Exhibition Event Hire

You will find that a lot of the event hire equipment at Event Hire UK is multi-purpose and multi-functional.  By this, we mean, as an example, that our range of nightclub poseur tables can also be used for exhibition stands in sales booths.  There is a multitude of furniture hire equipment that can be used for different purposes in this way, and that is why we are able to supply such a wide range of events for our valued clients, such as exhibitions.

Exhibition Furniture Hire

Take a moment to think about what exhibition furniture hire you need, and you immediately think about display cabinets.  Companies go to exhibitions to, simply, exhibit their products.  Assuming that we are not talking about large scale machinery, livestock and the like, many products from a company can fit into display cabinets.  The square footage of your allocated exhibition stand may well determine what you are able to include on your stand, although it could be assumed that display cabinets are an integral part of what you need.

Exhibition furniture hire  

Once you have decided to hire display cabinets, then you need to think about what style of cabinet will work best, and again, how much floor space you have.  Fortunately, Event Hire UK - as you might expect from a national event hire specialist company - doesn't just have one type of display cabinet to hire but actually has three styles from which you can choose - tall, medium and short - enabling you to decide what is going to work best for you at your event.

So, what else might you need?  Well, we have already mentioned our poseur tables which are usually used when you are hiring a bar, but actually are perfect for exhibition stands, as - combined with hire bar stools - are space-saving and provide a warm and relaxed environment to welcome guests to your exhibition stand and have a coffee and chat over a brochure or iPad presentation.  

It might be that you have a larger exhibition stand, and you are able to accommodate hire leather settees and armchairs which will look extremely stylish on the stand and will sure to be welcomed by your busy guests who have been wandering around the exhibition hall all day!  Finally, you might want to give your exhibition stand a final glossy touch by adding post and rope hire.  The chrome posts look fantastic together with red or blue rope hire, giving your stand a 'VIP' look! 

Exhibition Catering Equipment Hire

Whilst it is unlikely that you will be providing a full catering service for guests during your exhibition, on your stand you might want to think about hiring coffee machines and thermal dispensers to provide your visitors with refreshments.  Likewise, you could hire a fridge, so you are able to provide a range of chilled soft drinks to your guests when the pay you a visit.  Of course, you also need to ensure that you hire cups and saucers along with glasses to serve your drinks in!  The moral of the story is to always make a list! - You will find that you will build up this comprehensive list over time and then can mark your event hire requirements off as you order them with Event Hire UK to make sure that nothing is missed!

Whatever exhibition furniture and equipment hire you need, simply browse Event Hire UK today and place your secure order 24/7, safe in the knowledge that you putting your faith in the hands of the experts!

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