Glassware Hire Guide

Glassware Hire Guide from Event Hire UK

The issue of glassware hire for events should never be underestimated during the event planning process, and there are a few considerations for you below.

1. Make Sure You Hire The Complete Range Of Glassware

Not everyone drinks wine.  Not everyone drinks beer.  As a result, when you are organising a large event such as a wedding, conference or after-show party, for example, it is important to consider the whole range of glasses for hire that you will need.  From wine glass hire through to champagne flutes, water glasses, shot glasses and pint glasses, the list is longer than you might think.  Carefully consider your guests and work out numbers of glasses that you will need....of the different types.

2. Hire Top Quality Glasses

People will be drinking out of the glasses that you hire and so they need to be in excellent condition.  You can achieve this by hiring glasses from large national specialists who have the range of glasses that you need and glasses in the best condition.  Event hire companies use professional and industrial glass cleaners to ensure that the quality of their glassware hire is second to none, and this is something done by Event Hire UK, so you can be sure that when your glass hire products arrive with you, they are table ready and instantly useable.

3. Ensure You Can Source The Quantity Of Glasses You Need

Hire glasses from a supermarket and you might be confined to small quantities and high breakage and loss values.  Clients often hire 500+ glasses from Event Hire UK at a time, often more, and it is these sorts of quantities which are available even at peak times of the year which differentiates us from the masses.  

Contact Event Hire UK today and find out why clients up and down the country use us as their #1 destination for glassware for events hire.

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