Stay At Home | Protect The NHS | Save Lives

ead our message of support for our key workers during this time of Coronavirus lockdown across the UK and the world. Stay safe.
Stay At Home | Protect The NHS | Save Lives

In these unprecedented times, it provides many of us with some time to reflect on what is important in life.  It also makes us realise the true value of others and their importance to us in our every day lives.  These essential key workers are often the unsung heroes in society, but now we take this opportunity to salute you.  

From NHS workers on the front line – doctors, nurses, carers, midwives, paramedics and many others – we salute you.  

From teaching staff and social workers, those involved in the essential food production and distribution supply chain, through to police, fire and rescue services and a whole ‘army’ of other key workers who are keeping us all going – we salute you.  

From our own events and exhibitions industry, we’re proud of those companies, contractors and subcontractors who have been and are who involved with the amazing construction of the Nightingale hospitals around the country.

And for the rest of us who are abiding by the Government’s critical instruction to ‘Stay Home | Protect The NHS | Save Lives – we salute you. 

It is this collective effort and behaviour that will see us through this crisis and come out even stronger the other end.  That said, our thoughts at this time are, of course, with the families and friends of those who have unfortunately lost their lives in this pandemic.

Please stay safe, and the best way to do this is to STAY AT HOME.

The Event Hire team.