Display fridges and rental refrigeration popular this time of year

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You might think of fridge and freezer hire being most popular in the summer months, and it’s true to say that weddings and other outside events require a lot of refrigeration rental to keep ingredients and other foodstuffs chilled.

However, come the Christmas party season, fridges of different sizes are also in high demand.

Refrigeration Rental

Perhaps the most popular hire fridges from our range are bottle fridges with glass doors – these are crucial when clients hire mobile bars from us and they want to provide chilled wines, bottle beers and soft drinks to their guests.  We offer different sizes of bottle fridges, including undercounter bottle fridges which are the perfect height for sliding under the mobile bar units, along with free standing glass door fridges which of course have larger capacity than undercounter fridges and which are illuminated to make them look attractive alongside the back bar.

And don’t forget our walk in fridges which are especially useful for large scale events which can be positioned outside the back area of a venue and which can house a multitude of items that need chilling.  These demountable fridges are erected by our team at your location, and the chilling units can either be for refrigeration or for freezing.  We can also hire chrome shelving to go inside the fridges if this is also something you might consider needing.

So, whatever your event rental refrigeration needs, contact the refrigeration hire company Event Hire UK and take a moment to browse our range.  We look forward to hearing from you.