Is Christmas party equipment hire affordable?

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Is Christmas party equipment hire affordable

As 2021 starts to draw to a close, it’s time for the party season to begin, and for the demand for Christmas party equipment hire will boom!  The months of November and December are a chance for us all to let our hair down and enjoy socialising with friends, family and colleagues at Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve parties, for example.  Of course, it used to be the case that Christmas parties used to take place only in December.  However, nowadays, it seems that it’s getting earlier and earlier.  Soon, they’ll be starting as soon as Hallowe’en finishes!

We all love a good party, and we’re certainly due some after the past 18 months that we’ve all endured.  Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve parties are sure to be out in force this year, probably bigger and better than ever! Christmas party equipment hire will be in big demand…

Party equipment hire for any size of event

Of course, the type of Christmas party you attend with your company, for instance, is very much dependent upon the size of your organisation. Large blue chip companies, for instance, will hire out entire hotels and venues for their staff party.  Small companies will often just go to a local pub after work.  And many medium-sized companies will often attend an arena Christmas party night – these work on the basis that they host a huge party for hundreds, if not thousands of people, with companies buying two or three tables for their staff to enjoy the event, along with a host of other companies.  It’s really a case of whatever works best for you.

To answer the question of whether party equipment hire is affordable or not, very much depends upon the size of your event, and the location.

Christmas party equipment hire for large and small events

For instance, if you’re holding a small Christmas party at home, the chances are that you’ll be able to make do with the tableware such as crockery, cutlery and glassware that you already have and use on a day-to-day basis.

If it’s a hotel function room, likewise you might be able to make-do with what you already have, albeit you might have to choose Christmas party equipment hire to boost numbers in light of larger-than-normal quantities of guests.

If it’s an arena Christmas party, however, you will definitely need to consider outdoor catering equipment hire, as these are usually blank-canvas spaces which need to be kitted out with everything.  And, the fact that by their very nature these are temporary events, party equipment hire is by far the most affordable option, despite the large quantities involved.

If you’re organising a Christmas party on this scale, then you’re going to need to hire tables and chairs along with other furniture such as mobile bars, dance floors and a huge amount of other Christmas party equipment hire for your event.  And, at the same time, don’t forget that you’ll need crockery, cutlery and glassware, often in their thousands.  This is increased even more if you are having back-to-back Christmas parties every weekend through December, for instance, on the Friday and Saturday night.  So, you don’t just need 2,000 covers on the Friday, you actually also need 2,000 covers for the Saturday, and so the equipment hire company you work with needs to have either 4,000 covers available to you, or having excellent and efficient washing up facilities!

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