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Chiavari Chair Hire


Limewash Chiavari Chair Hire  

Price from £2.95 (+ VAT)

Silver Chiavari Chair Hire  

Price from £2.95 (+ VAT)

Black Chiavari Chair Hire  

Price from £2.95 (+ VAT)

Gold Chiavari Chair Hire  

Price from £2.95 (+ VAT)

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White Chiavari Chair Hire  

Price from £3.95 (+ VAT)

Chiavari Chairs

Why not take a moment to view our timelapse video of the Event Hire UK team setting up a post-conference gala dinner for 1,800 guests in early 2015. Our black Chiavari chairs are super-stylish and lend themselves to any banqueting occasion, with their distinctive design and are available in their thousands. We offer black, limewash, silver and white Chiavari chairs with your choice of seat pad colour and so the number of options is almost endless, with Event Hire UK clients yet again benefitting from unrvialled choice. We also have our own in-house respray and refurbishment facility to ensure that our Chiavari chairs are always hired out in pristine condition, ready to help make your event a complete success!

Event Hire UK offers you a wide range of Chiavari chairs for hire, which is what you would rightly expect from one of the UK's leading event furniture hire suppliers in the country.

When you hire Chiavari chairs, you receive elegant wood frame stacking chairs which are available in four different colour options - limewash Chiavari chairs, black Chiavari chairs for hire, white, silver and even goldwash Chiavari chair hire - so whatever the colour scheme of your event, Chiavari chair hire from Event Hire UK is sure to fit the bill.  Also sometimes known as spindle chairs or skeleton chairs, Chiavari chairs are one of the most popular of all chair hire products in the UK furniture hire market.

Hire Chiavari Wedding Chairs from Event Hire UK

You even have a choice of seat pad colour options from which to choose. The fact that our chiavari chairs are available in different colours and have these interchangeable seat pads is invaluable for our wedding clients – after all, each wedding has a different colour scheme, so what better way to match up your Chiavari wedding chairs than with Event Hire UK’s complete solution.

Make Sure You Hire Chiavari Chairs In Good Condition!

Surely one of the biggest, most important considerations when hiring wedding Chiavari chairs is to ensure they are delivered to you in top class condition. You want high quality chairs for hire, not chairs that look as though they need a lick of paint! National hire company Event Hire UK has its own in-house chair refurbishment facility that means all our Chiavari chairs receive a regular overhaul to ensure they are delivered to our clients in excellent condition, helping to make your event look truly spectacular! This way, your special day will be remembered for the RIGHT reasons, and not because your chairs looked shabby.

Another name for the Chiavari chair is the camelot chair.  So, whether you are looking to hire chiavari chairs or hire camelot chairs, they are one of the same thing!  

Hire Black Chiavari Chairs from Event Hire UK

Expect Top Class Customer Service

Whilst it is of course important to ensure that you receive competitive prices, something that is often lacking in today's marketplace is the ability of companies to provide top class customer service. This can be very much dependent upon the size of the company. People's perception is often that the bigger the company, the less important the level of customer service which, it appears, can be sometimes true.

Needless to say that any forward thinking company who wants to be successful has to place customer service at the heart of everything they do, whatever the industry and whatever the size of the company, whether it be Chiavari chair hire or electricity providers. How do you know what sort of customer service you might receive?

Well, it all starts from your initial contact. Is your enquiry or order handled in a timely, professional and accurate manner? If so, you are half way there. Word of mouth recommendations is another - it's amazing how quickly a company's reputation of bad service levels will get round. The expert sales and delivery teams at Event Hire UK ensure that when you hire Chiavari chairs, your order is reliably and accurately delivered to your event, taking all the hassle out of the hire process.

We pride ourselves in what we are able to offer when it comes to our one stop shop solution and aim to delight our customers each and every time, regardless of the size of the order or whether the customer is established or new. In today’s society where lots of companies are competing for your business, expect the very best when it comes to customer service and expect nothing less.

Chiavari Chair Hire - Versatile & Stylish

Due to their versatility, Chiavari chairs hire is hugely popular. Chiavari chairs can be used for weddings, banquets, gala dinners and so on, providing a wonderful stylish look at your event.

For ease of transport and manoeuvrability, hire chairs don’t come much better as these chairs arrive with you stacked in 10s with seat pads in place and can be easily unstacked and placed into position in super-quick time, yet also being robust enough to be used for multiple dining events across the year.

Limewash Chiavari chair hire is the most popular, as the neutrality of colour means that these hire chairs are perfect for weddings. By the same token, gala dinners and other similar events often hire black Chiavari chairs to provide a stylish, sleek, professional look. The fact that you can hire different coloured Chiavari chairs along with being able to mix and match seat pad colour provides you with the ultimate in choice and versatility.

It might be, for example, that you need to hire different coloured seat pads if you want to somehow differentiate the room for your guests or alternatively have the same colour seat pads on your hire Chiavari chairs to tie in with a company logo or image, for example. Either way, when you rent Chiavari chairs from Event Hire UK, you can be sure to be able to hire the quality of chair you need at the right price and in the quantity you need.

The popularity of hiring Chiavari chairs on both a commercial and private basis means that it is imperative you choose a chair hire company who is able to provide you with the quality you need. This can only be achieved through this chair hire company having their own refurbishment facility which enables them to conduct regular TLC on their chairs, and this is exactly what you find with Event Hire UK.

We have our own in-house workshop which runs full time to refurbish and respray our ranges of chairs for hire when they come back into depot, with one single aim – to ensure that our clients receive the very best when it comes to Chiavari wedding chair hire across the UK. Whether you need to hire Chiavari chairs London, hire Chiavari chairs Birmingham or Manchester or beyond, contact us today for the very finest quality and service in the industry.

You will find that Chiavari chairs are perfect for weddings, banquets, fine dining occasions, gala dinners and award ceremony functions but, as a result, they are huge demand.  Fortunately, Event Hire has thousands of Chiavari chairs for hire ready to service all your needs, but always aim to hire Chiavari chairs are far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.  Especially at peak times of the year such as summer and Christmas, Chiavari chairs are always in high demand, so like any other type of chair hire and furniture hire products, the sooner you book, the sooner you can then concentrate on other areas of your event, safe in the knowledge that your Chiavari chairs order is in safe hands.

We will also shortly be offering blackwash Chiavari chair hire as well as antique goldwash Chiavari chair hire, so keep your eyes peeled for these new and exciting additions to our Chiavari chair hire range.

So, why not contact us today to see how Event Hire UK can assist you. If you are looking for Chiavari chair hire London or anywhere else in the UK, then we can help!


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