Hire dancefloors for the wedding season

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Hire dancefloors for the wedding season

Now that we’re moving into the wedding season, brides and grooms are busy putting the final preparations in place to ensure that their special day goes without a hitch.

The wedding venue or marquee will have been confirmed some time ago, with the furniture, dining equipment such as cutlerycrockery and glassware all ordered as well as the caterers.  So what might be left to do?  Well, maybe some of the smaller wedding equipment items which should not be forgotten but which – and pardon the pun – are the icing on the cake.

Event décor items such as LOVE signs and illuminated hearts are always popular as additional features for the wedding venue. 

Likewise, it might be that you still need to hire a dance floor.  Maybe your venue doesn’t offer a dance floor of the size you need or maybe it’s not the design of dance floor you are looking for.

If this is the case, then why not have a look at the various dance floors for hire available at Event Hire UK.  Our dancefloors for hire come in a variety of different styles including black and white chequered dance floors rentalwooden parquet style dance floor hire as well as plain white wedding dance floors, all of which come in interlocking panels which are easily manageable in size and which fit together without the need for screws or tools.  As a result, you can – to a certain degree – customise the shape and size of your dance floor to suit your specific venue requirements, and also meaning that you only have to pay for the dance floor size that you need rather than a generic dance floor.

A specialist dance floor at a wedding is always a popular choice in the evening when your guests can let their hair down and really party the night away.  It’s times like this for which your wedding will be remembered as well as at other key times of the day.  You want all your guests to join you in celebrating your special day and what better way to do this than having a dance on your wedding dancefloor.

Ultimately, whatever your wedding requirements, you are able to hire dancefloors and much more from Event Hire UK.  We will work closely with you to provide exactly what you need and offer you a seamless hire experience so that you can get on with enjoying your wedding planning and, of course, the big day itself. Contact one of our expert sales team today.