Event locker hire explained

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Event locker hire explained

Lockers are one of those key pieces of equipment hire for events that are often overlooked, but essential nonetheless.  How many times have you organised an event and were under the impression that you’ve got everything covered, but then realised that you were missing lockers?  Functional and not particularly exciting – granted – but certainly event locker hire is important to the back-of-house functioning of your event.

Where are lockers used?

There is a huge number of types of events for where locker hire would be suited.  The nature of temporary events means that locker rental needs to be, well, temporary, and so if you think of almost any event or occasion, then you can see a need for UK locker rental.

At an arena Christmas party event, for instance, as well as providing a cloakroom for people to hang their coats, you could also have a bank of lockers, hiring these to guests if they want to keep their valuable safe, for instance.

Likewise, if you have a large exhibition stand at a trade show, then you could hire some lockers so that your staff can keep their personal belongings safe whilst they are out on the stand talking to visitors.

By the same token, large international events attract the world’s media, and so you’ll need banks of lockers within the media centre so that members of the media can store their equipment whilst they are out on the course or within the arena.

And finally, what about a large company conference, where your delegates won’t want to be carrying their laptop around with them all day, especially when it comes to the after-conference party.  In a nutshell, lockers provide your guests with a degree of flexibility, and it shows that you’ve thought of their requirements when they arrive at your event.

Keys, coins, tokens or combinations?

When most of us think of lockers, we think about the coin deposit lockers that you find at a swimming pool, for instance.  Or, maybe a combination lock that the user sets.  Temporary locker hire for events, however, normally takes the form of key lockable units.  This is because, due to the temporary nature of the event, it would be impossible to have multiple people setting unique combinations on the lockers and then returning them to the hire company.

When it comes to lockers with keys, whilst there is, of course, the possibility that the user will lose the key during the event, at least there is always a spare key somewhere to be able to access the locker itself. Of course, whoever is using the locker needs to be aware of the importance of NOT losing the key, and a key replacement charge should be levied.

Banks or individuals?

Of course, numbers of lockers required wholly depends upon the number of guests, delegates and visitors you are expecting and, naturally, not everyone will want or need the use of a locker.  We’d suggest that a figure of around 10-15% of people will use a locker, and so why not use this to calculate how many event lockers you will need for your specific occasion.  Typically speaking, lockers will come in 2s – an upper and lower.  You can fit as many of these together as you want, to create a long bank of lockers – as you can see in this image from a London event media centre – down to just a few for your staff.

What’s inside?

So, now you’ve decided how many lockers you need, it’s just a case of positioning them in the areas you need, and then giving or renting the keys to your guests.  But what’s inside?  Well, the very nature of a locker means that there’s next to nothing inside, except for a very useful empty space.  At the top of the locker, however, you will usually find a bar or hooks, so that the user can hang up clothes or other items in the locker.

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