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Reusable Plastic Glass Hire London

Health and safety for outdoor events is of paramount importance and it’s always been a challenge for event organisers to serve large volumes of drinks to their visitors in a safe manner.  Because actual glass can’t be used, the go-to ‘glass’ has typically been the single-use disposable plastic glasses which are the flimsy ones that you sometimes find difficult to drink out of!  Of course, we now live in a world where the environmental responsibility of an event is also a hugely important consideration in that single-use plastics are to be avoided. 

So, without being able to use glass due to safety reasons and without being able to use disposable pints and half pints due to the environmental impact, our reusable plastic glasses for hire in London provide a fantastic solution.  Our reusable plastic glasses are made in polycarbonate which has the look and feel of glass but is actually plastic.  It is transparent and can be washed 500+ times before being recycled with 100% of the material being reused in the re-manufacture of more reusable plastic cups.  From the user experience point of view, no longer do you have to drink beer from a flimsy plastic pint but now you can drink from a plastic cup that feels like a pint glass you would get in a pub – this also makes it hugely popular with the leading beer brands who are all about consistency of delivery whether you are in a pub or in the middle of a field at a large festival, for instance.  Reusable festival cup hire London, therefore, is a service available from Event Hire UK today in the large quantities you need.  We offer a delivery and collection service at the beginning and end of your single day event or at the beginning and end of each day of your multi-day event in a cost-effective and affordable manner.

Reusable plastic glass rental London is available today with Event Hire UK so contact us today!

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