*NEW* Freestanding hand sanitiser dispenser stands

Introducing our brand new alcohol hand sanitiser dispensers, available now! Clean hands help to save lives and reduce the risk of the transmission of germs. Hire online today!
Freestanding hand sanitiser dispenser stands

In light of the current COVID-19 crisis, today more than ever we are delighted to bring to your attention our brand new hand sanitiser dispenser stands.  Now, at all times, it’s vital that we continue to wash and sanitise our hands, whether we are at home or in essential places of work, supermarkets and other establishments.  

This is where our freestanding hand sanitiser dispenser comes into its own.  Unlike other dispensers which are often wall mounted, this is freestanding, making it a hassle free solution.  You can also buy the accompanying alcohol hand sanitiser here at Event Hire.

This is a battery operated machine (4 x C batteries included) meaning that you don’t even have to touch the appliance due to its in-built dispense sensor.  Each of our hand sanitiser container holds 5L, and so with two settings around the 0.8ml and 1.5ml mark, this equates to between 3,000 and 6,000 dispenses per container.  The dispensing unit is in white, and the stand also comes with a grey powder coated steel back plate and drip tray.  

At the same time, why not also check out our portable hand washing machines here online at Event Hire UK to provide you with everything you need for your hand sanitising needs.

It goes without saying that these hand sanitiser stations will be popular and so our advice is to order ASAP.  We look forward to hearing from you.