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Limewash Chiavari Chair Hire

Product Code:11010

Size (mm) : W430 x D430 x H880

  • Key features:
  • Very popular design & colour
  • Choice of seat pad colour
  • Stackable chair
  • Perfect for most events
  • Other Chiavari chair colour options available
  • 3 Day Rate £3.50
    1 Week Rate £5.25
    1 Month Rate £10.50

    Longer Term Hire
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Limewash Chiavari chair hire are always a popular item due to their neutral colour which can therefore tie in with almost any colour theme for your event. You can also choose from a range of 6 seat pad covers as part of your chair hire requirements, along with being able to dress your chairs with our range of chairs covers for hire. Hire limewash Chiavari chairs - also known by some as limewash Tiffany chairs - and you have the perfect chairs for almost any type of event. Predominantly used as wedding chairs and chairs for fine dining banqueting events, the versatility of Chiavari chairs hire means that they complement any event you can think of. As part of your event decor and party planning theme, hire limewash Chiavari chairs for any event to provide it with a real touch of class and sophistication. Regularly checked, maintained, refurbished and resprayed by our in house team, you can rest assured that you will receive top quality Chiavari wedding chairs that are ideal furniture for your special day. Chair hire from Event Hire are always in excellent condition, and reliably and accurately delivered by our logistics team who will work with you to ensure that your event is a huge success. Simply choose your seat pad colour, your required hire period and then the quantity of limewash Chiavari chairs you want to hire and contact us today or simply place your secure order online!

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Susan Montgomery, Telford

" The chiavari chairs from Event are the best quality hire chairs I have ordered from various hire companies! I will definitely be using Event Hire for all events in the future :) "


" These chair are Awesome!!! "

Sheryl Petryna

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FAQs about limewash Chiavari chair hire

Q: I have a big event - Do you have hundreds of Chiavari chairs in stock?
A: We don’t have hundreds of Chiavari chairs, we have thousands in stock!  As well as limewash Chiavari chair hire, we also offer different colours including silver Chiavari chairs, white Chiavari chairs and black Chiavari chairs, any of which will accommodate a seat pad colour of your choice to tie in with your event décor and styling.

Q: Can you put chair covers on these limewash Chiavari chairs?
A: Limewash Chiavari chairs, and in fact chiavari chairs in general are designed to be cover-less, as they are attractive chairs in their own right.  You often see limewash Chiavari chairs at classic wedding venues, for instance. 

Q: Will you deliver these limewash Chiavari chairs to my venue?
A: We do offer a transport service which is extremely popular, so it's always advisable to make sure that you book ahead as much as possible.  

Q: Do you offer a set up and dismantle service on Chiavari chairs?
A: If you need us to set up and dismantle your hire chairs, then let us know in advance as we may well be able to assist.  Normal transport charges include us delivery and collecting your chairs from a single drop off / collection point, so if you need anything in addition to this, there is also likely to be an additional charge on top of the price you pay to hire your chairs.  Our teams can work to a pre-arranged plan and we have a lot of experience in working at large events - a service which many event organisers take advantage of to save on time and hassle.

Transport Calculator Price
Delivery Charge
Collection Charge
Our transport calculator will give you an idea of your approximate delivery and collection costs to and from your event location, based on standard delivery.

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