Christmas furniture hire

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Dare we mention the ‘C’ word yet?  Well, it is October and the tins of chocolate treats have started to appear in the shops, so we can be forgiven.  Mind you, with Hallowe’en and Bonfire night still to come, it’s still a little early.

That said, we are already receiving enquiries and orders for furniture hire for Christmas.  Hats off to those people who are already thinking about their Christmas plans and getting organised.  Christmas is traditionally a time for family, and it’s often the case that people who are hosting Christmas in their own home for their extended family want to hire furniture and catering equipment to ensure that they can cater in the larger numbers than they would normally.

It’s often more than simply hiring extra tables and chairs, although these are of course the most important – what about hiring tablecloths and napkins, for example, to ensure you can not only accommodate your guests at Christmas but also the setting is fantastic.  And what about things like cutleryglassware and other essentials?  The chances are that you don’t want to use the same wine glasses that you use for everyday occasions, so why not push the boat out and hire wine glasses and champagne glasses in larger quantities and all in the same style.

Christmas, for many, still does seem a long way away, but as is the case every year, it will soon be upon us.  The key to success is planning in advance and not leaving things until the last minute.  Easier said than done, we know, but rest assured that you can hire Christmas furniture right up until the last minute here at Event Hire UK, in whatever quantities – we are here to help!