*NEW* Charcoal fabric unit chairs

Today's blog from Event Hire UK introduces our brand new charcoal unit chairs, available for you to hire at great prices from the event furniture hire experts online at Event Hire UK today!
Charcoal fabric unit chairs

Adding to our range of seating options for events and occasions are our brand new charcoal unit chairs which are sure to make a great addition to your large event furniture requirements list. It might be that you’re trying to furnish a comfortable seating area but maybe already have sofas and armchairs on your list, but want to define a specific area – if this is the case, then fabric unit chairs provide both a comfortable and stylish option which you can hire either individually or in multiples, enabling you to create longer settee-style arrangements.  Why not also check out our range of coffee tables at the same time to complete the look you want to achieve. 

These charcoal unit chairs are yet another example of the team here at Event Hire UK continually monitoring and improving our range to provide our clients with exactly what they need.  Why not browse all our event furniture hire products online today and make your selection according to your specific event requirements and place your order online 24/7.  Alternatively, you’re welcome to call our expert sales team at any time to discuss your requirements over the phone. 

Either way, we’re here to help you create fantastic, memorable events!