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Put simply, we all need to reduce our consumption of single-use plastic. Our range of STACK-CUP™ reusable plastic cups for hire is hugely popular for festivals, large event planners and venues who need to serve beer and other drinks in non-glass products to comply with health & safety regulations. Our range of STACK-CUP™ products are available in a range of designs, and you might also be interested in running the deposit scheme which is available on some - this is where people buy their first drink and pay a small additional deposit on the reusable cup, then during the event pay normal prices for their drinks and then at the end can either return their cup to the bar for a deposit refund or drop it into a designated collection bin at the exit point and the value of their deposit will be donated to charity. Each STACK-CUP™ - as it name might suggest - uses the innovative stacking handle concept, allowing people to carry multiple cups at any one time and therefore reducing queues at your event bar. Browse our extensive range of STACK-CUP™ products in a whole host of styles and sizes and make the best fit selection for your upcoming event, then contact the experts here at Event Hire UK - we’ll be delighted to assist!

STACK-CUP™ Planet Reusable Plastic Pint

The STACK-CUP™ Love Your Planet is a fantastic generically branded reusable… more

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STACK-CUP™ Planet Reusable Plastic Pint + Deposit Scheme

Our "Love Your Planet" STACK-CUP™ products are the perfect way to help… more

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STACK-CUP™ Planet Reusable Plastic Half Pint

Our STACK-CUP™ "Love Your Planet" half pint reusable plastic cups are… more

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STACK-CUP™ Festival Reusable Plastic Pint

These STACK-CUP™ reusable plastic festival cups are the perfect solution… more

Price from £0.20 (+ VAT)

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STACK-CUP™ Festival Reusable Plastic Half Pint

Perfect for festivals is the STACK-CUP™ half pint reusable plastic cup,… more

Price from £0.20 (+ VAT)

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STACK-CUP™ Sport Reusable Plastic Pint

An excellent option for sports stadia and other venues is our reusable… more

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STACK-CUP™ Sport Reusable Plastic Half Pint

Complementing the STACK-CUP™ sport pint cups is the half pint version,… more

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Love Your Planet Reusable Plastic CupsStadium Reusable Plastic CupsReusable Plastic Stadium Cups


You and your event can - right here, right now - join the revolution against single-use plastics and the throw-away society. 

We all know how damaging single-use plastics can be to our planet and now is the time to take action, not just for us but for future generations. However, certain events such as stadia, festivals, concerts and other large events are required to use non-glass products for health & safety reasons to serve large volumes of people.  

The STACK-CUP™ is a unique range of stacking plastic cups which are ideal for festivals, concerts, large sporting occasions and similar events.  For example, our STACK-CUP™ 'Love Your Planet' stackable reusable half pint and pint cups - made in polypropylene - have a practical spiral handle design meaning that they are easy not only for customers to be able carry and consume their drinks, but also with stacking for ease of use and storage.  Reusable cups from STACK-CUP™ represent a fantastic time and money saving solution for event organisers – no more having to collect plastic disposable cups & reusable plastic tumblers at the end of your event!

Some of our STACK-CUP™ products also come with information about a deposit scheme on the reverse.  Normally, this is where consumers pay an additional small deposit on top of the price of their first drink, then return to the bar as many times with their cup to receive a fresh cup with their next drink.  At the end of the event, they can either keep the reusable cup as a souvenir, hand it back to the bar in return for their original deposit, or put it in a recycling bin at the exit point, where the value of the deposit will be donated to charity and the reusable cup will be cleaned and reused at future events.

Finally, we also offer large clients the opporunity to brand reusable cups from STACK-CUP™.  These printed plastic cups offer a fantastic green solution for your event, whilst also providing a great addition to your marketing and promotional activities.

To hire, simply make your selection right here online and place your secure order.  Alternatively, if you wish to discuss your large scale event volumes, branding opportunities and more, please don't hesitate to contact a member of our expert sales team.

Branded Reusable Plastic Cups

The coverage of the plight against single-use plastics in the media is extensive, with research papers, governmental guidelines and TV documentaries constantly bringing the issue to the forefront of our minds.  Therefore, whatever we can do to reduce or – better still – completely eradicate the need for single-use plastic, then it makes sense.  And this applies not only to you as a consumer but also to you as an event professional.  Large scale events demand that large volumes of people have to be served drinks in a short spaces of time.  And, with health and safety regulations in place to avoid the use of glass for safety reasons, disposable pints and other plastic glasses have mainly been used.  However, reusable plastic beer glasses in the form of plastic festival cups and plastic stadium cups, for example, completely change this.

No longer do you need to buy thousands upon thousands of plastic disposable glasses such as pint and half pint plastic glasses, tumblers and so on for your music festival or sports event, for example.  You can hire reusable plastic beer cups at great prices, meaning that for one, you are straight away ‘consuming’ less plastic.  After all, if people are returning to the bar each time for a fresh reusable plastic glass and you are constantly washing them behind the scenes, the total number of reusables that you need is much less than if you were using disposable plastic glasses, for example.

And why not choose to hire branded plastic cups – this is a service that we can offer here at Event Hire UK, making your reusable glassware something of a collector’s item and something that people will use time and time again instead of throwing away.  The branding on your printed reusable plastic cups can be as detailed or as simple as you want – just let us know your requirements and, as always, we’ll endeavour to assist. After all, custom printed reusable plastic cups are our speciality!

You can also choose to have the deposit scheme information and details on the reverse of the reusable plastic pint glasses and half pint cups.  This is something that proves to be extremely popular with large venues and ensures that people look after their cups and make sure they return them at the end of the event in whatever way you deem most effective.

To hire from the unique STACK-CUP™ range, work with the expert team at Event Hire and join the green revolution, helping to make the world a better place for us here now, and for future generations to come.  There's now no excuse!

Custom Branded Stacking Plastic Reusable Cups

If you are looking to buy or hire custom print branded plastic reusable cups from the STACK-CUP™ range, please don't hesitate to contact a member of our expert sales team to discuss your requirements.


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