Fridge hire for any event

Rent fridges in all sizes and styles today with the equipment hire specialists at Event Hire UK. Our blog looks at how our range of fridges can be of use to you at your next event!

Fridges are something that we often find are last minute requests.  This may be due to the fact that they are simply overlooked when large event organisers hire their equipment, or due to the fact that some people such as professional caterers, wedding caterers and private members of the public need to hire fridges when theirs break down!

Fridge Hire For Any Event

In reality, it’s probably a combination of the two, with the end result always being that our ranges of fridges – and the range and quantities are extensive – always seem to be out on jobs.  As soon as one hire finishes, they are checked and tested and off they go to their next event.

Wedding fridges are popular in the summer, as caterers want the facility to be able to keep wine and soft drinks chilled, whether this be in large volumes for which a large walk in fridge hire would be required, or even simply keeping bottled beers and wines chilled in under counter fridges behind the mobile bar unit they have also hired from Event Hire UK.

Party fridge hire comes in many different guises from us, with undercounter fridges available both with solid and glass doors, as well as tall freestanding fridges with solid doors and glass doors being available, with a 12cu ft capacity and also 21cu ft.

So, whatever your party equipment needs, make fridges and refrigeration an integral part of your kitchen equipment hire list – and don’t leave it until the last minute!