Catering Equipment Hire Liverpool

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Catering Equipment Hire Liverpool

Catering at an event can sometimes be a headache, especially when dealing with large numbers of guests – the amount of choice and variety you need to provide can often be overwhelming, with people naturally having different tastes, so you need to choose the type of food you are serving carefully. This will then determine the type of catering equipment hire you need.

If you are serving a cold buffet, then you will need to hire catering equipment Liverpool such as cold table top serveries and refrigeration equipment hire. By the same token, if you are planning a hot dinner banquet, then you will need to hire hot cupboards Liverpool as well as hot table top serveries for hire amongst other things.

You need your ‘behind-the-scenes’ catering process to be seamless. As a result, it is important to make sure that your catering equipment hire in Liverpool list of requirements is extensive and complete.

Fortunately, you are able to source everything you need from award winning Event Hire UK. Catering equipment hire products in Liverpool has never been easier. We offer both short term hire and long term hire for catering equipment. In other words, if you need to hire catering equipment for a wedding in Liverpool which is a single day event, take advantage of our 1-3 day rate which allows delivery the day before and collection the day after the event. Likewise, many Liverpool hotels might want to hire extra turbofan ovens and other catering equipment to cater for the increased volume of guests at their Christmas party nights.

Liverpool catering hire doesn't come much simpler than with Event Hire UK.  From our North West sales and distribution centre, we are able to service almost any requirement, large or small, and even service many last minute requests when it comes to Liverpool catering equipment hire.  After all, we realise that in the build up to busy weddings, events and occasions, things get missed or guest numbers change and so we are able to be reactive to your requirements.  Whatever equipment for catering hire Liverpool you need, we have it all, so contact us today! 

Food Serving & Storage Hire Liverpool

Large scale event catering requires specific commercial equipment for catering such as hot cupboards, hot holding cupboard hire Liverpool and other pieces of vital equipment.  At the same time, we offer table top serveries and hot plates for smaller venues for hot buffet events, for instance.  Whatever professional catering equipment hire Liverpool you need, you are sure to find it right here online at Event…Read More

Kitchen Cooking Equipment Hire Liverpool

Discover our range of kitchen cooking equipment hire in Liverpool and work with the Liverpool catering equipment hire experts today.  We offer everything you could possibly need for your next temporary catering event, whether you need to hire extra commercial catering equipment for your venue to cater for large volumes of guests, or whether you are doing an outside catering event in a marquee, for…Read More

Refrigeration Hire Liverpool

The range of fridges and freezers for hire in Liverpool that are available in quantity from Event Hire UK is second to none.  Whether you need to hire under counter fridges for a temporary bar, or need a wine fridge for your event marquee or maybe even need a cold room or two for large scale events, festivals and outdoor concerts, Event Hire UK can…Read More

Beverage Equipment Hire Liverpool

If you’re planning a conference or similar event, or maybe a carnival or fete where you need access to hot water in large volumes on a consistent basis, then you should consider our range of beverage equipment for hire in Liverpool.  It might be that you need to hire water boilers Liverpool, or maybe hire coffee makers Liverpool, or hire thermal dispensers for hot drinks. …Read More

Serviceware Hire Liverpool

Provide your table waiting teams with the best range of serving platters, vegetable dishes and other equipment for large events right here online at Event Hire UK.  Made in polished stainless steel, you are sure to receive high quality catering equipment in the volumes you need to ensure that your upcoming catering event is the best it can possibly be.  Put your faith in the…Read More

Presentation Equipment Hire Liverpool

Depending on the nature of your event, you might want to hire various equipment for presenting your food on your tables.  This section is varied and includes cake stand hire Liverpool for those afternoon tea events, lazy susan hire Liverpool for weddings, cheese board hire Liverpool, bread baskets, salad bowls and much more, arriving with you in pristine condition, ready for instant use on your…Read More

Catering Accessories Hire Liverpool

Ideal for behind the scenes at professional catering events are our catering tables for hire Liverpool, tray trolley and clearing trolley hire Liverpool, enabling you to provide a fast, clean and efficient service to your guests and clients.  Our range is available for you to hire today so don’t hesitate to place your order now.Read More

Wine Tasting & Bar Equipment Hire Liverpool

Everyone loves a wine tasting evening, whether this is a commercial wine school event, a corporate event or even just a local village wine tasting circle where you want to introduce new wines and flavours to your friends.  Event Hire has perhaps the most comprehensive stock of wine tasting equipment in Liverpool and across the country, whether you’re looking for hire wine tasting glasses Liverpool,…Read More

Canape Reception Hire Liverpool

Many events such as summer weddings will start off with a canape and fizz reception on the lawn, for example.  Also, many corporate events are more focused nowadays around canape style events, and so this is why we offer canape equipment hire Liverpool the range and quantities required for both small and large events.  From tasting bowl hire Liverpool and tasting spoons through to serving…Read More

Hygiene & Cleaning Equipment Hire Liverpool

Every successful event has an efficient back-of-house operation, whether it’s bins and skips, glass washing machines, hand wash machine hire Liverpool and other commercial equipment.  Whatever you need, the chances are that you’ll find it here at the premier Liverpool catering equipment rental supply company.Read More

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