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Hot cupboards hire for large dining events

January 18, 2016

You can view large banqueting and dining events as almost being in two different parts – front of house and back of house.

Guests often enjoy a relaxed front of house experience, with attentive waiting staff, well presented food and timely service, allowing them to relax and socialise with their friends and colleagues.

Back of house, however, is often a different story.  No less professional, however, but chefs and their assistants frantically preparing and plating up food to strict deadlines, to ensure that the meal is served on time, and in optimum condition.

One of the key pieces of equipment hire for temporary event dining is the hot cupboard.  These catering essentials usually have a stainless steel exterior and come in a variety of different brands and styles.  The main purposes, however, remains the same – to keep food at the optimum serving temperature, facilitating that period between it being plated up and being served at the table.

Imagine if you are catering a dining event for 1,500 covers, for instance.  You need the various courses to be sent out at the same time….and 1,500 covers is a lot!  Therefore, the hot cupboards provide a facility to store (not cook) your hot courses, for a period of time to give your catering team some breathing space.

Hot Cupboards Hire For Large Dining Events

At large events that use temporary kitchens, therefore, behind the scenes you will see hot cupboards and hot holding cupboards being wheeled around the venue, providing that link between the kitchen and the waiting staff, with a variety of LPG gas and electric hot cupboards.

Two of the largest manufacturers of hot cupboards are Victor and Alto Shaam.  These are top quality pieces of catering equipment which will be invaluable at your event.

Event Hire UK offers victor hot cupboards for hire which are all cleaned, PAT tested and thoroughly checked prior to each and every hire, to ensure that our clients receive the very best in hot cupboard rental for their event.  

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