Deluxe folding chairs & more at the Duxford Summer Air Show

Check out today's blog about the Event Hire UK team supplying furniture hire for the Duxford Summer Air Show.
Duxford Summer Air Show

The team at Event Hire UK was delighted to be supplying the recent Duxford Summer Air Show in Cambridgeshire.

Now home to the Imperial War Museum, Duxford was an airfield in the First World War and was an RAF fighter station and then an American fighter base in the second. It was the base of the first operational Spitfire squadron during WW2.

Providing an array of different furniture rental for a variety of areas, pictured are our deluxe folding chairs which were used for outdoor seating. These are different to standard folding chairs in that they are wider and deeper, and so provide a more comfortable seating solution. And, importantly for outdoor events, the seats and backs are perforated, so if it rains just before the start of your event, the rain water simply seeps through – the days of going round with a rag to wipe all the seats are over!

If you are looking for a reliable temporary event furniture hire supplier in the UK, then you need look no further than the team at Event Hire UK. We are here to help, so let’s create unforgettable events together!