourself what makes Event Hire the #1 destination for catering professionals in the industry today.

Further enhancing our range of Leeds catering equipment hire is our range of presentation equipment, offering professional caterers a large selection of equipment to present their foods such as bread baskets, cake stand hire Leeds, cheese boards and other similar style equipment – often hire equipment that you might not necessarily think of at first, but which is all necessary nonetheless.  Leeds catering equipment hire has never been simpler – you can choose from the complete catering equipment hire Leeds range to best match your requirements for your upcoming event in Leeds city centre.

Professional catering accessories hire Leeds

Behind the scenes at your Leeds catering event, you’ll want to ensure that you have everything you need for a seamless service.  This is where our range of catering equipment hire Leeds accessories comes in, offering you kitchen prep table hire Leeds, saucepan hire Leeds, serving and clearing trolley hire and other equipment which will most certainly help your chef and catering teams.  For the best range of commercial kitchen equipment hire in Leeds, don’t hesitate to contact the best Leeds catering equipment hire supply company.

Wine tasting & bar equipment hire Leeds

With the large amount of corporate events that take place each year throughout Leeds city centre, many are different types of events as event professionals look to differentiate their offering to make it stand out from the crowd.  Wine tasting events in Leeds are a popular choice at the moment, offering a unique experience to guests and one that most people certainly enjoy.

Event Hire offers the complete range of Leeds wine tasting equipment hire such as ISO glasses, spittoons, wine coolers and much more.  We supply major international wine fairs and so, as you would expect, we have not only the complete range of equipment hire for wine tasting events but also the quantities.  Our range of ISO wine glasses, for example, is well over 50,000!  If you are organising a wine tasting event in Leeds, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Event Hire UK.

Not all events in Leeds are a sit down banquet or dining event, and that’s why here at Event Hire UK, we also cater for stand up canapé receptions, as these are great for networking, business and corporate events.  Guests can mingle and chat over a drink and be served with finger food, maybe trying new flavours and foods in our tasting bowls and designer-canapés on individual tasting spoons, for example.  Contact the expert catering equipment hire Leeds company here at Event Hire UK today.

We offer both electrical and gas appliances for hire for your event in Leeds, so contact us today. You can be sure that all our catering equipment comes delivered to you fully tested and checked, ensuring that your event goes without a hitch.  Our stringent quality control procedures ensure that you receive catering equipment hire products in great working condition, ready for instant use.

One of the key products within our Leeds catering equipment hire range are portable mobile hand wash unit hire Leeds.  These are handwashing machines which are plugged into electric and which provide warm water for handwashing, which are particularly useful – and indeed usually mandatory – at food festival events and other similar events.  Our range of hand wash unit hire Leeds is one of the most comprehensive in the country and so speak to one of our catering equipment hire Leeds sales team today.