What fridges freezers will I need for my event?

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What fridges freezers will I need for my event

When it comes to equipment rental for events, you can be forgiven if fridges freezers are not at the top of your priority list.  However, for many types of events, this type of refrigeration hire equipment is vital.

Think of a temporary bar at a corporate hospitality event, or maybe a wedding.  Or what about a beer festival or even a stadium concert, as you can see from the image above which was actually taken at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry as the crowd was entering the stadium for the Rolling Stones concert back in 2019 – and yes, in the middle of there is one of our modular walk-in fridges!  There is a huge array and variety of events which need temporary refrigeration hire, and we take a look at how some of our fridges freezers for hire fit these different events below.

Drinks fridges

Often seen accompanying our modular bar units, these drinks fridges and bottle fridges are single-door and are perfectly sized to sit underneath bar units to provide additional chilled storage for wine, beers and soft drinks.

Upright fridges

Again, you’ll find tall, freestanding upright fridges accompanying temporary event bars, usually stood either side of the back bar unit.  The glass door versions of these fridges provide excellent merchandising opportunities.  Always position your most profitable lines at eye-level, so whether you have a push on a particular brand of bottled beers, white or rosé wine or maybe even Prosecco or Champagne, you can maximise your returns with a fridge like this.  Don’t forget, of course, that behind the scenes, these fridges can also be useful, especially the solid door versions, for additional chilled storage for ingredients, ensuring that everything is available and accessible for your catering teams in advance of a busy service.

Chest freezers

Most definitely used behind the scenes at events, chest freezers are ideal for frozen storage capacity for foodstuffs and, of course, ice for your bar!  There’s plenty of storage available here, but be aware that you’ll need to bend over to get to items at the bottom of the freezer!

Trailer fridges freezers

Towed into position, refrigerated trailers are a great way to provide chilled storage for mass catering events.  Especially useful for around the back of a marquee where you can open up a flap of the tent and simply walk into the trailer fridge that has been perfectly positioned in-situ, refrigerated trailers are in demand throughout the year.  Think of a large Asian wedding, a gala dinner, society ball or an awards ceremony in a temporary structure, and you can get an idea for where trailer freezers and fridges come into their own.

Modular walk in fridges and freezers

And finally, the largest of our refrigeration hire products in our range are our modular walk-in cold rooms.  These are assembled on site and provide the ultimate temporary chilled capacity solution for large events. You can also hire chrome wire shelving for storage inside the fridges, so that your catering team can simply walk in and access what they need quickly and efficiently.  Yes, these fridges freezers are the most expensive of our refrigeration options, but well worth it for mass events and occasions.

Whatever your event refrigeration hire requirements, we’d love to be able to assist you here online at Event Hire UK.  A word of caution, though – do try to place your order as far in advance as possible, as fridge and freezer hire is one of the most popular sectors of our product range, especially when talking about the height of the summer season.

Don’t hesitate to browse and place your secure order online 24/7 for fridges freezers and put your faith in the hands of the experts – you won’t be disappointed!