Why mobile bar hire is so popular

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Why mobile bar hire is so popular

It’s hard to think of any hospitality occasion or event that doesn’t need a bar facility of some kind.  Whether it’s the sponsor’s lounge at a high profile sporting event such as the Grand Prix or Open Golf, for instance, or the hospitality chalets at the Royal International Air Tattoo, for example – they all need a temporary bar to be able to serve their guests as part of the overall package and experience.

That’s why here at Event Hire UK we offer a range of mobile bar hire in different styles and sizes.  We realize that each event is different and so the requirements for the type of bar will also differ.

A marquee by the side of the River Thames for the Boat Race, for example, is likely to need a traditional ale-house bar, going down the route of a beer festival style look and finish.  Our mahogany traditional bar is the perfect for this sort of event, and even comes complete with the brass foot rail!

On the other hand, a swanky corporate event at one of London’s iconic venues  is more likely to need a cocktail bar or LED bar so that it’s in keeping with the overall theme of the event.  For this, check out our ZIP bars and our starlight bars, both of which really do look the part!

Of course, hotels and other hospitality venues will have their own bars.  However, many venues are hired ‘space only’ which means that they need to be furnished with everything from chair hire, and decor and styling, through to bars and the dance floor, to name just a few of the pieces of event hire equipment needed.

And the great thing about mobile bar hire from Event Hire UK is that many of our bars are modular, which is really useful as you can customize the size of your bar depending upon the number of guests you are expecting and the available space in your venue.  Modular means that several identical bar units can be pieced together to create a larger bar as and when needed. On top of this, many of our bar units in the different styles are available as both straight sections and curved sections, so you can create straight line bars, oval bars or even circular bars to sit in the middle of your venue.  

Ultimately, it’s important to ensure that you hire a mobile bar which is large enough to cater for the number of guests you are anticipating – after all, no one likes to have to queue for a drink at an event, and it really can spoil the enjoyment of your guests.  Ensure that you not only have a large enough bar but that you have the right amount of bar staff who know what they are doing.  

Why not also hire a matching back bar unit from Event Hire UK, so you can display your bottles of spirits and mixers, for example – gins are hugely popular at the moment and a great earner!  At the same time, you can also fridge hire, bottle fridges and bar accessories from us – in other words, everything you could possibly need for your temporary event bar.  All you need to do is organize the supply of the drinks!

Mobile bar hire is just a small part of our complete event service offering here at Event Hire UK so why not check it out today and work with the experts.  We have a wealth of experience to go alongside the largest selection of mobile bars in the country.  Wherever you are, the chances are that we’ll be able to assist you so don’t hesitate to get in contact with our expert team today who will be happy to discuss your specific event requirements in more detail.