Indoor Event Hire

Whatever indoor event you need to hire equipment for, the chances are the Event Hire UK can help. There are a multitude of different indoor events that take place around the country throughout the year, and we find that our clients hire event equipment form us time after time because we offer a simple proposition – range, condition, service and price.  

As you can see from the image below of Event Hire UK's event hire equipment on location at London's Natural History Museum, the range of locations and events that we can cater for is limitless.

Indoor Event Equipment Hire from Event Hire UK


Hire Indoor Event Equipment For Personal Use

If you think about the number of personal celebrations and special occasions that take place in a year and then multiply this by millions of people in the UK, then you can get an idea for the scope of event hire equipment that might be called upon at any one time.

21st birthday parties, 50th parties, anniversary dinners, christenings and weddings are all examples of family events that might need equipment to hire. For example, if you are organising a christening, then it might be that after the church service, you are organising a small party in the local village hall or at home.

Depending upon the scale of the event, you might need to hire chairs and tables to accommodate everyone, then also need catering equipment hire for your event, and what about cutlery hire, glassware hire and crockery hire. And this is just one type of event on one day of the year.

Weddings, of course, are the other major type of indoor event, for which you will probably need the whole range of event hire equipment again from furniture hire through to glass hire, to ensure that you can provide your guests with what they are hoping for and what they expect. And, because we are often talking large numbers for a wedding, it is important to ensure that you place your order as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment. Add to this some dance floor hire and you have the complete package!

Most of the event hire equipment from Event Hire UK is for indoor use, especially electrical appliance hire such as catering equipment which must be used undercover, as well as our dance floors which are for indoor use only. 

Hire Indoor Event Equipment For Business Use

As well as individuals hiring event equipment for personal use at home or for special occasions, we also have major corporations and businesses hiring event equipment which is for a different use entirely.

Rather than wedding hire event equipment , this is more a case of hire furniture such as conference chairs and banqueting tables, poseur table hire and bar stool hire, office furniture hire and other items that could be required for events such as corporate hospitality events , conferences, exhibitions, seminars, product launches and roadshows.

Perhaps the most important factor when looking to hire furniture for commercial use for your event is to ensure that the condition of the tables and chairs is in excellent condition. The last thing you want for your business meeting or function is for your event equipment to be looking worn and old – this is not the impression that you want to give to your guests who are often employees, shareholders or clients. Give the right impression by hiring high quality furniture from a national specialist such as Event Hire UK who have their own in-house respray facility to ensure that all our furniture comes to you in tip-top condition.

So, whatever your indoor event, whether it be for personal or commercial use, why not give Event Hire UK a try? We have years of experience in providing high quality event hire equipment to clients up and down the country, providing a superb level of customer service at competitive prices. These clients trust us to help them achieve their goals, so why don’t you put your faith in Event Hire UK today!

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