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Which events are best suited to folding chair hire?

January 29, 2021

Which events are best suited to folding chair hire?

Almost every event hire company in the land will stock folding chairs.  Also known as samsonite chairs, these lightweight foldable chairs are ideal for many different types of events, some of which we look at below.

What makes them perfect for events?  Well, first and foremost, they fold to flat.  this means that for the hire company, they are easy to both store and transport.  For large scale events, these folding plastic chairs are usually transported on pallets for ease of moving large quantities around.

Secondly, they are lightweight yet still robust enough for temporary seating.  Once on site, your team can easily fold them out and position them where the chairs need to be, quickly and efficiently.

And thirdly, because they are so popular and so contribute to a highly competitive market for folding chairs, the prices are affordable - in fact, it's usually folding chair hire that is one of the cheapest of all chairs and seating options at most event hire companies.

So, what sort of events benefit from hiring foldable chairs in quantity?

Outdoor theatres, concerts & cinemas

These outdoor events are springing up all over the place, from city centre squares and plazas through to historic concerts and in the grounds of iconic venues, for example.  Temporary seating in large quantity is required, and usually the guests need to be seated only for up to maybe 2 hours or so.  If this is the case, then folding chairs provide the ideal seating solution!

Trade shows & exhibitions

Whilst basic seating and chair hire such as this might not be the top of the priority list, folding chairs serve a purpose - you need to make sure that you provide chairs for your staff and delegates who visit your stand!

Conferences & graduation ceremonies

These types of events often involve large numbers of guests and delegates coming together in the same place so the chances are that you'll need large numbers of folding chairs in the marquee or event space. 


Outdoor seating of many different types is required for festivals, large and small, so why not hire foldable plastic chairs in large quantities and help to bring in your event on or below budget.

Here at Event Hire UK, we have a huge stock of folding chairs, with quantities in excess of 10,000!  We also offer two different types of folding chair rental.  First is the 'standard' folding chair.  Secondly, there's the deluxe folding chair which is wider, deeper, more robust and which also has a perforated seat and back - no need to wipe rain off seats any more just before the start of your event! And thirdly there's the linking folding chair which, as its name would suggest links to the next in line - ideal when you need to comply with venue health and safety regulations and where it's important to maintain straight rows of chairs.

Event Hire UK can also offer you a supply and set-up service according to a pre-determined plan should you require it.  Yes, a small additional cost will be incurred, but you can rest assured that we'll take care of everything for you!

Whatever your folding chair hire or other chair rentals requirements, rest assured that our team here online at Event Hire UK will be able to assist you.  We take pleasure in working with our clients to help them produce stunning events and occasions and very much look forward to working with you soon!

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